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The Guilty Verdict That Shocked LA’s Elite: Rebecca Grossman Convicted in Crash That Killed 2 Young Brothers

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In a case that has captivated and shocked Los Angeles’ elite circles, socialite Rebecca Grossman was found guilty on Friday of second-degree murder for a 2020 crash in Westlake Village that killed two young brothers, ages 8 and 11.

The high-profile case centered around a horrific crash that occurred on September 29, 2020 in the upscale Southern California suburb. According to prosecutors, Grossman had been out drinking with her then-boyfriend, former Major League Baseball player Scott Erickson, at a Westlake Village restaurant earlier that evening.

Around 7:10 pm, Grossman got behind the wheel of her Mercedes SUV to drive home, despite being allegedly impaired. Witnesses reported seeing her speeding and driving erratically along Triunfo Canyon Road. She was estimated to have been traveling over 80 mph in a 45 mph zone when she plowed into a marked crosswalk near the intersection of Triunfo Canyon and Saddle Mountain Drive.

In the crosswalk were the Iskander family, who were walking home after a trip to the store to pick up some snacks. The family of six–parents Nancy and Karim and their four children–were halfway across the residential street when disaster struck.

Hearing a vehicle approaching at high speed, Nancy and Karim instinctively reached out to protect their two youngest sons, 11-year-old Mark and 8-year-old Jacob, who were lagging behind. But the two boys were too far out in the intersection. Grossman’s speeding Mercedes violently struck Mark and Jacob at full force.

Mark suffered catastrophic injuries and was killed instantly under the wheels of Grossman’s SUV. Jacob was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his traumatic injuries later that night. Nancy, Karim, and their two older children were unharmed physically but left emotionally shattered at the devastating loss of Mark and Jacob.

In the aftermath of the deadly crash, Grossman allegedly did not stop or call for help. Her damaged Mercedes SUV continued barreling down Triunfo Canyon Road for almost a quarter mile before the engine cut out. Witnesses reported seeing sparks flying from the undercarriage as it scraped along the roadway.

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Prosecutors portrayed Grossman’s actions as a callous attempt to flee the horrific scene of the crash. But her defense team tried to shift blame to Erickson, claiming with no evidence that he was driving a black SUV that initially struck the boys before Grossman came through the intersection.

But after a grueling two-week trial and nine hours of deliberation, the jury decisively rejected this far-fetched theory. Over two dozen witnesses testified, including crash scene investigators, automotive experts, and eyewitnesses. The evidence overwhelmingly showed Grossman’s Mercedes was solely responsible for mowing down Mark and Jacob in the crosswalk.

Grossman was ultimately found guilty on all charges: two counts of second-degree murder and two counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, as well as hit-and-run resulting in death.

The conviction represents a shocking downfall for Grossman, who was a pillar of LA high society due to her philanthropic work with the Grossman Burn Foundation. She and her physician husband Dr. Peter Grossman founded the heralded burn treatment center in 1997 in honor of his pioneering work as a burn surgeon. The Grossman Burn Centers became world-renowned for their cutting-edge techniques in burn wound care and rehabilitation.

With her elegant looks, designer clothes, and opulent lifestyle, Rebecca Grossman became a glamorous fixture on LA’s charity gala circuit. All while enjoying being married to a highly successful surgeon and living in a $16 million mansion in Westlake Village, one of California’s most affluent communities.

But her lavish lifestyle and privileged perch came crashing down over the course of her headline-grabbing trial. Grossman now faces up to 34 years to life in state prison at her sentencing on April 10. Her legal team plans to appeal the verdict.

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Outside the courthouse, the victims’ parents expressed gratitude for the verdict. Mark and Jacob’s mother Nancy Iskander said she bears no hatred for Grossman, only sadness at the needless loss of her two beautiful boys.

The grieving mother praised the prosecutor’s diligent work and said the verdict shows that the justice system holds all people equally accountable, regardless of wealth or status.

“We’re trusting the justice system,” Iskander told reporters. “We have a justice system you can trust, from our experience. It’s not a justice system where people get away with things based on the color of their skin or their wealth or anything. If you commit a crime, you will be held accountable, so we’re very thankful.”

Mark and Jacob’s father Karim Iskander also expressed bittersweet relief at the trial outcome. “We have been waiting for Mrs. Grossman to apologize, to take responsibility and she just chose to fight to the end and it was heartbreaking,” he said.

“It allows me to just move on and heal and not allow any hatred or any loss of peace to affect how I feel,” Karim added. “I hope everyone heals, everyone learns from this experience, including everyone involved from all sides and hopefully this saves lives, saves other kids in the future.”

With Grossman’s conviction, the Iskander family says they can finally begin to heal and find closure after their devastating loss. Their faith in the system has been restored; now they plan to honor Mark and Jacob by promoting traffic safety reforms and finding other ways to do good in the community.

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This high-profile case sent shockwaves through elite circles in LA and captured headlines across the nation. The senseless loss of two innocent young lives cut short remains tragic. Yet perhaps some solace can be found in this outcome showing that justice is blind.

When a dangerous decision behind the wheel leads to deadly consequences, no amount of money, celebrity, or privilege can sway the judicial process. Mark and Jacob’s lives were treated with equal value under the law despite coming from a modest background. The justice system leveled the playing field against a far wealthier defendant.

Rebecca Grossman’s lavish lifestyle could not shield her from facing serious criminal charges for her reckless actions that fateful September night. Her high-priced legal team could not pin the blame on someone else, even though Erickson’s involvement was conspicuously absent from the trial.

Ultimately, Grossman was held fully accountable by an impartial jury that focused solely on the evidence. Two beloved children lost their lives in a senseless act of negligence. No family connections or donations to noble causes could justify Grossman unfairly evading punishment.

This case underscores how justice should be dispensed: blindly, without favoring the powerful. By convicting this prominent socialite of murder, the system fulfilled its duty to seek fairness for all victims equally under the law. Regardless of whether the accused is rich or poor, famous or unknown.

The tragic crash that claimed Mark and Jacob’s lives will forever haunt their loved ones and community. But hopefully this small measure of justice can provide some comfort as their family attempts to move forward and heal. And stands as reassurance that no one is above the law, even the elite.

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