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How to Earn Money from Google in 2023

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Earning money from Google may sound too good to be true, but there are actually numerous ways to monetize the world’s largest search engine. From AdSense to affiliate marketing to selling your own digital products, Google offers multiple income streams for those willing to put in the work.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top strategies for earning money from Google, with tips to get started and maximize your earnings. Whether you want to earn a few bucks on the side or build a full-time income, these Google monetization methods offer real potential.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Monetize a Website with Google AdSense
  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Sell Products on Google Shopping
  • Create Android Apps and Games
  • Sell Digital Products on Google Play
  • Promote Affiliate Products
  • Get Paid for Google Searches with Qmee
  • Complete Tasks on Google Opinion Rewards
  • Sell Your Data Storage on Google Drive
  • Leverage the Google Developer Platform
  • Teach Skills on Skillshare and Udemy
  • Conclusion


Google makes the vast majority of its $257 billion in annual revenue through advertising. And the good news is regular internet users can also tap into this revenue stream.

By placing Google ads on your website or YouTube videos, driving affiliate sales through product links, or leveraging Google’s massive audience to sell your own products and services, you can earn real money from the internet giant.

With multiple income stream options — both passive and active — Google offers money-making potential for all skill levels. As long as you have an internet connection and some motivation, you can get started earning today.

Now let’s explore some of the top ways to monetize Google and cash in on its opportunities.

Monetize a Website with Google AdSense

Google AdSense allows publishers to earn money by placing Google ads on their website pages. As visitors click on the ads, the publisher earns a portion of the ad revenue.

The best part about AdSense is that it takes just a few minutes to set up. Simply create an account, paste a small code snippet on your web pages, and Google will automatically display relevant text and image ads targeted to your site’s content.

As your site generates traffic, the ads will be shown and you can start earning. Payments are sent monthly via check or direct deposit once you hit the $100 minimum threshold.

On average, the CPC (cost per click) for AdSense ads is around $0.50. With popular sites generating thousands of clicks per day, publishers can earn a healthy passive income stream. Some savvy publishers make six figures or more annually from AdSense.

To maximize your earnings, focus on the following:

  • Increasing traffic — More visitors to your site equals more AdSense clicks and revenue. Promote your content and utilize SEO best practices.
  • Placement optimization — Strategically place ads in positions they are most likely to be clicked and viewed (like above the fold).
  • Ad relevance — Google will serve ads based on your site’s content, so publish high-quality content revolving around relevant topics.

With a quality website and smart optimization, AdSense can become a lucrative income source over time.

Become a YouTube Partner

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube presents a huge opportunity to earn an income as a content creator. Through the YouTube Partner Program, you can monetize your videos by earning a cut of the AdSense revenue they generate.

To join the program, you’ll need to meet the application requirements:

  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers
  • Reach 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months

Once approved, you can start running ads on your videos immediately. As viewers watch your videos, you’ll earn money from any ads displayed or clicked.

YouTube will pay you 68% of the ad revenue your videos generate, after accounting for taxes and YouTube’s cut. Rates can vary based on viewer demographics, but average earnings are $0.10 — $0.30 per view.

Top YouTubers easily make 6 figures or more from ads alone. But even smaller channels can earn a nice side income once they achieve the subscriber and watch time milestones.

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Some tips to boost your YouTube earnings:

  • Create consistent, high-quality content — Aim for at least one optimized video per week. Frequently posting engaging content will help you get more views.
  • Stay niche-focused — Position yourself as an authority in a specific niche to build a loyal audience.
  • Promote your channel — Share your videos on social media and interact with viewers to get more subscribers.

With time and consistency, you can turn your passion into a full-time YouTube income source.

Sell Products on Google Shopping

Google Shopping, formerly known as Google Express, allows you to easily list products for sale directly in Google Search results. This gives your products visibility to millions of people searching for what you sell.

To get started with Google Shopping:

  • Sign up for a Google Merchant account — This allows you to upload product data to make your products eligible for Product Listing Ads.
  • Create a Google product feed — Follow the format guidelines and include all required attributes for your products. Upload the feed to your Merchant account.
  • Set up billing — Add your payment information to fund your Product Listing Ads. You only pay when someone clicks your ad.
  • Launch campaign — Choose target keywords and set a budget to start showing your products to searchers.

