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America’s 25 Top-Selling Cars, Trucks, and SUVs of 2023

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The auto industry has faced its fair share of challenges over the past few years, from the global chip shortage to supply chain disruptions. But 2023 marked a year of recovery, with car sales rebounding as inventory levels improved.

According to newly released data, Americans bought over 13 million light-duty vehicles last year. That’s up nearly 3% from 2022 and the highest sales total since before the pandemic downturn. With showrooms filled once again, competition heated up among automakers vying for market share. A diverse mix of sedans, crossovers, SUVs and pickups topped the sales charts, reflecting evolving consumer tastes.

Here’s a look at the 25 vehicles Americans gravitated to most in 2023:

#25 Ford Escape – 140,968 units

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The Escape compact SUV held onto its spot in the top 25 despite rising competition. Sister model Bronco Sport nipped at its heels in the sales race, appealing to buyers seeking more rugged styling. But the Escape offered tried-and-true versatility and fuel efficiency, proving it still deserved a spot in Ford’s crossover lineup after its 2020 redesign.

#24 Subaru Forester – 152,566 units

2022 subaru forester wilderness 16 1635124757 e1705037104497

In its last model year before a full redesign, the Forester posted a 34% jump over 2022. Featuring Subaru’s signature all-wheel drive and spacious interior, the outgoing Forester went out with a bang while whetting appetites for its 2025 successor.

#23 Mazda CX-5 – 153,808 units

2022 mazda cx 5 2p5 turbo signature 126 1657559085 e1705037145593

Mazda’s top-selling model for years running, the CX-5 saw a slight 2% uptick versus 2022. Crisp handling and an upscale interior continued to differentiate it in the hotly contested compact crossover segment.

#22 Jeep Wrangler – 156,581 units

2024 jeep wrangler 4xe exterior 105 642c2bb8bb3bb e1705037207887

The iconic off-roader took a 14% hit compared to 2022. But with the new 2024 models now rolling into showrooms, Wrangler may soon regain momentum against arch-rival Ford Bronco.

#21 Subaru Crosstrek – 159,193 units

2024 subaru crosstek36 64089e360a69f e1705037265702

With a 2024 redesign improving interior space and technology, Crosstrek sales edged up 3% over 2022. Combining SUV capabilities with hatchback maneuverability, it remained a go-to choice for young urban adventurers.

#20 Subaru Outback – 161,814 units

2023 subaru outback white front 1649823737 e1705037310460

After a 10% gain, Subaru’s raised wagon retained its crown as the brand’s top-selling nameplate. Updated styling and in-car tech for 2023 likely helped attract new family buyers.

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#19 Toyota Highlander – 169,543 units

2023 toyota highlander platinum awd 110 edit 2 6413796fc53ba e1705037366418

Sales of the three-row Highlander SUV slid 24%, likely due to cannibalization from Toyota’s new Grand Highlander. But even with big brother on the block, Highlander maintained its appeal as an affordable and spacious family hauler.

#18 Ford Explorer – 186,799 units

2022 ford explorer timberline 103 1649185242 e1705037423839

Despite a 10% decline, Explorer managed to outpace the Toyota Highlander in the hot three-row crossover race. With seating for up to seven and muscular turbo V6 performance, Explorer remained a favorite of growing families seeking to travel in style.

#17 Honda Accord – 197,947 units

dsc02661 1677186785 e1705037482477

Accord was back on the upswing in 2023, with sales jumping 28% over a supply-constrained 2022. The midsize sedan’s recent overhaul hit the right chords with shoppers, though it still trailed rival Toyota Camry in bragging rights.

#16 Honda Civic – 200,381 units

2022 honda civic touring urbano 103 1632332749 e1705037537328

Honda capitalized on improved inventories to score a 50% surge for its compact sedan and hatch. Both sporty and practical, Civic continued attracting younger buyers even as crossovers encroach on the segment.

#15 Hyundai Tucson – 209,624 units

2022 hyundai tucson 101 1618939101 e1705037602505

On a hot streak, Hyundai posted record U.S. sales in 2023. The Tucson compact SUV led the charge, notching a 20% gain over 2022. Value-packed pricing and head-turning styling made it tough to ignore.

#14 Chevrolet Equinox – 212,701 units

2023 chevrolet equinox rs awd 129 64064ca257e1a e1705037654542

Despite an all-new model waiting in the wings for 2024, Equinox sales stayed flat in 2023. Still, the compact crossover remained popular for its balanced road manners and generous cargo space.

#13 Toyota Corolla – 232,370 units

2023 corolla hybrid se rubyflarepearl 026 1665768399 e1705037755908

Proving sedans aren’t dead yet, Corolla sales rose nearly 5% in 2023. Earning loyalty through reliability and value, Toyota’s compact beat out arch-rival Honda Civic for sales supremacy.

