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“The Idea of You” Trailer: Anne Hathaway Embarks on Whirlwind Romance with Young Pop Star

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Anne Hathaway’s Steamy New Romance Drama “The Idea of You” Fulfills Every Boyband Fantasy

Get ready for Anne Hathaway like you’ve never seen her before. The Oscar-winning actress is shedding her good-girl image and embodying every music fan’s wildest dream in her sizzling new movie “The Idea of You.”

Based on the bestselling novel by Robinne Lee, the film follows Solene (Hathaway), a divorced 40-year-old mom who falls for the lead singer of the world’s biggest boyband while chaperoning her teenage daughter at Coachella. At 24 years old, Hayes Campbell (played by Nicholas Galitzine) is not just absurdly wealthy and famous – he’s also 16 years her junior.

But despite the obstacles of age, scandal, and mega-stardom standing in their way, Solene and Hayes defy all odds and embark on a passionate, whirlwind romance that would make even the most devoted boyband stalkers blush. After a chance backstage meeting at the music festival, the pair’s magnetic chemistry ignites a love affair full of paparazzi, private jets, and very public displays of affection.

The first trailer for the Amazon Prime film dropped in March, giving fans a steamy preview of what’s to come. It opens in classic boyband fantasy fashion – Solene accidentally stumbles into Hayes’ trailer, flustered but transfixed by the shirtless pop idol. He’s immediately entranced by the older woman’s beauty and sophistication.

That night, Hayes showers Solene with adoration, serenading her alone on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. It’s the start of an intensely physical courtship, filled with desperate kisses in the rain, hotel room trysts, and of course, the customary shirtless beach scene that every boyband romance requires.

“The trailer really captures the addictive, obsessive nature of their relationship,” said director Michael Showalter. “There’s this electricity between them from the minute they connect. They can’t get enough of each other.”

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Watch ‘The Idea of You’ trailer

While the premise may sound like pure fantasy, “The Idea of You” was actually inspired by the real-life romance of former One Direction singer Harry Styles, who became known for dating older women like Taylor Swift and Olivia Wilde in the wake of his boyband fame.

“When I first read Robinne’s book, I was blown away by how visceral and intoxicating Solene’s desires felt,” Hathaway told reporters. “As a fortysomething woman, it’s incredibly validating to play a character who isn’t shamed for her sexuality, but instead embraces it unapologetically.”

Indeed, the 41-year-old actress fully commits to Solene’s love-struck infatuation in the film. Hathaway is shown frequently nude or scantily clad, never shying away from the intimate sex scenes that make the romance so palpable. It’s a raw, revealing performance from the acclaimed star.

“Anne Strip Hathaway Down To Her Truth,” blared the headline of a recent Vanity Fair cover story on the film. The article declares that after years of playing relatively chaste roles in family films, Hathaway is finally allowing herself to be seen as a mature, multi-faceted woman through “The Idea of You.”

For so long, I was put in this box of wholesomeness and propriety because of roles like Princess Diaries,” she reflected. “But like all humans, I contain multitudes. I’m a mother, an activist, a prude, a nun…and yes, sometimes I’m an absolute freaky-deaky.”

Hathaway’s daring work in “The Idea of You” arrives at an interesting intersection of her career. After winning an Oscar for “Les Misérables” over a decade ago, the actress went through a bit of a commercial lull, starring in a string of underperforming films. She took a deliberate step back from Hollywood to start a family.

But in recent years, Hathaway has reemerged as a more dynamic, complexity-craving performer. Her role in last year’s psychologicalthriller “Eileen” earned rave reviews, with critics hailing her as “someone who can command the screen with a look.” Now she’s carrying that same magnetic presence into her work on “The Idea of You.”

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Of course, the novelty factor of seeing the eternally youthful Hathaway play a middle-aged, sexually liberated womanlusting after a boyband heartthrob has been a key selling point of the film’s marketing. Cheeky promotional taglines like “Mom’s night out just got a whole lot hotter” and “What happens at Coachella, doesn’t stay at Coachella” hint at the movie’s naughty, escapist appeal.

But under Showalter’s direction, “The Idea of You” aims to be more than just a slightly dirty twist on a rom-com fantasy. The film explores heavier themes surrounding image obsession, power dynamics in relationships, and the psychological toll of fame. Despite her blinding infatuation with Hayes, Solene is forced to grapple with the reality of dating someone who is perpetually idolized, with millions of fans scrutinizing their every move.

“There’s definitely a darker undercurrent to the story,” said co-writer Jennifer Westfeldt. “Solene goes through the wringer emotionally as she’s pulled into this manufactured celebrity bubble that’s the opposite of her grounded, unglamorous life.”

Galitzine, the 28-year-old British actor and musician who plays Hayes, went through an intense preparation process to authentically portray a world-famous rockstar. He spent months working with voice coaches, choreographers, and industry insiders to capture the toxic trappings of celebrity culture.

“Playing a public figure on that level, where you’re literally stalked by millions of people obsessed with your every move, it does really mess with your head,” Galitzine explained. “Hayes definitely struggles with feelings of loneliness and emptiness, despite having secured the life that everyone dreams of.”

The dark shades of fame’s fickle nature provide compelling contrasts to the film’s lighter, romantic moments. One particularly heart-wrenching scene sees Hayes lashing out in private after being swarmed by overzealous fans, only to then turn around and plaster on his signature smoldering smile for the cameras minutes later.

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“The idea you buy into when you’re idolizing that kind of celebrity doesn’t match the reality,” Galitzine said. “There’s a sadness behind the scenes that we wanted to expose truthfully.”

So while “The Idea of You” will certainly deliver the glossy, wish-fulfillment fantasy its premise promises, the movie doesn’t shy away from examining celebrity’s uglier side as well. It’s an intriguing combination that makes for a refreshingly unvarnished look at fame through the lens of a relatable middle-aged lead.

Of course, any mention of Harry Styles these days is bound to draw obsessive interest from his rabid fanbase. The film has already sparked heated online discourse and divisive fan reactions, with some accusing it of crassly exploiting real people’s lives for commercial gain.

Showalter dismissed those criticisms, insisting that “The Idea of You” is a fully fictionalized work only loosely inspired by public figures as a starting point. “This is very much Anne and Nick’s story,” he stated. “We’re not trying to do an embarrassing, ripped-from-the-headlines docudrama here.”

Whether it ultimately manages to rise above salacious novelty or not, there’s no denying “The Idea of You” has tapped into our cultural obsession with young male celebrities in a fascinating way. The film cleverly flips the script on the classically predatory “older male star seduces an ingenue” trope that’s so prevalent in the industry. Now the older woman gets to be the aggressor embracing her desires.

It’s a tantalizing role reversal that’s sure to make “The Idea of You” a conversation-starting, watercooler movie event. With its powerhouse lead carrying an otherwise fun romp, this erotic May release has all the makings of a campy summer hit that speaks to the inner boyband fanatic in us all.

“The Idea of You” starts streaming on Prime Video on May 2.

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