It costs nothing to list products for free. But with a Product Listing Ad campaign, you can get more visibility at the top of search results.

Google charges you each time someone clicks your ad, usually around $1 — $2 per click. The benefit is you only pay when someone is interested enough to click for more info, making it very cost-effective for the high-intent traffic it provides.

To maximize sales, focus on:

  • Optimized product data — Provide detailed titles, descriptions, images, and attributes for each product.
  • segmentation — Target your ads/budget to high-intent keywords where people are seeking your specific products.
  • Expanded audience — Show your products across Google Search, Shopping tab, Gmail ads, YouTube etc.

With over 60% of product searches starting on Google, they offer access to millions of buyers. Listing products here is a no-brainer for established eCommerce businesses.

Create Android Apps and Games

Building and monetizing your own apps on the Google Play Store presents another money-making opportunity. Though it requires more technical skill than other options, it opens up passive income potential.

Here are the main app monetization models:

  • Paid apps — Charge a one-time fee to download your app (typically under $10)
  • In-app purchases — Offer premium features/upgradesusers can pay for within a free app
  • Ad revenue — Show Google AdMob banner/interstitial ads within your app
  • Sponsorships — Get paid by brands to promote their products in your app.

While the paid and freemium models will earn you the most revenue per user, you can also generate a steady advertising income over time, even with a free app.

With over 2.5 billion active Android devices, Google Play provides instant access to a massive global audience. And you’ll earn 70% of all app revenue generated.

Succeeding with apps takes research, planning, marketing, and often a budget to boost your visibility against the competition. But with the right app concept and execution, you can build a profitable app business.

Sell Digital Products on Google Play

In addition to apps, Google Play allows you to sell a variety of digital products directly to millions of Android users.

Some examples of digital goods you can sell include:

  • Ebooks and PDF guides
  • Audiobooks and podcasts
  • Digital images, art, and templates
  • Stock media like video footage and photography

Publishing digital products with Google Play comes with several advantages:

  • Massive discoverability — Your products can be found and purchased directly within the Google Play store.
  • Instant delivery — Buyers can purchase and access your digital goods instantly.
  • Global audience — You can sell products internationally to Android users worldwide.
  • Hands-off income — Once products are uploaded, earnings come in passively as Google handles payments and delivery.
  • 70% royalties — Google takes just a 30% commission on each sale.
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To get started, sign up for a Google Play Merchant account and upload your products. Price your items competitively, provide attractive titles/descriptions, and publish frequently to increase your earnings over time.

This passive income source is relatively easy to get off the ground for anyone with specialized knowledge or skills they can package into digital products.

Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing allows people to earn commissions promoting other company’s products they believe in.

You join affiliate programs for free, then receive a unique link to send traffic to the merchant website. If that traffic results in sales, you earn a % commission without ever handling products or customers.

Google Affiliate Network connects affiliate marketers with relevant advertiser offers across various categories. When users click your affiliate link and complete the specified action (like making a purchase), you get credit and earn the published commission rates.

Commissions average around 5–30% but can reach 50–75% for digital products and recurring services. Top affiliate marketers earn 6 to 7 figures in commissions each year.

Here are some tips to maximize affiliate earnings:

  • Choose reputable merchants — Promote quality brands you genuinely want to recommend.
  • Create content — Blog posts, YouTube reviews, and social media ads to promote affiliate links work well.
  • Get targeted — Focus on products aligned with your audience interests and buying behavior.
  • Provide value — Give unbiased opinions and highlight benefits to drive conversions.

While it takes work up front to build traffic, affiliate marketing can eventually generate mostly passive income. You get paid again and again for each conversion achieved through your links.

This leverages Google’s advertising platform to let individuals tap into an established business’s success.

Get Paid for Google Searches with Qmee

Qmee is a unique browser extension that pays you rewards for your normal Google searches. It works by occasionally displaying sponsored results alongside your regular search results.

When you click on a sponsored result, Qmee earns money from advertisers and shares a portion with you. This lets you earn cash back from searches you’d be doing anyway.

To start earning, just download the Qmee extension and do some searching within Google Chrome. When sponsored results appear, click them as you normally would if they interest you.

