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9 Ways to make money eating food
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Good news for all food lovers out there! You can now get paid for doing what you love the most, which is eating! With foodies becoming more popular, we see lots of food photos and blog posts on social media. 

If you love trying different foods, whether it’s street food, fast food, or gourmet meals cooked by world-class chefs, you’ve probably wished someone would pay you for it. 

Well, now your dream can come true! In this article, we’ll explore different ways you can get paid for eating and enjoying delicious food. So, food lovers, get ready to rejoice!

Here are the 9 Ways to Make Money Eating

Wouldn’t it be great if someone paid you just to eat a bowl of Rice? Sadly, that’s not how it works. But don’t worry! You can still make eating a fun and rewarding experience. 

By becoming a food critic, you can try new foods and get paid for it, or even save money when you eat out. Imagine getting paid to enjoy your favorite pastime! Here’s your chance to make it happen. So, are you ready to become a food critic?

1. Restaurant Mystery Shopper.

Becoming a restaurant mystery shopper is an exciting opportunity for food lovers and those who want to make extra money. By joining a mystery shopping agency, you will have the chance to eat at different restaurants and experience a wide range of dining options. 

The main goal of these agencies is to evaluate the quality of customer service, food, and overall experience at restaurants, bars, ice cream houses, and other food establishments. 

To do this, they send mystery shoppers to collect data and provide valuable insights to the owners. The tasks involved in the assignment are simple and straightforward, such as ordering food, inquiring about services, taking photos and videos, and completing a report form. 

The best part is that you’ll be paid directly by the agency for your time and efforts. Join a restaurant mystery shopping agency today and make a difference in the food industry while earning some extra cash.

How much money can you make as a mystery shopper?

The amount you can earn as a restaurant mystery shopper depends on the agency you work with and the nature of the assignment. Some agencies pay a flat fee for each assignment, while others offer reimbursement for the food and drinks you purchase. 

In some cases, you may even receive a payment for your hotel stay. The amount you earn can range anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the complexity of the assignment and the location of the restaurant. 

It’s worth noting that while the free food and drinks are a perk, the primary focus of the job is to provide valuable feedback to the restaurant owners and not to earn a high salary. Regardless, being a mystery shopper for the food industry is an excellent way to earn extra cash and enjoy a night out at some of the best restaurants in your area.

Where to find mystery shopper Jobs?

The best way to find restaurant mystery shopping gigs is to sign up with multiple agencies. Start by visiting MSPA Americas, the largest organization for mystery shoppers in the Americas. 

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This website is an excellent resource for learning about the industry and finding opportunities. You can browse the marketplace and job board for potential assignments and join their directory of certified mystery shoppers. 

In addition to MSPA Americas, there are several other popular sites for finding restaurant mystery shopping gigs, such as Market Force, BestMark, Sinclair Customer Metrics, Mystery Dining by HGEM, The Source, and Mystery Shoppers America.

It’s always a good idea to sign up with multiple agencies to increase your chances of being selected for assignments. You can also keep an eye on job boards and online classifieds, such as Craigslist and Indeed, as they sometimes post mystery shopping opportunities. Stay persistent and keep checking these websites regularly to find the right opportunity for you.

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2. Cashback on Eating

Get ready to put some extra cash in your pocket every time you dine out! The world of cashbacks is a vast one, and dining out is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to earning money through rebates. With the right tools, you can turn every meal into a money-making opportunity.

Take advantage of cash-back cards and watch as you earn 1% of your total receipt back in cash. Or, if you prefer to keep things organized, download a cashback app like Ibotta. This app will help you keep track of all the available rebates for food-related purchases and make it easier for you to take advantage of them.

But Ibotta is just one of the many cashback apps available to you. Check out Dosh, Gambeal, Mogl, Seated, and Neighborhood Nosh to see how they can help you earn even more cash. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try Drop, which offers cashback on purchases from a variety of brands, not just restaurants. With Drop, you can earn points that you can convert into cash or gift cards.

3. Food Tester

To make some extra money by eating delicious food? You can consider becoming a food taster or a restaurant mystery shopper, as mentioned earlier! 

We know that as a mystery shopper, we’ll get to visit restaurants and evaluate the food, customer service, and overall atmosphere. And the best part? Almost anyone can become a mystery shopper if they live near the restaurant. 

However if you want to take it to the next level and get paid to taste food, then you’ll need to have a keen sense of taste and smell, as well as the ability to describe the food in detail. 

Food testers also need to be over a certain age and live close to the testing location. So, if you love trying new foods and want to make some extra cash, consider becoming a food taster or mystery shopper.

How much money can I make as a food tester?

Food tasting and being a food tester are unique ways to make money. While these jobs are not very common, you can still find them if you keep an eye out. 

