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Megan Fox bares it all, reveals plastic surgeries undergone for nose, breasts

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Megan Fox, the Hollywood actress known for her roles in films like Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, recently opened up about the plastic surgery procedures she has undergone in a refreshingly honest conversation on the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alex Cooper.

In an industry where cosmetic enhancements are often shrouded in secrecy, Fox’s transparency stood out as a rarity. She expressed her wish for more women to be upfront about the work they’ve had done, citing the unfair scrutiny that even those who have been open about their procedures, like Kylie Jenner, continue to face.

“I still won’t win because there are some girls who have been who have been transparent…I don’t want to like bring people in… but someone like a Kylie has been very transparent. That is not helping her people or women are still brutally dragging her just the same. And totally undeserved. She’s a beautiful, healthy, young, gorgeous girl,” Fox said, defending Jenner against the relentless criticism she receives.

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Fox expressed a sense of protectiveness toward other women navigating the intense public scrutiny surrounding their appearances, a sentiment that likely resonates with many in the spotlight.

The Cosmetic Procedures Fox Has Had Done

After acknowledging the uphill battle for acceptance, even when being transparent, Fox proceeded to detail the procedures she has undergone herself.

Breast Augmentation: Fox revealed that she first had breast implants at the age of 21 or 22, and then had them redone after breastfeeding her children, as the initial implants had shifted and become visible through her lean frame.

Rhinoplasty: The actress admitted to having a nose job in her early 20s, dismissing rumors that she has had multiple rhinoplasties over the years. “I haven’t had a rhinoplasty since I was I’m gonna say 23 It’s been well over a decade. I haven’t I’ve not touched my nose since then,” she clarified.

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Procedures She Hasn’t Had Done

In addition to disclosing the surgeries she has had, Fox was equally forthcoming about the procedures she has not undergone, debunking numerous rumors that have circulated over the years.

No Facelifts: Fox stated that she has never had any kind of facelift, including mid-facelifts, lateral brow lifts, or regular brow lifts, although she admitted to being interested in the latter.

No Threads or Fillers: The actress revealed that she has not tried thread lifts or fillers, not due to moral objections, but because she questions their efficacy and fears potential interference with future procedures.

No Body Contouring: Fox dismissed speculation about buccal fat removal or liposuction, attributing her lean physique to her natural build.

A Refreshing Dose of Honesty

In an industry that often perpetuates unrealistic beauty standards and encourages secrecy surrounding cosmetic enhancements, Megan Fox’s candid revelations serve as a refreshing dose of honesty. Her willingness to openly discuss her procedures not only challenges the stigma surrounding plastic surgery but also sets an example for others to embrace transparency.

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By shedding light on the realities of her own experiences, Fox contributes to a broader conversation about the pressures faced by women in the public eye and the importance of self-acceptance. Her candor reminds us that even those who seemingly embody conventional beauty standards may have undergone their own journeys, and that open dialogue can foster greater understanding and empathy.

As the discourse around body image and beauty standards continues to evolve, voices like Megan Fox’s serve as a powerful reminder that honesty and authenticity can pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting society.

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