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Palace Remains Silent on Kate Middleton While Prince William Carries On

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As speculation continues to swirl about Kate Middleton’s health, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have remained tight-lipped, only stating that the Princess of Wales is “doing well” in her recovery from recent surgery. Meanwhile, Prince William has carried on with his royal duties, making public appearances across the UK this week.

On March 1st, Prince William traveled to Wales to celebrate St. David’s Day, while his wife Kate stayed home to rest and recover. The Prince’s first stop was Wrexham AFC football club, where he met with owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds. William and McElhenney shared a pint behind the bar at the club’s local pub. The Prince also visited a primary school in Wrexham, receiving Welsh gifts and flowers for Kate and their three children.

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Despite rampant speculation online about Kate’s health and absence from royal duties, Prince William did not publicly address his wife’s condition during his Wales visit. This aligns with previous statements from Kensington Palace that they will only provide “significant updates” on Kate’s recovery progress.

Earlier in the week, on February 28th, William visited Liverpool, again without Kate by his side. During a tour of the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital, the Prince commented that he was “delighted to be back in Liverpool” but did not mention his wife.

Kate has been recovering from abdominal surgery at the family’s country home, Anmer Hall, since early January. She made her first public appearance of the year on February 12th, joining William and the royal family for church services honoring the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, the Princess of Wales has not carried out any solo engagements or duties since her operation.

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While Kate rests, William has continued fulfilling royal obligations across the UK, visiting Wales, Liverpool, and Scotland over the past week. The Prince and Princess typically attend events together, so William attending solo has fueled speculation about Kate’s health. However, the Palace has not provided any substantive update.

Last week, a Kensington Palace spokesperson told reporters “the Princess is making good progress” and reiterated she is “doing well.” But no further details were given about Kate’s recovery or potential timeline for returning to royal duties.

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As the Palace remains silent on Kate’s condition, royal watchers continue scrutinizing Prince William’s body language and comments for any clue into how the Princess is faring. But William has kept focus strictly on the various charities and communities he is visiting, sharing no new information about his wife.

While there is immense public interest in Kate’s health status, the royal family is keeping details private during this sensitive time. With William carrying on solo, the Palace appears determined to minimize disruption to royal duties while the Princess of Wales fully recovers out of the public eye. They seem prepared to provide substantive updates only when there is major news to share on Kate’s improving health.



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