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How I Make $5000 from Facebook monthly.

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how to make money on facebook
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Facebook’s 2021 revenue is $117 billion. Facebook makes this money off of its users who spend an average of half an hour daily on Facebook.

Facebook is a giant advertising platform and renowned peer-to-peer Marketplace with more than 2.8 billion members. You can earn in millions of ways from Facebook.

Quick note: Just don’t believe everything you read about earning money. Try and test it yourself before you actually believe in it.

18 methods shown in this post are tried and tested by people. Here we go.

1. Be the Guru in the group. 

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Help your group members as much as possible.

You might be an expert in something, and help people with whatever you are good at. Your guides and teaching will be shared by people in other groups or friends. Once you are known for it and people are coming to you, you can ask for fees for your expertise.

2. Promoting.

You could be a nanny, taking care of children, you could be a pet caretaker or a Gardner. You don’t have to have any skills in these. Promote these services of yours in the groups, and marketplace and join “buy sell trade” groups. Post your services in all the groups. You will find many people already doing this and making money from Facebook.

3. Make money from the Facebook group.

Do you know there’s a search bar inside Facebook?
Search bars are normally at the top but not all are aware of the Facebook search bar. People use search bars to find their needs.

The question is how will people find you here?

The answer to that is the Facebook group.
Create a group about your niche/topic. Begin posting ideas, suggestions, and tips related to your topics. These free tips and suggestions posted by you on your group will do the marketing job and convince people to buy your courses. You can sell your courses to the group members.

4. Crowdsource for Blog

If you are a blogger, you might be aware of the challenges faced by bloggers, and one of them is getting a good topic and content for the post on that topic.
Crowdsource helps a great deal in getting topics and content for the topic.

What Is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing involves obtaining work, information, or opinions from a large group of people who submit their data via the Internet, social media, etc.

Facebook group is a good source of crowdsourcing. You can make good quality content through this resulting in a better google ranking of your posts.
Good ranking means more traffic and more traffic means more money earned by bloggers.

5. Monetize your Facebook Group.

Create your group on a particular niche/topic. Invite as many people as you can. Wait for your Facebook group members to grow. Once you have a good number of members in your group you can monetize it. You earn money from advertisements in your group.

6. Sell on Facebook Marketplace. 

Facebook marketplace is a virtual market. Millions of visitors visit the Facebook marketplace. You can sell your own stuff and make money. There are people selling items and services. You can buy items from them and resell them on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or your locality.

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7. Facebook messenger chatbots.

Chatbots’ needs are growing though the policies and guidelines governing Facebook Messenger as a marketing channel keep changing constantly.

Think of this as an alternative to your email list; you just have to figure out how to develop them through tools like ManyChat or Chatfuel, you can sell this as a service to other companies.

These frequently provide a set of lessons or generate suggestions or results using artificial intelligence (AI) or consumer inputs. I hired a freelancer to create a survey bot that would make suggestions based on how clients answered a few questions, for instance.

Now that they are on my Messenger list, I can theoretically send them broadcast messages and get much greater open rates than with a regular email newsletter.

8. Make money through Facebook events.

What Are Facebook Events?

Users can make specific landing pages for their events using the Facebook Events tool. Visitors may find out more, RSVP, and engage with you and other attendees on each of your event pages.

It could be a local gathering like a meetup or small workshop, or an online training session provided via Facebook live.

You may promote the event using Facebook’s Events toolkit in both situations. You can even use them to take payments, display RSVPs (if you so wish), and invite your friends.

9. Make money as a social media manager. 

Social media is always here and we are already addicted to it, businesses may want to hire you for your knowledge.

A social media manager earns $45,000 a year. However, many businesses do not give full-time jobs for this.
You can be a freelancer for this service.

Here is how you do it, take a look at some of the companies you’re already a customer of. What’s their Facebook presence like? How would you improve it?
See if you can locate a decision-maker by creating some new social visuals in Canva or by recording a screen share video using a program like Loom.

10. Jobs on Facebook.

Do you know you can get jobs from Facebook?

Yes, you can look for a new job on Facebook.
You can find a list of nearby jobs you might be qualified for by clicking the Jobs link in the left sidebar. You can use filters while searching for a perfect job like distance, employment type (part-time, full-time, contract, etc.), and category.

Facebook employees

Get paid directly as an employee by Facebook, If you think you are really not getting enough of Facebook.
Facebook employs workers from all over the globe. Check the careers page to learn more.

11. Make money from the Facebook bug bounty program. 

Facebook uses its users to crowdsource some security and quality assurance testing. Facebook’s “Bug Bounty” program offers rewards for finding bugs in their software, so if you’re good at finding bugs, you may really get money from them.

How much can you earn from Facebook?

