Thinking of Traveling to India or Pakistan? UK Says These 24 Countries Are “Too Dangerous” for Tourists

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The British government has significantly expanded its list of nations deemed too risky for citizens to visit as tourists, adding eight more countries and territories grappling with war, terrorism or civil unrest.

The updated travel advisories from the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office now urge avoidance of two dozen destinations around the world. They include Ukraine, where a devastating Russian invasion is in its second year, as well as Israel, the Palestinian territories and Iran amid severely heightened Middle East tensions.

The new additions also extend existing warnings for several other geopolitical flashpoints. Russia was newly listed following its assault on Ukraine, and Belarus joined over its supporting role. Lebanon and Sudan were added due to their internal instability.

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While the alerts are not legally binding, they serve as a powerful deterrent by invalidating travel insurance coverage for ignoring them without special exemptions.

“These travel advisories are vital in protecting British nationals from getting caught up in incredibly dangerous situations overseas,” said Nigel Adams, Britain’s foreign office minister for the Americas. “We cannot be more clear that travel to these places should be avoided at the current time by anyone without an absolutely essential reason.”

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Some of the most popular tourist destinations remained safely off the prohibited list. However, India and Pakistan were among the nations still rated as too hazardous during this annual review, which British officials say reflects an objective assessment of threats.

Completion of the expanded advisory comes at a particularly turbulent global moment. Besides the Russia-Ukraine war, a fragile truce halted heavy fighting in 2023 between Israel and Palestinian militants based in the Gaza Strip. Hostility also has been escalating between regional rivals Israel and Iran.

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With such volatility continuing worldwide, the UK seems prepared to keep issuing revised warnings for some time.

“We are committed to prioritizing the safety of our citizens above all else,” Adams said. “When the situation allows, we will promptly update these advisories to open up travel opportunities once again.”



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