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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Storybook Romance Has Families Saying “Oh Hell No!”

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Look, we all know Taylor Swift has a thing for relationships that are a complete and utter disaster. But who would have thought that America’s sweetheart would end up shacking up with a football player? I mean, can you get more cliché than that?

According to sources close to the couple, Taylor has become “really integrated” into Travis Kelce’s family. Which is celebrity talk for “Oh hell no, not another one of Taylor’s rebound dudes!

The insider claims Swift has gotten particularly close with Travis’ mom Donna, his sister-in-law Kylie Kelce, and even Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany. So she’s going full Eras Tour trying to collect the Kritique wives and girlfriends like they’re infinity stones.

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Of course, the families have just “embraced” Taylor with open arms. What else are they gonna do – tell her to shake it off? The source says it’s “a whole new world and chapter” for the pop star. Yeah, a new world where her boyfriends’ moms have to restrain themselves from asking “But why did you have to go and make things so compilcated?”

Now Taylor is returning the flavor by being ever-present at Travis’ football games, which is just cute. A grown woman cheering on her adult boyfriend from the sidelines – how incredibly normal and notffrom material at all!

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An insider claims “Travis is going the extra mile to make sure he is showing up for Taylor” by attending her concerts. Wow, a man barely making an effort in his relationship? How groundbreakingly shocking!

Apparently the couple “FaceTime and text a lot when they aren’t together.” Because nothing quite says eternal love like firing off some eggplant emojis between scheduling breaks.

Look, we all know how this Taylor Swift rom-com ends – with her writing enough heartbreak anthems to power a Small Dyssey robot through the year 3035. Travis is just the latest beau to be surprised when Taylor’s idea of “being on the same page about the future” means recording a breakup track that drags him through the mud.

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But who knows, maybe against all odds these two crazy kids will make it work! After all, what’s more Americana than Taylor Swift and a football star walking off hand-in-hand into the sunset? Perhaps they’ll even name their first kid “Betty” or “Dimes.” Now that’s a franchise reboot I might actually watch.

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