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For the Romantically Disinclined, Anti-Valentine’s Day Provides an Offbeat Alternative

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It’s that time of year again – aisles stocked full of chocolate, roses sold by the dozen, and restaurants booked solid for weeks. Valentine’s Day brings joy to many, but for single people, it can provoke reactions ranging from mild annoyance to vehement disdain. However, take heart all you anti-Valentine’s advocates – there are more and more ways to revel in the February 14th festivities while flying solo or partner-free.

Across the country, Anti-Valentine’s Day celebrations are gaining popularity among the romantically disinclined. The events provide a tongue-in-cheek outlet for singles, the broken-hearted, cynics, and anyone not feeling the warm fuzzies to commemorate the holiday in their own unique way.

Shed traditional Valentine’s rituals and partake in anti-Valentine’s revelry designed for the spirit of satire and good-humored spite. Whether attending a dedicated anti-Valentine’s event, or devising creative activities at home, there are plenty of options to indulge your inner anti-Cupid this February 14th.

Go All Out at an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

For the ultimate anti-Valentine’s experience, attend one of the dedicated parties or events now taking place annually around Valentine’s Day in major cities. Nightclubs, bars, and various venues host these singles-focused soirees with names like “Anti-Valentine’s Day Massacre” and mantras like “Stand together in your solitude.”

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Expect decor with black and red color schemes, irreverent entertainment, cynically-themed cocktails and menus, and attendees united in their gleeful disdain for the romantic holiday. Attendees usually dress according to the event’s themes, with black attire and dark humor prevailing.

The Anti-Valentine’s Day Massacre in New York City provides a raucous outlet for the sardonic side of singles, with burlesque shows, horror movie screenings, offensive bingo games, and outrageous drag queen performances. Meanwhile on the west coast, the San Francisco Dungeon holds an Anti-Valentine’s Day party inviting guests to literally smash their feelings away.

Can’t make it to one of these blowout bashes? Check Eventbrite and Facebook for more local anti-Valentine’s Day events in your area this February 14th.

Host Your Own Anti-Valentine’s Party

Not keen to battle crowds at a public party? Then gather your closest cynic friends and throw your own intimate anti-Valentine’s Day gathering.

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Make it a potluck dinner with attendees bringing bitterly-themed foods like “Bleeding Heart” red velvet cake, “Break-Up” black licorice, or “Singled Out” pigs-in-a-blanket. Name cocktails after infamous Hollywood break-ups like “Brad and Angelina’s Split” or “Kim and Kris’ Divorce.

Round up objects that remind you of exes or bad dates and bring them for a ceremonious group smashing or shredding. Provide DIY dartboards with pictures of exes or celebrity couples to channel break-up angst. Screen anti-romantic movies like War of the Roses or The First Wives Club. Simply venting about romantic frustrations works too!

The decor can feature black balloons and banners with sayings like “Love Stinks” or “Singles Awareness Day.” And make sure to take some cringey anti-Valentine’s photos all dressed in black complete with frowns and middle fingers.

Do Anti-Valentine’s Day Your Way

If even an anti-Valentine’s party seems too much, there are smaller ways to mark the holiday solo.

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Treat yourself to a spa day and get a massage, facial, or other indulgent treatment. Check out a boxing or rage room and physically work out your relationship aggression. Get together with other single friends for a comforting meal out followed by cozy PJs and your favorite cocktails at home.

Or lean into doing all the things you love that past partners never wanted to do with you. Have that horror movie marathon, cook a meal just for yourself, go to the museum exhibit you’ve been wanting to see, or have the whole bed to yourself to starfish sleep.

Single or not, Valentine’s Day belongs to anyone who wants to celebrate love, and that includes self-love. So pamper and treat yourself to anything that brings you joy. After all, you are your longest relationship.

However you choose to commemorate Valentine’s Day without a romantic partner, the point is to make February 14th your own. Have fun with it by dreaming up irreverent anti-Valentine’s Day activities tailored just for you.

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