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Breaking: Shanghai Gold Exchange Reacts to Record High Prices, Raises Margin to 9%

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The Shanghai Gold Exchange is ratcheting up margin requirements on gold futures as ravenous demand sends bullion prices into uncharted territory, an official announcement revealed Friday.

With geopolitical turbulence fueling a global rush into the precious metal’s safe harbor, the exchange will lift margin rates to 9% from 8% on gold contracts settled after April 15. Daily trading limits will also be widened to 8% from 7% to allow for greater price swings.

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The moves underscore the unrelenting appetite for gold as deepening conflicts stoke economic uncertainty and concerns over currency debasement. Investors have piled in, sending the June gold futures contract 17% higher in 2024 to 567.6 yuan per gram ($2,342 per ounce) as of midday Shanghai trading.

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Spot gold blasted through records earlier Friday, hitting an astounding $2,389 an ounce as the Russian-Ukrainian war drags on and the U.S.-China rivalry intensifies over AI technology supremacy. With investor fear proliferating, many are renewing calls for a return to a modern global gold standard.

“The gold craving is turning insatiable – people are embarking on an enormously bullish frenzy that’s overriding typical risk precautions,” said Wang Ru, a precious metals analyst at Guotai Junan Securities. “These higher margin requirements are necessary circuit breakers for the fevered trading.”

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While authorities aim to calm the emotional overcrowding, few expect the zeal to diminish until greater economic stability and diplomatic progress emerges to dampen gold’s swelling safe-haven credentials.



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