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Missing Virginia Mom Found Dead in Trash Truck After Failing to Pick Up Child

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Woodbridge, VA – In a heartbreaking case that has shocked the local community, the body of 30-year-old Taty’ana Cooks was discovered inside a trash collection truck on Friday. The grim finding came after the young mother failed to pick up her child from daycare the previous day, raising immediate alarms with her family.

“It was extremely out of character for Taty’ana to not show up for her child,” said Lt. Jonathan Perok of the Prince William County Police Department. “As a mother, she was incredibly devoted, so her loved ones knew something must be terribly wrong when she didn’t arrive as scheduled.”

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Acting on these urgent concerns, Cooks’ relatives quickly reported her disappearance to authorities on Thursday evening. Their swift action proved crucial, as police were able to track down and search the trash truck before its gruesome contents were compressed and disposed of.

“We cannot stress enough how important it is to report a missing person right away, as every minute counts,” Lt. Perok stated. “There is no 24-hour waiting period in Virginia. The sooner we can begin an investigation, the better chance we have of achieving a positive outcome.”

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An examination of Cooks’ apartment provided additional worrying signs, as all her personal belongings had been left behind. Evidence recovered from the scene eventually led detectives to a dumpster near her residence, though the trash had already been collected by that point.

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Utilizing location data, officers were able to intercept the truck carrying Cooks’ remains in Newport News. 28-year-old Brendon Devon White was arrested nearby driving the victim’s car and now faces murder charges in her death.

As the community mourns this tragic loss, the case serves as a sobering reminder of the need for vigilance and quick action when a loved one goes missing under abnormal circumstances. A mother’s life was senselessly cut short, leaving a child without her care.

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