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6 US Citizens Among Cruise Passengers ‘Abandoned’ on African Island, Allege Captain Refused to Let Them Re-board

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In a harrowing ordeal, a group of cruise ship passengers found themselves stranded on the Central African island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe after their vessel, operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, departed without them.

Among the abandoned travelers are six Americans, including a pregnant woman and an elderly man suffering from a heart condition. They recount a nightmarish experience of being left behind with little money, scant medication, and a dwindling hope of rejoining the cruise before its conclusion.

The Ill-Fated Shore Excursion

The trouble began during a shore excursion on São Tomé, one of the stops on the cruise’s African itinerary. Jill and Jay Campbell of South Carolina were among the unlucky passengers who missed the “all-aboard” deadline to reboard the ship after their tour ran dismally late.

“There was an issue with our tour, and the guide didn’t get us back to the ship on time,” Jill Campbell explained. As the scheduled departure grew perilously close, the tour operator assured the frantic group they could make it back within an hour and notified the captain of the delay.

However, when the passengers finally arrived at the port, the ship was still anchored offshore. The local coast guard ferried them in a small boat, but the captain refused to allow them to reboard, leaving them stranded on the island.

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“The captain could have easily turned a tender boat around to pick us up safely,” Jay Campbell lamented. “They had no other port for the next day – they were simply going to be at sea.”

Dire Circumstances for the Abandoned

In addition to the Campbells, the abandoned group includes a married couple from Delaware, a paraplegic passenger, and the elderly man with the heart condition. While they have their cabin belongings like travel documents and some medication, their resources are quickly dwindling.

The Campbells were the only ones with a Visa card, which they’ve had to use to cover over $5,000 in expenses for food, toiletries, and hotel stays for the entire group so far.

Norwegian Cruise Line has stated the passengers are “responsible for any necessary travel costs to rejoin the ship at the next available port of call.” The group had planned to fly to Gambia and meet the cruise at its next stop, but that plan hit a snag.

An Arduous Journey Ahead

After a 15-hour travel odyssey through six countries on Easter Sunday, the stranded passengers made it to the port city of Dakar, Senegal – where the cruise is set to dock next. However, getting there was only half the battle.

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“We have to cross the ferry to get into Senegal,” Jay Campbell explained. “We just learned the ferry wasn’t working, so we’ll have to take a small boat, then pick up a car on the other side for a four-hour drive.”

The situation is particularly concerning for the pregnant woman and the elderly passenger requiring medication. Despite the difficulties, the Campbells remain resolute. “We paid a lot for this trip to Africa, so we hope to make it through and end in Spain,” Jay stated.

Norwegian’s Responsibility Questioned

While Norwegian states the passengers missed the “all-aboard time” and were stranded “on their own or with a private tour,” the Campbells insist the cruise line shares culpability.

“Guests are responsible for ensuring they return on time,” a spokesperson said, adding that departure times are “communicated broadly.” However, the Campbells argue if the captain had waited briefly or sent a boat, the entire debacle could have been avoided.

The crisis has raised questions about cruise lines’ responsibility to passengers who miss the ship due to factors like delayed tours or miscommunication. Should there be more flexibility and safety nets, or do passengers ultimately bear full risk?

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An industry expert weighs in: “While passengers need to be conscious of cruise schedules, the companies also have a duty of care,” said maritime lawyer Michael Winkleman. “In this case with identified delays, negligence could be argued if passengers were utterly abandoned in an emergency situation with limited resources.”

A Story of Survival

As the stranded group continues their mission to reunite with the cruise by any means possible, their harrowing tale has captivated audiences around the world. It’s a striking reminder that what should be a dream vacation can quickly devolve into a struggle for survival when things go awry.

For the Campbells and their fellow abandoned passengers, the priorities are clear: secure transportation to the next port, ensure the pregnant woman and ill passenger receive proper care, and ultimately make it to the final destination of Spain as planned.

Whether Norwegian Cruise Line will take more accountability or offer greater assistance remains to be seen. But one thing is certain – this is an odyssey the stranded passengers will never forget, and their story will be retold as a cautionary tale about the risks of modern cruise travel.

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