Burger King Deals Out Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches for Just a Penny on National Croissant Day

As the morning dawned on Tuesday, January 31st, Burger King had a tasty treat in store for breakfast lovers across America – the chance to enjoy one of their signature croissant breakfast sandwiches for just a penny. This mouthwatering deal was available exclusively on National Croissant Day, giving people the perfect excuse to stop by their local Burger King and savor a delicious croissan’wich to start their day.

The offer included all the classic croissan’wich options – like the simple egg and cheese, or the heartier choices with the addition of ham, bacon or sausage. For the truly ravenous, Burger King even had a fully loaded croissan’wich overflowing with all three meats available at the unbelievable 1 cent price point.

Hungry customers just had to be members of the fast food giant’s Royal Perks loyalty program to take advantage of the savings. As long as they placed an order of $1 or more through the BK app or website, they could add a croissan’wich to their cart for only a penny during breakfast hours. While times vary by location, breakfast service typically wraps up around 10:30am local time according to Burger King.

This was an opportunity that croissant connoisseurs simply couldn’t pass up. The chance to experience Burger King’s unique take on the classic French pastry at basically no cost was sure to draw crowds from the early morning into the late morning across the country. People could stop in on their way to work, or make it a family affair picking up discounted croissan’wiches for the whole household to enjoy.

Burger King has made the croissan’wich a staple of their breakfast lineup for years. It takes the famously flaky crescent shape of a fresh baked croissant and fills it with eggs, cheese and breakfast meats for the perfect on-the-go morning meal. The croissant itself provides layers of buttery richness matched by the savory fillings encased inside. It’s a satisfying combination of sweet and salty flavors that many satisfied customers swear by as their go-to breakfast order.

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While the croissan’wich is always a bargain on Burger King’s regular menu, being able to get one for just a penny was an absolute steal. For the price of a shiny copper coin, you could enjoy a piping hot sandwich bursting with all your favorite breakfast tastes. It was the ideal way to commemorate National Croissant Day for croissant enthusiasts far and wide.

The offer sparked excitement and speculation among bargain hunters nationwide. Food blogs and social media lit up with the news of the 1 cent croissan’wiches. Loyal Burger King customers made sure to set their alarms to take full advantage of the limited time deal. It seemed no matter what part of the country you were in, people were ready to make a pit stop at their nearby Burger King franchise for a near free hot and hearty breakfast.

For Burger King, it was undoubtedly a promotion aimed at drawing in droves of customers on an otherwise sleepy Tuesday morning. But for the public, it felt like an unbeatable steal to get a full breakfast sandwich for pocket change. It tapped into that natural human instinct to want to get the best possible deal. On National Croissant Day this year, the clear winner had to be Burger King’s 1 cent croissan’wich – if you managed to grab one in time before they were gone!

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