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Usually, these part-time gigs won’t pay in cash, but you can receive rewards that can be exchanged for gift cards. However, if you’re interested in a full-time food tester job, they can be found on regular job boards under different names like “sensory panelist,” “food scientist,” and “sensory tester.” If you do get hired for a full-time food testing job, you can earn a decent wage, around $16 to $20 per hour, for doing something fun like trying different types of frozen food.

Where can I find food testing jobs?

If you’re interested in becoming a food tester, you can start by looking for job openings on job boards and websites like You can also check out food testing companies such as Contract Testing Inc., MMR, Focus & Testing, Sensory Service Center, L & E Research, and more. 

Some big food companies, like McCormick Corporation, even conduct their research in-house, so keep an eye out for those opportunities too. Remember, pay varies depending on the company and the length of testing. Some companies may require experienced testers, so be sure to check the job requirements before applying.

4. Food-Based Studies 

Have you heard about food-based research studies? These studies can be a fun and exciting way to earn money while trying out new foods. For example, people in some countries are invited to participate in a 6-month trial to learn about the benefits of eating fruits every day.

These research studies are often run by universities, so be on the lookout for any opportunities in your area. Stay informed by checking local news and university websites.

5. Join a Food Eating Competition

Do you have a big appetite? If so, consider joining a food eating competition.

Competitive eating is a serious event where participants train and compete to see who can eat the most food in the shortest amount of time.

While you’ll get to enjoy a lot of free food, remember that you’ll need to eat it all at once.

Every year, there are contests to see who can eat the most bacon, hot dogs, oysters, jalapenos, ribs, poutine, and even strawberry shortcake.

Though it can be tempting to join because of the prizes, which can reach up to $10,000, it’s important to remember that competitive eating has been criticized for promoting obesity and its associated health risks, such as weight gain and high cholesterol.

6. DietBet Challenge to Eat Healthy 

Are you looking for a fun way to stay on track with your weight-loss goals? Look no further than DietBet! Here’s how it works: 

You join a group of contestants, pay a fee, set a weight loss goal, and if you achieve it, you get to split the prize pool with others who hit their goals. It’s that easy! 

All you have to do is take a photo of yourself and your scale at the start and end of the bet. With DietBet, you have a chance to not only lose weight but also earn money by doing it. 

With over $140 million paid out and over 15 million pounds lost, DietBet is the perfect solution for a healthy, happy, and wealthier you!

7. Get Paid to Cook Up a Storm 

Have you ever wanted to turn your love for cooking into a paying gig? Then recipe testing is for you! Before a new dish hits the menu at a restaurant or before a chef or celebrity releases their cookbook, someone needs to test out the recipes. 

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As a recipe tester, you’ll collect the ingredients, measure them exactly, and cook them according to the instructions. You’ll then make notes on preparation times, ingredients, and measurements and give feedback to the recipe creator. 

To get started, offer your services for free to America’s Test Kitchen and reach out to food bloggers or cookbook authors you admire. As you build your portfolio, you can start finding paying clients like restaurant chefs, food scientists, and food writers. 

With time and experience, recipe testing can grow from a gig into a full-fledged career. So, whip up a storm and get paid for your culinary skills.

8. Get Paid To Eat on Camera

A trend you don’t want to miss! Mukbang, a Korean word for “eating” and “broadcasting,” is a new trend that is quickly spreading around the world. In a mukbang, a person eats a lot of food while talking to an online audience and showing them the meal live. 

One of the most popular mukbang eaters was TV Diva, who earned $10,000 or more each month just from her broadcasts. She ate four boxes of pizza and three kilos of beef on camera! If you’re interested in getting paid to eat on camera, all you have to do is choose a live streaming platform like Facebook Live, Twitch, or YouTube Live and start broadcasting your meals.

Small Portions, Big Money: 

Sosik Mukbang Not everyone wants to eat a lot of food, and that’s okay! There’s an emerging trend or sub-genre of mukbang called sosik mukbang, where you eat smaller portions. If you want to get paid to eat on camera but don’t want to eat a lot, sosik mukbang might be the perfect fit for you.

Choose a live streaming platform, start broadcasting your meals regularly, and learn how to monetize appropriately. Every platform has different terms for earning cash, so make sure you know how to get paid for your broadcasts. Get ready to make money while eating on camera.

9. Get Paid to Eat and Write

Become a restaurant critic! Do you love food and writing? Combine your two passions and get paid to review restaurants! As a food critic, your job is to visit different restaurants, try their best dishes, and write a detailed review about the food, atmosphere, and service. Your words can have a big impact on a restaurant’s reputation, so make sure your reviews are fair and informative.

You can start as a freelancer by creating a blog and writing reviews. As you build your reputation, you may get noticed by bigger publishers, and your reviews could be published in newspapers, magazines, travel guides, and other media. 

Imagine getting paid to visit the best restaurants and write about your experiences! If you have a passion for food and writing, becoming a restaurant critic could be the perfect career for you.

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