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Will the Princess of Wales Defy Custom for Prince Louis’ 6th Birthday?

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As the calendar turns towards late April, royal watchers around the world are abuzz with anticipation over how the Prince and Princess of Wales will mark their youngest son Prince Louis’ 6th birthday on the 23rd. The birth of each of the Wales’ three children – Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte – has been celebrated in recent years with the release of an official new portrait captured by the talented amateur photographer Princess Kate herself. However, nagging questions linger over whether this family tradition will continue in 2024 after recent controversies.

Every April 23rd since Louis’ birth in 2018, the royal couple have publicly unveiled a new photo highlighting the birthday boy’s latest milestone. These have ranged from solo portraits of the young Prince to adorable family group shots. Kate’s own hand is clearly visible, as the artistic neophyte mother has taken great pride in personally documenting her children’s growth through her camera lens year after year.

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But the warm feelings generated by these annual glimpses into the Cambridge family album were tarnished in March by allegations of photo manipulation. After the Princess shared a portrait commemorating Mother’s Day in the UK featuring herself surrounded by her three kids, eagle-eyed observers quickly raised concerns that the image may have been digitally edited or airbrushed using software like Photoshop.

Despite Kate’s team denying anything untoward, the ensuing swirl of negative publicity led several major press agencies like Getty Images to scrub the picture from their libraries, citing evidence discovered in the file’s metadata suggesting it had been altered. In an unusual candid admission, a social media statement signed only with her initial “C” confirmed the Princess of Wales does occasionally experiment with editing her photographs.

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The incident marked a regrettable rupture in the openness and authenticity the Waleses have cultivated as part of their public image of relatability. Accusations of potential deception, even if unintentional, dog royal families already viewed by some as out-of-touch. As one veteran public relations expert bluntly assessed, the situation proved “damning” to the Windsor brand.

So will the Princess take the prudent path and enlist a professional this year to photograph Prince Louis? Insiders suggest the matter remains undecided, but indicate the couple values providing the public these annual birthday keepsakes despite any missteps. Perhaps erring on the side of full transparency by utilizing a renowned portrait artist could help restore some luster to the tradition.

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Only time will tell if Kate emerges with camera-in-hand on April 23rd as expected. But one certainty is that royal observers will scrutinize this year’s images even more intensely for any hints of embellishment. The wise move would be to embrace an unvarnished reality, however imperfect, over any airbrushed idealism when celebrating young Prince Louis’ personal milestone and the family’s enduring public bond.



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