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Make Money Online Giving Your Honest Feedback: Become a Website and App Tester

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Are you looking for a flexible way to earn extra income from home? If so, website and app testing could be the perfect side hustle for you. Companies are desperate for user feedback to improve their digital products, and they’re willing to pay for it.

By becoming a website and app tester, you can start earning cash simply by sharing your honest thoughts while using websites and apps. This comprehensive guide will show you exactly how to get started in this lucrative field step-by-step.

Step 1: Understanding the Website & App Testing Process

The process of testing websites and apps as a paid user is straightforward:

  1. Sign up on a user testing platform like UserTesting,, UserLeap, etc. These sites connect testers with companies seeking feedback.
  2. Create a profile detailing your demographics, background, skills, and technical abilities. This allows you to get matched with relevant opportunities.
  3. Complete qualification tests to demonstrate your competency as a tester and gain access to paid studies.
  4. Once qualified, you’ll start receiving paid testing invitations (“studies”) aligned with your profile and expertise level.
  5. Most studies involve spending 5-20 minutes navigating a website or app while recording your screen, voice, and thoughts using a “think aloud” approach.
  6. After the recording, you’ll provide written feedback identifying any usability issues, bugs, or areas needing improvement.
  7. Submit your work product. If approved by the client company, you get paid for that study through the testing platform!

It’s that simple. As a website tester, you get paid for trying out digital products and offering your unbiased user feedback.

Step 2: How Much You Can Earn as a Tester

One of the biggest benefits of website and app testing is the potential to earn extra money on a flexible schedule. But just how much can you reasonably expect to make?

Your earnings will depend on factors like:

  • Which testing platforms you use (pay rates vary)
  • How many studies you qualify for and complete
  • The complexity and duration of each study
  • Your specific background, skills, and qualifications
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On average, beginner website testers tend to earn around $10 per study. As you gain more experience and skills, rates increase to $15-$20 per test on the higher-paying platforms.

Some tests like quick website usability ratings may only pay $3-$5. But there are also opportunities like in-depth moderated studies that can pay $60 or more.

It’s best to view website testing as a steady side hustle income stream, not a full-time job. How much you can make depends on your availability and dedication.

Some testers report earning $200-$500 per month by actively taking on new studies. With enough experience, it’s possible to earn over $1,000 per month if you put in the consistent effort.

Step 3: Top User Testing Platforms to Join Today

There are dozens of legitimate user testing platforms you can join to start accepting paid studies. Here are some of the most popular and well-established:


  • Massive client base with diverse testing opportunities
  • Consistently high pay rates, great for beginners
  • Different test formats like video interviews

  • Focuses on more technical, high-quality studies
  • Rigorous qualification process to ensure skilled testers
  • Higher earning potential for dedicated users


  • Specializes in mobile app testing
  • User-friendly process and tools
  • Great for testing on different devices

Other reputable platforms to explore include Loop11, TryMyUI, UsabilityHub, UserBrain, StartUpLift, IntelliZoomPanel, and many more.

When first getting started, it’s wise to create accounts on multiple platforms to increase your exposure to testing opportunities that fit your profile.

Step 4: Essential Skills for Website and App Testers

While website and app testing is beginner-friendly, having certain skills will help you secure more studies and earn higher pay over time:

Attention to Detail: You need a sharp eye to catch inconsistencies, bugs, broken functions, and other usability flaws when testing. A keen analytical mindset is key.

Clear Communication: You must be able to articulate your thoughts and experiences clearly. This includes narrating your actions thoroughly during recordings and providing insightful written feedback.

Technical Abilities: While not mandatory, basic comfort with devices, operating systems, browsers, and mobile apps gives you a competitive edge over other testers.

UX Knowledge: Understanding best practices in user experience and what makes for an intuitive interface allows you to provide more valuable critique.

User Empathy: You need to keep an open, impartial mindset when testing. Consider the perspective of a first-time user encountering any roadblocks or frustrations.

With practice and immersion in the tester workflow, your skills in each of these areas will continually improve.

