Florida Teen, 17, Dies Alone from Gunshot Wound, Allegedly Abandoned by Friends

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Sanford, FL – A night that began like any other took an unimaginable turn into utter depravity when 17-year-old Sadarion Cosby was callously gunned down, his life snuffed out in a senseless act of violence. As the stunned Sanford community grapples with this tragedy, a chorus of outrage rings out over the reprehensible actions of those who should have been trusted companions.

The harrowing events unfolded around 8 p.m. on Tuesday when Cosby, accompanied by three individuals misleadingly referred to as “friends,” approached a parked vehicle near the intersection of Ellen Place and Scott Drive. Without warning or provocation, the occupant of the car unleashed a hail of gunfire, a bullet tearing through Cosby’s abdomen.

In a display of unconscionable cowardice, two of Cosby’s so-called friends joined the suspected shooter in fleeing the scene, leaving the gravely wounded teen to bleed out on the unforgiving pavement. The third individual initially transported Cosby to a nearby home before also deserting him, choosing self-preservation over human decency.

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It was the shocked occupants of that residence who ultimately rushed the dying boy to the hospital, but their valiant efforts proved too late to save his life. Cosby tragically succumbed to his injuries, his bright future snuffed out by a bullet and the repugnant betrayal of those he should have been able to trust.

“A seventeen-year-old lost his life. His ‘friends’, and I use that term loosely, ran rather than staying and helping him,” roared Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith, his fury palpable. “They didn’t help him get the emergency medical attention he needed, nor stay to assist law enforcement identify and locate the person(s) who took his life. Unacceptable.”

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As the investigation intensifies, a communal outrage has gripped Sanford, with residents and officials alike demanding that those responsible for this heinous act face the full, uncompromising force of justice. The police have issued an impassioned plea for any witnesses to come forward, their cooperation instrumental in unraveling the truth behind this sickening crime.

In the wake of this tragedy, profound questions linger – questions about the motives of the shooter, the despicable calculus that allowed Cosby’s companions to abandon him so callously, and the deeper societal ills that continue to fuel such acts of violence. The Sanford community remains resolute, vowing that this senseless loss of life will not be in vain, a defiant stand against the apathy and inhumanity that mercilessly extinguished one of its precious souls.

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As loved ones prepare to bid farewell to Sadarion Cosby, a young man whose promise was brutally cut short, the city he called home rallies together, united in their shared anguish and an unshakable determination to demand accountability, seek justice, and ensure that no family endures such an unconscionable tragedy again.



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