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Teacher arrested for using AI to make fake recording of principal making racist remarks

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A rogue high school gym teacher has landed in handcuffs after allegedly cooking up a malicious scheme – deploying cutting-edge AI wizardry to completely fabricate an audio recording that made it seem like the principal was spewing vile, racist vitriol about students and staff.

Dazhon Darien, a physical education instructor and athletic director at Pikesville High in Baltimore County, stands accused of massively abusing voice cloning artificial intelligence to impersonate his boss, Principal Eric Eiswert, hurling deeply offensive slurs targeting Black pupils and Jewish employees.

The bombshell bogus audio clip, which quickly ignited outrage as it spread like wildfire across social media back in January, gave listeners the utterly disturbing impression of capturing Eiswert in a moment of extreme prejudice – seemingly ranting that Black students couldn’t “test their way out of a paper bag” while using a racial slur, and griping that Jewish teachers “should never have been hired.”

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Principal’s Immediate Denials of Vile Remarks

But from the very start, Eiswert fired back aggressively, flatly denying he ever uttered such abhorrent statements and insisting the whole recording reeked of forgery. “We now have conclusive evidence that the recording was not authentic,” Police Chief Robert McCullough announced at a recent press conference detailing Darien’s arrest, confirming “the recording was generated through the use of artificial intelligence technology.”

Charges Stem From Escalating Work Conflicts

Prosecutors allege the disgruntled Darien went to such underhanded lengths, exploiting advanced AI’s ability to perfectly mimic voices, as a twisted act of revenge after mounting tensions with Eiswert over performance issues and workplace disputes.

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Court documents indicate the principal had been scrutinizing Darien over claims he misappropriated school funds meant to pay for an assistant coach who never actually helped out with the girls’ football program. Eiswert had also canned another coach without getting the green light from his athletic director first.

With Darien’s own job potentially on the chopping block as his contract was up for renewal, investigators believe he decided to strike back by trying to completely tank Eiswert’s reputation and get him forced out through the outrageous racist hoax recording.

Arrest at Airport Before Potential Flight Raises Eyebrows

The 39-year-old Darien is now facing a litany of charges – disrupting school activities, theft of the misused funds, retaliation against a witness, and stalking. He was apprehended Thursday at Baltimore/Washington International Airport while trying to board a flight to Houston, after screeners spotted he had a firearm and did a background check revealing the outstanding warrant.

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While authorities have stayed mum on whether Darien was possibly attempting to flee the area, the brazen alleged stunt raises serious concerns about the potential for AI’s rapidly advancing voice replication abilities to be exploited as a dangerous new form of high-tech defamation and harassment.

As these deceptive but convincing synthetic media tools become more commonplace, schools, businesses and other institutions may need to urgently adapt and enhance cybersecurity protocols to detect AI-fueled fakeouts and impersonations. One thing’s for sure – this bizarre incident serves as a wake-up call about the dark side of voice cloning’s awesome technological powers.



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