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Selena Gomez Confirms Relationship with Benny Blanco in Instagram Comments

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Pop superstar Selena Gomez has surprisingly taken to Instagram comments to confirm her relationship with producer Benny Blanco. In a series of replies, Gomez stated that Blanco is her “absolute everything in my heart” and has treated her “better than any human being on this planet.” She also suggested the relationship has been going on for 6 months already.

The reveal comes shortly after rumors started swirling about Gomez and Blanco dating. The two first worked together back in 2018 on the hit single “I Can’t Get Enough,” which sparked some chemistry rumors after the steamy music video showing them in bed together. However, some fans believed Blanco took shots at Gomez later on when he criticized “cookie-cutter pop artists” who launch makeup lines in 2020. This was around the time Gomez debuted her successful Rare Beauty line.

Despite the apparent shade, Gomez ardently defended her new beau against fan criticism in Instagram comments. When one fan called Blanco “corny” and claimed he was shading Gomez years ago, she replied “lol yeah and he’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with.” This suggests that whatever issues they had in the past are now water under the bridge. Even more tellingly, Gomez has said Blanco treats her better than “any human being on this planet.”

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The confirmation puts to rest rumors that Gomez was hacked after the sudden relationship reveal in fan comments sections. She later posted an Instagram Story showing someone with Blanco’s trademark bracelet putting their arm around her, further confirming it was really her making the comments.

Still, the unusual public confirmation via comments has sparked questions around the timing. Notably, Gomez had recently released singles like “De Una Vez” with lyrics about being single and healing. If she and Blanco have truly been together for around 6 months already, she would’ve still been dating him at the time those songs came out.

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Nonetheless, Gomez sounds blissful in her new relationship, calling Blanco her “absolute everything.” She and the producer may make for an unexpected celebrity couple, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Both have been rather private about their dating lives in the past, so fans were certainly shocked to see Gomez gushing about Blanco so publicly out of the blue.

In addition to confirming her new romance, Gomez also surprisingly revealed that her next studio album is coming out in two months’ time. The long-awaited record will be her first full-length project since 2020’s “Rare.” As one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Gomez’s albums are always hotly anticipated by fans and critics alike. The fact that one was already secretly completed and slated for release so soon was likely a shock to many.

It looks like Selena Gomez just couldn’t contain her excitement on both her personal and professional fronts anymore. Her candid Instagram comments have now let slip two rather massive pieces of news – a budding new romance and a new album era beginning in early 2023. And she’s clearly eager to show off boyfriend Benny Blanco to the world as well after developing a strong bond over the past 6 months.

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In conclusion, Selena Gomez decided to confirm not one but two major life updates via an unusual platform – Instagram comments. She proclaimed producer Benny Blanco her dream partner while also unexpectedly announcing a completed new album arriving soon. Both revelations took fans by complete surprise. But one thing’s clear – 2023 is shaping up to be a monumental year for Gomez both in love and music. After waiting patiently in the wings for her next moves, Selenators are surely overjoyed at the candid revelations shared directly from their idol herself in a refreshingly sincere manner.

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