You’ll earn a few cents per click, which adds up over time. You can even earn a little passive income by searching on autopilot.

Cash out your earnings once you hit the $1 minimum to your Paypal account. With regular use, it’s possible to earn up to $50 to $100 per month.

Qmee is free to install and your searches remain private. All it takes is adding the extension to start earning money from Google.

Complete Tasks on Google Opinion Rewards

For quick cash, Google Opinion Rewards pays you to complete short surveys right from your smartphone. Just download the app and you’ll get notified when surveys are available.

Surveys take just 1–2 minutes and pay out $0.10 — $1.00 in Google Play credit. The app uses your location history and Google activity to send the most relevant surveys based on where you’ve been and what you’ve searched for.

While rewards come in the form of Play credit, you can use that balance to purchase apps, movies, books, subscriptions and more within the Google Play ecosystem. Or cash it out for gift cards to popular retailers.

For a few seconds of your time answering questions, you get paid instantly in a format you can easily spend on yourself.

Pro tip: Be sure to answer surveys that come your way to train the algorithm to send more over time. Completing several per week can add up without any extra effort.

Sell Your Data Storage on Google Drive

If you aren’t fully utilizing the free 15GB of space that comes with your Google account, you can actually sell that unused cloud storage and make money from Google Drive.

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Storj allows users to rent out their excess drive capacity in exchange for cryptocurrency payments.

To get started:

  1. Download the Storj app
  2. Connect your Google Drive account
  3. Determine how much space to share

Storj will pay you in their STORJ token based on how much capacity you share, network usage from users storing data on your drive, and how long you continue renting out space.

You won’t be able to access the rented portion during that period. But any unused space is worth monetizing, as payments can add up over months of set-it-and-forget-it earning.

This turns your idle cloud storage into a passive income stream, just for renting some space to the 5 million Storj users.

Leverage the Google Developer Platform

For developers and programmers, building apps and services powered by Google’s software development kits (SDKs) presents big money-making potential.

Google offers SDKs and APIs to easily add features like Google Analytics, Maps, account authorization, AdMob ads, and more to your apps.

When users interact with these features, you earn a revenue share from what Google charges customers for API usage and data storage.

For example, by including something like Google Maps into your app, you can earn a cut of the fees businesses pay Google to license that mapping data.

While technical skills are required, the Google Developer Platform allows programming experts to tap into established, profitable Google services.

Top developers can even get funding from Google to create and launch apps that utilize their tools and data for mutual benefit.

So if you have development skills, leveraging Google’s robust infrastructure can help monetize those abilities.

Teach Skills on Skillshare and Udemy

Skillshare and Udemy let everyday experts create online video courses to share their knowledge with students willing to pay. Both platforms make it easy to reach new audiences hungry for convenient, on-demand learning.

You can create courses on almost any topic, from photography to business software to cooking and beyond. These platforms handle the video hosting, course marketing, and even direct students your way from search results for related course topics.

Once published, courses can earn passive income for months or years to come through affiliate promotions or revenue share.

  • On Skillshare, you earn based on the number of subscribers your courses attract. Rates vary based on subject and popularity, but teachers can make $1,500 to $7,000 per course or more.
  • Udemy pays instructors 50% of the course price for each enrollment. With prices typically between $20 to $200 per course, top sellers easily earn over $10,000/month.

Both platforms also promote popular classes across Google and social media to attract high-intent users. This gives your expertise expansive reach and monetization potential.

With your knowledge and passion, these course platforms offer a scalable way to earn from Google’s huge user base. Even as a side hustle, teaching online is worth considering.


As you can see, Google offers a diverse array of money-making opportunities. Whether you want to earn through ads, affiliates, eCommerce, apps, digital products, storage, development, teaching, or even simple searches, their massive ecosystem presents options for all skill levels.

Start with the strategies best aligned to your abilities and interests. The key is consistency taking action. With time and focus, you can absolutely earn money from Google once you know where to look.

Their dominance across the internet virtually guarantees chances to profit. So pick an approach and commit to executing a Google monetization game plan.

Done right, you can steadily grow your income over both the short and long-term.

So choose your preferred path, get started today, and position yourself to earn from the world’s largest search provider.

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