#12 Tesla Model 3 – 232,700 units (est.)

tesla model 3 107 1559317303 e1705037805211

Tesla doesn’t report by model, but industry analysts estimate the Model 3 sedan accounted for nearly half of the brand’s deliveries. Combining silicon valley flair with real world range, Model 3 remained the tip of the spear for Tesla’s EV revolution.

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#11 Toyota Tacoma – 234,768 units

2023 toyota tacoma 115 1674504509 e1705037860806

America’s perennial top-selling midsize pickup dropped 1% in 2023, likely as loyalists awaited the all-new model now arriving in showrooms. With off-road grit and a Toyota badge, Tacoma maintained its street cred despite rising competition.

#10 Jeep Grand Cherokee – 244,595 units

2023 jeep grand cherokee 4xe overland 4x4 316 1676314245 e1705037914502

After supply issues hampered sales early in the year, the five-seat Grand Cherokee stormed back to notch a 10% gain over 2022. Available with three rows as the Grand Cherokee L, Jeep’s flagship SUV continued blending luxury and capability at a relatively affordable price.

#9 Nissan Rogue – 271,458 units

2022 nissan rogue 203 1667326945 e1705037976771

The compact Rogue continued growing its customer base, with sales climbing 46% over 2022. Nissan gave it a tech-forward makeover for 2022, resonating with young families seeking safety, versatility and value.

#8 Toyota Camry – 290,649 units

2023 toyota camry 105 1674502984 e1705038030788

Even as crossovers eat away at the sedan segment, Camry held firm as America’s top-selling passenger car. Comfort, quality and resale value have endeared Camry to middle America for decades, and 2023 was no exception.

#7 GMC Sierra – 295,737 units

2022 gmc sierra 1500 at4x 101 1652106254 e1705038107888

GMC combined light-duty Sierra 1500 and heavy-duty models for an impressive 22% overall gain versus 2022. From workhorse to luxury hauler, Sierra offers full-size truck shoppers a more refined yet rugged alternative to the Silverado.

#6 Honda CR-V – 361,457 units

2023 honda cr v hybrid awd touring 414 edit 1665749878 e1705038155636

After limited supplies resulted in its lowest sales in decades for 2022, the CR-V compact SUV stormed back with a 52% increase last year. Versatility, efficiency and Honda’s reputation for quality made it America’s best-selling crossover apart from the RAV4.

#5 Tesla Model Y – 385,900 units (est.)

2020 tesla model y performance 110 1620660805 e1705038207349

Demand surged for Tesla’s upscale electric crossover, which analysts estimate outsold every model except half-ton pickups. Blending the versatility of an SUV with instant, silent acceleration, the tech-centric Model Y brought EVs further into the mainstream.

#4 Toyota RAV4 – 434,943 units

2023 toyota rav4 hybrid woodland edition 3719 1675116382 e1705038276910

The RAV4 compact SUV has sat atop crossover sales for years, and 2023 was no exception. Toyota struck a chord with active families by adding new trims like the adventure-ready RAV4 Woodland. Overall sales climbed 9%.

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#3 Ram Pickup – 444,926 units

10best trucks suvs 2023 ram 1500 101 1672950950 e1705038334565

America’s third-best-selling vehicle, Ram’s full-size pickups fell 5% from 2022 results. To reclaim momentum, Ram is launching a revamped 1500-series this year, doubling down on technology, luxury and its bold big-rig styling.

#2 Chevrolet Silverado – 543,319 units

2022 chevrolet silverado 14 1631133451 e1705038471876

Chevy overtook Ram for the half-ton truck sales crown on the strength of its light-duty Silverado 1500, which rose as heavy-duty 2500/3500 models stayed flat. Combining workhorse capabilities with creature comforts, Chevy claimed the silver medal among America’s top sellers.

#1 Ford F-Series – 750,789 units

2022 ford f150 tremor 4x4 supercrew 774 1638849028 e1705038570170

The perennial truck sales leader for over four decades running, Ford’s F-Series once again claimed the gold by a wide margin. Sales climbed 15% over 2022 amid improved supplies. Incredibly, the F-Series lineup outsold the next two best-sellers combined.

So in reviewing the sales results from 2023, what broader industry trends stand out? For starters, with supplies rebounding, Americans continued embracing larger vehicles. Full-size pickups and SUVs occupied six of the top seven sales spots. But smaller crossovers remain wildly popular as well, taking six additional top 25 positions.

Japanese brands Toyota, Honda and Nissan secured nine of the top 15 sellers, underscoring their reputation for quality and value. Domestic automakers haven’t conceded anything on trucks, holding down the top three spots. Detroit and Japan automakers split the sedan sales race, showing some life yet for the humble passenger car.

Newer brands like Tesla and Hyundai flexed their muscles last year too, capitalizing on buzzworthy designs and changing attitudes about EVs. With the economic winds shifting, 2024 sales will offer fresh insights into American auto buyers’ tastes and preferences. But automakers closing out 2023 with momentum have proven their resilience and stand ready to adapt to whatever lies ahead.

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