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2 Red-Hot Stocks to Buy Now After Announcing Splits

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The stock market has been abuzz with enthusiasm lately, and not just due to rallying share prices. Two retail heavyweights – Walmart and Chipotle Mexican Grill – have announced plans for stock splits, igniting investor fervor.

While stock splits don’t alter a company’s fundamental value, they tend to generate excitement by making shares more affordable and accessible to a wider range of investors. Think of it like slicing a pizza into more pieces – the amount of food remains constant, but it’s easier for more people to grab a slice.

So what’s driving these splits? Let’s explore the stories behind Walmart and Chipotle’s latest shareholder rewards.

Walmart’s Commanding Value Proposition

With over 10,500 stores worldwide, Walmart is a behemoth in the retail arena. However, its recent success isn’t merely a matter of size; it’s a testament to the company’s acute understanding of consumer needs, particularly in today’s inflationary climate.

As prices soar, even higher-income shoppers are seeking out bargains. Walmart’s well-stocked shelves, brimming with value-priced groceries and household essentials, have become a haven for cost-conscious consumers. The retail titan’s colossal scale allows it to extract the best prices from suppliers, which it then generously passes on to customers.

This value proposition has fueled a surge in customer traffic and market share gains at the expense of pricier rivals. But that’s not all – Walmart’s e-commerce businesses are also booming, driven by soaring demand for curbside pickup and delivery services. In the most recent quarter, the company’s online sales skyrocketed 23% year-over-year, now accounting for a staggering 18% of total revenue – over $100 billion annually.

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Advertising, however, may be Walmart’s most electrifying growth catalyst. With a 33% jump in global ad sales last quarter, the company is aggressively expanding this high-margin segment. Its recent acquisition of Vizio, a popular smart TV and streaming platform, is expected to turbocharge Walmart’s digital advertising offerings.

Riding high on these powerful tailwinds, Walmart announced a 3-for-1 stock split on February 23rd. With its shares trading near all-time highs and multiple growth engines firing on all cylinders, investors can expect this retail titan’s stock price to continue scaling new heights.

Chipotle’s Craveable Growth Story

While Walmart caters to consumers’ wallets, Chipotle Mexican Grill has carved out a niche by appealing to their taste buds and ethical sensibilities. The beloved burrito chain is renowned for its commitment to high-quality, responsibly-sourced ingredients.

But Chipotle’s appeal extends beyond just its menu. The company offers one of the most rewarding career paths in the restaurant industry, with employees potentially earning up to $100,000 in annual compensation within just three years.

This dual focus on customer satisfaction and employee empowerment has fueled Chipotle’s phenomenal expansion from a single location in 1993 to over 3,400 restaurants today. And the growth story is far from over – CEO Brian Niccol envisions at least 7,000 locations in North America alone, with international markets like Kuwait, where the company recently opened its first outpost, beckoning as well.

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Crucially, Chipotle’s existing restaurants continue to grow more profitable. Comparable restaurant sales rose by an impressive 7.9% in 2023, driven by increased traffic and strategic price hikes. This robust sales growth propelled the company’s restaurant-level operating margin to 26.2%, up from 23.9% in 2022. Niccol is confident that the average sales per restaurant can eventually climb to $4 million, a substantial increase from the current $3 million level.

With such a vast runway for growth still ahead, Chipotle’s stock remains an enticing investment opportunity. To make its shares even more accessible, the company has proposed a staggering 50-for-1 stock split, pending shareholder approval at its upcoming annual meeting in June. “This is the first stock split in Chipotle’s 30-year history, and we believe this will make our stock more accessible to employees as well as a broader range of investors,” CFO Jack Hartung explained.

If approved, Chipotle’s split could be one of the largest in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. Investors who buy now could not only profit from the excitement surrounding this upcoming event but also position themselves to claim a slice of this proven winner’s long-term growth story.

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A Split-Driven Frenzy on Wall Street? Stock splits have a knack for captivating investors’ imaginations, even though they don’t fundamentally alter a company’s valuation. Perhaps it’s the allure of being able to afford more shares of a beloved stock, or the psychological boost of watching a lower share price steadily climb.

Whatever the reasons, the splits announced by Walmart and Chipotle are generating significant buzz on Wall Street. As these retail titans reward their shareholders with more affordable shares, other companies may follow suit, igniting a potential split-driven frenzy in the stock market.

While investing wisdom cautions against chasing fads or getting swept up in market mania, there’s no denying the appeal of owning a piece of a thriving business at a more accessible price point. As the stock split saga unfolds, investors would be wise to temper their enthusiasm with prudent analysis of each company’s fundamentals and growth prospects.

After all, a bargain is only truly valuable if the underlying asset is genuinely worth owning – a truth that transcends any stock split euphoria. For investors who do their homework and identify high-quality businesses like Walmart and Chipotle, these splits could represent golden opportunities to buy into proven, long-term winners at more bite-sized prices.



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