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ARway’s Spatial Computing Growth Accelerates Ahead of Apple’s Vision Pro Launch, Inks Partnership with Mapping Leader F3 Geomatic

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New York – ARway, an AI-powered augmented reality experience platform, is riding a wave of growing demand for its no-code, no-beacon spatial computing solution in the lead up to Apple’s launch of its Vision Pro augmented reality glasses on February 2nd.

The Toronto-based startup recently announced a new partnership with F3 Geomatic Solutions, a geospatial modeling and mapping agency in Cuervo, Texas. The collaboration aims to deliver immersive and precise indoor experiences for museums, trade shows and local governments using ARway’s technology.

ARway stood out from competitors due to its unmatched accuracy and seamless integration with floor plans, according to F3 Geomatic. The startup’s tech significantly reduced discrepancies between intended locations and mobile devices in complex indoor settings – an issue that plagued other solutions.

F3 Geomatic also cited ARway’s user-friendly setup requiring no expensive hardware or technical skills. The agency was further convinced by ARway CEO Evan Gappelberg’s background in classified military geopositioning projects, where ARway proved superior.

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The impending release of Apple’s Vision Pro glasses is expected to be a watershed moment for augmented reality and spatial computing. ARway is strategically poised to capitalize on this shift with the availability of its app in the new Vision Pro spatial computing store.

With a focus on indoor navigation and AR glasses integration, ARway is aligned with the industry’s transition to 3D and AR. The partnership with F3 Geomatic comes on the heels of several new deals amid accelerating worldwide demand.

We’re seeing interest from all over the globe and across sectors who want to harness our groundbreaking AR and spatial computing tech,” said Gappelberg in an interview with Proactive Investors. Our commitment to top-notch performance on iOS makes ARway a key part of the Apple ecosystem and will enable a seamless experience for Vision Pro users.

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The official Apple announcement that Vision Pro glasses will be sold at Apple stores and online starting February 2nd clears the way for ARway to disrupt AR indoor navigation.

ARway enables the no-code creation of spatial experiences like navigation, tours, notifications, advertising and gaming through its Intelligent Personal Neural Network (IPNN) technology. It functions seamlessly across iOS, Android, AR glasses like Vision Pro, Magic Leap and HoloLens.

The company’s Web Creator studio, ARwayKit SDK and mobile apps for iOS and Android comprise its full stack spatial computing platform. ARway was recently spun out from its parent company NexTech AR Solutions, which retains a 50% stake.

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ARway is focused on becoming a vital spatial computing platform as augmented reality achieves mainstream adoption. Its deal with F3 Geomatic underscores the startup’s advantage in precision and ease of use as demand ramps up exponentially.

With Apple preparing to unleash Vision Pro, ARway is bracing for a surge of consumer and enterprise interest in immersive indoor experiences. Its platform’s interoperability across devices and frictionless onboarding of users gives ARway an edge over niche competitors.

As the next computing revolution dawns, ARway has positioned itself as an indispensable bridge between the real and virtual worlds. Its collaboration with cartographic leader F3 Geomatic is just one of many partnerships that point to the limitless potential of spatial computing. ARway’s momentum serves as an indicator that augmented reality’s moment has arrived.

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