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How Did the Professor at Kansas Wesleyan University Die?

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The morning of February 8th started like any other at the small Kansas Wesleyan University campus in Salina. Students and faculty bustled between classes and meetings, enjoying the comradery of academic life. But shortly before 8am, the comforting familiarity of their typical school day was shattered by a chilling 911 call.

Responding officers from the Salina Police Department raced to Pioneer Hall, one of the university’s main buildings. Once there, they were led to a devastating scene. Inside her office, beloved education professor Dr. Eileen St. John lay dead.

The sudden and unexpected passing of Dr. St. John sent shockwaves through the tight-knit university community. Students and coworkers alike grappled to process the tragic loss of a mentor, role model and friend.

While the exact cause of Dr. St. John’s death remains uncertain, the mysterious circumstances have left many at Kansas Wesleyan searching for answers around this heartbreaking tragedy.

A Leader On Campus and In Her Field

Dr. Eileen St. John was the Head of the Teacher Education Department at Kansas Wesleyan. By all accounts, she was exceptional at her job and incredibly passionate about shaping the next generation of teachers.

Her warm, approachable demeanor made Dr. St. John a favorite professor among students. She was known for taking a genuine interest in getting to know pupils individually and making sure they felt supported.

Junior Skyler Evans described Dr. St. John as “caring and loving” with “not one bad thing about her class.”

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“She will be greatly missed by more than just a handful of people. She will be missed by everyone here at Kansas Wesleyan and in the community,” Evans said.

Sophomore Maria Stanislaw echoed the sentiment, characterizing the late professor as “kind and caring” as well as “fun” and “laidback.”

Dr. St. John was also highly respected by her fellow staff members. She was seen as an inspirational leader who elevated the Education Department and embodied the university’s values.

Kansas Wesleyan President Dr. Matt Thompson personally notified students and employees of Dr. St. John’s untimely passing in an email and statement on the school website.

“Dr. Eileen St. John, head of the teacher education department, passed away in her office this morning. Dr. St. John was a leader on campus and a family-oriented individual, who gave her all to her students every day. She will truly be missed,” he wrote solemnly.

A Shocking Tragedy

Details on what exactly caused Dr. St. John’s sudden death remain unclear. The Salina Police Department stated they responded to a 911 call reporting an injured individual at Kansas Wesleyan around 8am.

When first responders arrived and located Dr. St. John deceased in her office, they immediately began investigating the situation alongside university security. However, officials do not currently believe there is any active threat or danger to students and staff.

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Still, the news left the Kansas Wesleyan community reeling. Many struggled to even process the tragedy after hearing the announcement from President Thompson.

“You could feel the pressure in the air of like how serious this was because at this time the students didn’t know if it was a student or faculty member that passed. And then as soon as her name was mentioned, I just felt everything drop. I was in absolute shock,” described sophomore Cynder Toman.

In the aftermath of such heartbreak, university leaders canceled classes for the remainder of the week. They also postponed extracurricular activities to give students and faculty time and space to grieve the tremendous loss.

President Thompson urged compassion and understanding during the difficult period, saying in his letter:

“This is a time that many of us have never faced, but I want you to know that we will get through it together, as a family… People grieve differently, in different ways and at different times, and we want you to know that we respect that.”

Remembering Dr. St. John’s Legacy

While the Kansas Wesleyan community continues to mourn Dr. St. John’s passing, many have also looked for ways to honor her memory and reflect on her lasting impact.

The outpouring of tributes on social media and in conversations around campus highlight just how special she was to students and coworkers alike.

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“I mean just walking past someone I’ve only talked to once, they reached out and said, ‘Hey are you okay? How are you doing?’ People have just been pulling in for hugs, checking in on everyone, so, I think for the future this will bring this community just a whole lot closer,” remarked senior Aubreigh Heck.

Others said Dr. St. John would be remembered for her compassion, good humor and dedication to bringing out the best in every student.

“She will be remembered as someone who was kind and caring,” said Stanislaw.

President Thompson called upon the university community to mourn and celebrate Dr. St. John’s life together.

“This is a time for us to process Dr. St. John’s passing as a community, to grieve together, and to honor her life and legacy,” he stated.

Resources like counseling have been made available to help students and faculty cope with the immense grief. But the loss of someone who meant so much is sure to leave a lasting mark on Kansas Wesleyan.

While the exact circumstances around Dr. St. John’s tragic death remain uncertain, the mourning community is committed to honoring her memory. Her passion and commitment to education will continue to inspire students at Kansas Wesleyan and beyond for years to come.

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