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Step 5: Pro Tips to Maximize Your Website Testing Income

Like any side gig, there are strategies you can use to boost your earnings from website and app testing over time:

  1. Keep your profile complete, up-to-date, and tailored to testing opportunities you qualify for based on skills and demographics.
  2. Be responsive. Companies appreciate testers who act quickly on study invitations and submit work by the deadline.
  3. Proactively apply for studies you’re a great match for. Don’t just wait for invitations.
  4. Go above and beyond with your feedback. Provide insightful suggestions using specific visuals and examples to demonstrate areas for improvement.
  5. Develop expertise in certain areas like mobile app testing, e-commerce site usability, video players, etc. This specialization can lead to higher-paid opportunities.
  6. Build positive reviews by consistently delivering high-quality feedback. Companies will prioritize bringing you back for more studies.
  7. Take advantage of referral programs once you have experience. This can lead to passive income on top of your active test earnings.

The more you invest yourself into website and app testing, the more your earnings will grow over time.

Step 6: Explore Potential Career Paths

While website testing serves as an excellent way to generate supplemental income, it can potentially open doors to new career opportunities such as:

UX Design – As a user experience designer, you are responsible for researching and optimizing how user-friendly digital products are. Your hands-on testing experience gives you a major advantage.

Quality Assurance – QA testers ensure software is functioning properly across different devices and environments. Your testing background allows you to easily transition into this bug-catching role.

Usability Analysis – Usability analysts evaluate how intuitive products and sites are by observing real user behavior, which aligns perfectly with website testing duties.

By upskilling through online courses or certification programs, it’s possible to parlay your successful website testing experience into an entirely new career path.

FAQ on Website & App Testing

What equipment is required?

At minimum, you’ll need a computer or mobile device, webcam, microphone, and reliable internet connection.

Is any experience or technical knowledge required?

Nope! Website and app testing is beginner-friendly. However, basic tech skills help you qualify for more studies.

How do you get paid?

After successfully completing studies, you get paid via PayPal, bank transfer, or e-gift cards directly through the testing platform.

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What types of tests are available?

Common studies include website usability tests, mobile app testing, click/navigation tracking, ad and video analyses, moderated research studies, and more.

Can you exit a test midway if needed?

Most tests have an introductory qualification section where you can opt-out if the study isn’t a good fit before it officially starts.

Can you discuss pay rates or earnings publicly?

Many testing platforms prohibit publicly sharing specific compensation details to avoid skewing their data.

Website & App Testing Platforms List

As promised, here is a helpful table listing all of the website and app testing platforms mentioned, including their website URLs:

TryMyUI Studio

Start Earning From Home as a Website Tester Today

In today’s digital world, providing an exceptional online user experience is essential for companies to succeed. That’s why the services of website and app testers are in such high demand across every industry.

By following the step-by-step roadmap laid out in this guide – signing up on reputable testing platforms, developing key skills, applying strategies to stand out, and more – you can capitalize on this lucrative opportunity to start earning legitimate income from home.

The best part about website testing is that it serves as an incredibly flexible side hustle suitable for anyone’s schedule. It’s also beginner-friendly, allowing you to get paid while learning valuable skills.

And for those looking to turn their passion for technology and improving digital products into a full-time career, the user testing experience provides a great pathway into fields like UX design, software QA, usability research, and more.

There’s no limit to how much you can potentially earn, as your income will continue growing along with your skills, expertise, and reputation as a high-quality tester that companies want to repeatedly work with.

The first step is simply getting started. Sign up on a few of the top user testing platforms listed above, optimizing your profile to match your background, demographics, skills, and interests. Then, complete any introductory qualification tests.

From there, it’s about putting in the consistent effort to gain experience completing studies, implementing the proven strategies and best practices to maximize your earnings, and setting goals for how much you’d like to make from website and app testing each month.

Before long, you’ll become a highly sought-after tester providing invaluable user feedback to make digital products better while putting extra money in your pocket from home. The opportunity is yours for the taking!



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