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Rising Star Jonathan Majors Ordered to Attend Domestic Violence Program After Assault Conviction

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In a high-profile case closely watched by fans and advocates, acclaimed actor Jonathan Majors was sentenced this week to a 52-week domestic violence prevention program following his conviction for assaulting his former girlfriend last year. The sentencing brings partial closure to a legal saga that has cast a shadow over the career of one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising talents.

The ruling by Judge Michael J. Gaffey in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday took into account the recommendation of a probation report that jail time was not warranted for the 33-year-old actor. However, Majors will face potential incarceration if he fails to comply with the terms of his sentence stemming from the March 2022 domestic dispute with Grace Jabbari.

In addition to the mandatory year-long violence prevention course, which must be taken in-person, Majors was ordered to provide a DNA sample due to this being his first conviction. He also faces a $250 surcharge payment as part of the sentencing.

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The verdict followed Majors’ December conviction on one count of misdemeanor assault in the third degree for recklessly causing injury, as well as a non-criminal harassment violation charge. He was acquitted of more serious charges of assault in the second degree and one count of aggravated harassment.

The case captured national attention not just because of Majors’ growing fame from starring roles in projects like Creed III and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Ant-Man movies, but also because of the complexities involved in prosecuting domestic violence cases where the accused is a wealthy celebrity.

During the sentencing hearing, Jabbari gave a powerful victim impact statement detailing the “extreme physical and emotional pain” she says Majors inflicted through his “abusive hand.” The actor, represented by attorney Priya Chaudhry, did not address the court directly due to pending litigation with his former partner.

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While avoiding potential jail time, the sentencing deals a significant blow to Majors’ public image and future prospects as a leading man. His attorney acknowledged it has been “the most challenging year” of his life, expressing hope that completing the court-mandated program will allow him to “emerge stronger” and with “deeper understanding.”

Domestic violence experts say the high-profile case exemplifies how abuse happens across all socioeconomic levels and industries, not just among the underprivileged. They emphasize that celebrities often benefit from advantages in the legal system unavailable to ordinary survivors.

“The fact that Mr. Majors received what could be viewed as a relatively lenient sentence despite being convicted shows the privileges afforded to the wealthy and famous when facing allegations of domestic partner violence,” said Ruth Glenn, president of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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High-stakes cases like this one serve as an important reminder that domestic abuse remains alarmingly pervasive. An estimated 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men experience intimate partner violence in their lifetimes, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Even celebrities with immense resources to fund powerful legal teams can face accountability in the justice system when survivors of abuse make their voices heard. Whether the sentence serves as a potential deterrent against future violence or a mere slap on the wrist for an A-list actor remains to be seen.



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