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Biden Slams Netanyahu’s Gaza Strategy: A Critical Mistake?

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In a candid rebuke of Israel’s handling of the Gaza conflict, President Joe Biden sharply criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s military approach, labeling it “a mistake” that he disagrees with. The comments, aired late Tuesday on Univision, signal a widening rift between the United States and its longstanding ally as the war grinds on.

Biden’s tough stance marks a notable shift from his previous staunch support for Israel’s offensive against Hamas militants in Gaza. The escalating tension follows an Israeli airstrike that tragically killed seven workers from the international food charity World Central Kitchen, most of them foreigners providing humanitarian aid.

“What he’s doing is a mistake. I don’t agree with his approach,” Biden said bluntly when asked if Netanyahu was prioritizing his own political survival over Israel’s national interest. The President’s words carry significant weight, coming from one of Israel’s most outspoken supporters.

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The Gaza conflict has precipitated a dire humanitarian crisis, with severe food insecurity, displacement of civilians, and urgent warnings of famine from aid groups. Israel claims it is increasing aid deliveries, but organizations on the ground have criticized the slow distribution due to logistical hurdles and security fears exacerbated by the killing of World Central Kitchen staff.

In a rare admission, Netanyahu acknowledged Israeli forces “unintentionally” struck the aid workers in the airstrike, saying “it happens in war.” However, he pledged a full investigation to prevent future incidents, stating, “We are in contact with the governments, and we will do everything so that this thing does not happen again.”

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The deadly strike on humanitarian personnel prompted outrage from Washington and warnings of a sharp U.S. policy shift regarding Israel’s Gaza operations. In an apparent bid to ease tensions, Israel subsequently announced it would allow “temporary” aid deliveries into famine-threatened areas of northern Gaza – a move Biden suggested was made at his request.

“I asked them to do what they’re doing,” the President told Univision.

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The tragic loss of civilian aid workers has cast a harsh spotlight on the escalating humanitarian toll of the conflict. With Biden now directly rebuking Netanyahu’s approach as misguided, pressure is mounting for Israel to alter its military strategy or risk further fracturing its pivotal alliance with the United States.

As the Gaza war persists with no clear end in sight, the Biden administration finds itself increasingly at odds with Netanyahu over tactics that have devastated civilian populations. The President’s blunt assessment that Israel’s current course is “a mistake” signals American resolution may be waning in the face of mounting bloodshed.



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