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In a messy split playing out in the Fulton County courts, the rapper Jeezy has filed for primary custody of his 2-year-old daughter Monaco, whom he shares with ex-wife Jeannie Mai. The former couple’s divorce proceedings have taken an acrimonious turn over disagreements around parenting time and allegations of unfollowed custody agreements.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, the 46-year-old rapper, whose real name is Jay Jenkins, filed paperwork on Wednesday seeking to modify the temporary custody arrangement he and Mai had mediated in February. At that time, they had agreed to a joint parenting plan for their young daughter Monaco.

However, Jeezy now claims that his hectic ex-wife’s unpredictable work schedule and reliance on her family for childcare make him the better choice as Monaco’s primary custodial parent. He alleges that Mai has violated their agreement by denying him court-mandated time with Monaco over the past two months.

“Monaco would have more stability in her life under [Jeezy’s] primary care,” the documents state, alleging that Mai’s mother and brother have become Monaco’s de facto caregivers due to the “Holey Moley” host’s demanding career commitments.

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Jeezy further claims that after initially agreeing to let him live in the basement of their former shared home to be close to Monaco, Mai abruptly moved out and took the toddler with her without discussion. The “Soul Survivor” rapper says this sudden disruption was detrimental to providing a consistent, stable environment for their daughter.

These new filings ramp up the custody battle in what has already been a contentious split between the entertainers. In November, Jeezy accused Mai of “gatekeeping” Monaco from him through the enforcement of a “haphazard and fluid” visitation schedule that he deemed stressful for the child.

For her part, Mai rejected those claims, saying she only wanted “reasonable safety measures” like properly secured firearms to ensure Monaco’s wellbeing when with caregivers or traveling. She maintained her aim was fostering “an open, supportive and safe environment for both parents.”

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The breakdown of Jeezy and Mai’s marriage, which lasted just under two years, became public knowledge last September when the rapper filed for divorce. Sources close to Mai revealed at the time that she was “devastated” over the split and hoped to preserve their family unit.

However, those hopes appeared dashed when it emerged that the pair had tried and failed to resolve their issues through therapy prior to legally terminating the marriage. Mai also fanned flames by insinuating Jeezy may have been unfaithful, and she has contested the validity of their prenuptial agreement.

As the former lovebirds continue trying to resolve their divorce through the courts, the primary custody fight over young Monaco promises to be the emotional centerpiece. Both parents have painted themselves as prioritizing stability and safeguarding for their daughter’s wellbeing.

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However, the increasingly rancorous allegations being lobbed from both sides suggest the road ahead could be a lengthy and bitter one as they establish a new normal of co-parenting Monaco post-divorce. The toddler’s best interests will ultimately guide the judge’s ruling on which parent is better suited to take the lead role.

For Jeezy, a hip-hop veteran whose real name paved the way for many younger rappers, losing out on primary custody could prove his most devastating adversity yet to sell to his fans. And for Mai, already rebounding from professional setbacks, a loss could bring more personal tumult during this challenging chapter of her life.

The former spouses were the picture of newlywed bliss when welcoming Monaco in early 2022 after a years-long courtship and pandemic wedding. Just over two years later, their nuclear family has ruptured in dramatic fashion, with their beloved daughter caught in the crossfire as the collateral damage of their marital collapse.



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