In the small print, Facebook states that it decides how much to pay out in bounties “depending on a range of factors, including (but not limited to) impact, ease of exploitation, and quality of the report.”

Although the next sentence warns that “very low-risk issues may not qualify for a payout at all,” the minimum bounty is $500.

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12. Promote Your Goods or Services.

You should probably let your Facebook friends and connections know what you’re up to since they all at least somewhat care about what you’re doing.

Promote your goods and service in two ways:

1. Make your post public.

Make your post public, you can do this in post privacy settings. And this will allow people to share it with their connections.

2. Do not post links in your post.

Do not post links in your post instead add them to the comments, this gives your post more exposure.
This strategy can be used to sell your services also. The most vital trick here is to be specific about whom your services are given, this will prompt your network to refer you to other specific clients who could be of more potential and will be a perfect fit.

13. Earn money from Facebook affiliate marketing.

Previously we read about selling products or services on Facebook but if you don’t have your own product or service you can sell to others as an affiliate.

How do you do this, affiliate thing?

You know your audience, you know what they might be interested in, find those products on, say, amazon and you just post those products’ images with the affiliate link and give a short description explaining the product, when people buy that via your affiliate link, you get a commission from amazon. 

Like amazon, most companies are providing affiliate programs. lookup for their affiliate or referral programs and register in it, and you are provided with affiliate or referral links for each product or service.

14. Make 20$ from the rebate key on Facebook.

Rebatekey is a website that was thought to be a scam by many, because of the unbelievable discounts it offered, and sometimes it even gave products for free.

Amazon sellers will reimburse you for the purchase price, up to 100%, as they use the rebate key platform to attempt and improve their sales performance and reviews.
Moreover, the rebate key offers users a $20 reward for sharing a picture of a rebate check on Facebook.

15. Make money from memes on merch by amazon.

A fantastic place for finding the latest memes is Facebook. You might be able to make money from the memes rather than using them to amuse yourself.

Platforms like merch by amazon have made this possible. A growing variety of physical products allow you to upload designs or sayings like on t-shirts.

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer, because some of the most popular items are just text.
After you upload your design and write your product description Amazon will take care of the rest. They’ll advertise your item for sale, print it when someone places an order, and send it to the buyer. A royalty is paid to you based on the amount you charge over the cost of printing.

If you are already aware of pop culture or current affairs and have the ability to react swiftly, this is a terrific option. Other than Amazon, you can now drop ship actual goods on Etsy as well.

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16. Make money managing Facebook ads.

You might not be surprised to learn that an entire industry has been developed around managing and optimizing those ads for other businesses since selling ads is the main source of revenue for Facebook itself.

Managing Facebook ads for a buddy of mine generated roughly $2,500 per month in addition to his regular income from work. Two recurring clients that pay a monthly fee and some consultancy work are the sources of it.

He normally charges a minimum of $1,000 per month for each client and spends the vast majority of his time working to attract new clients. He works on this side business for roughly 10 to 15 hours a week overall.
He actively participated in Facebook groups to sell his service and find customers.

17. Make money as a Facebook Content writer.

There are three different ways for content writers to make money on Facebook:

1. Video ads between streaming.

2. Partnerships with Brands

3. Subscriptions

Video ads between streaming.

With these automatically inserted ads, you may monetize your Facebook video content. (Similar to YouTube, but typically added in the midst of the video rather than at the start.)

Obviously, these conditions are subject to change, but the present eligibility conditions are:

  • At least 1000 fans on a fan/business page.
  • In the last 60 days, you must have 30,000 1-minute views on videos that are at least 3 minutes long.
  • You must follow their policies.

Partnerships with brands

The following minimum requirements must be met in order to be qualified for Facebook’s official brand partnership program:

  • 1000 page likes
  • 180,000 minutes of cumulative viewing time for all of your videos over the course of the last 60 days OR 15,000 post engagements. 

Of course, even if you don’t fit the bill, you’re still allowed to negotiate sponsored content agreements on your own.
But, no worries if you don’t meet these criteria, you can still go for sponsored content deals of your own.


The practice of fan subscriptions is not new to content creators they have been doing this with the aid of websites like Patreon, but it is new to Facebook.

In reality, the program is now only available via invitation because it is so very new. But this is how Facebook describes it:

Create a subscription for your Page and earn a monthly income. Choose a monthly price, offer exclusive benefits and grow the community of people who subscribe to support you.

18. Increase your Website Traffic by Facebook.

If you have a website you might be aware that you need traffic on it, the traffic gives you income through ads or affiliates. Use Facebook pages, and groups to get traffic to your site.

Promote your blog, and website by Posting on Facebook more often. Being active on Facebook benefits you in increasing your followers, and subscribers, which in turn is helpful to give you traffic.

Dedication and consistency are the keys to success, follow the above ways with these two things and you are bound to reach your goal.

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