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Tax Probler Turned Tax Dodger? Veteran IRS Agent Accused of 3-Year Fraud Scheme

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A heavyweight tax investigator who spent decades scrutinizing the finances of big corporations and wealthy moguls now finds the spotlight turned on her own suspect returns. Ndeye Amy Thioub, a 67-year-old Internal Revenue Service employee based in Boston, was smacked with a federal indictment alleging the former accounting professor systematically cheated on personal tax filings from 2017 through 2019.

The explosive allegations have sparked utter disbelief and scathing criticism from former IRS officials and tax policy experts. How could someone so deeply immersed in the minutiae of U.S. tax law – with responsibilities centered on sniffing out financial discrepancies and holding individuals and businesses accountable – herself be accused of blatantly cooking the books for years?

“It’s the kind of unthinkable hypocrisy that massively erodes public trust in the entire agency,” blasted one retired IRS commissioner in a scathing rebuke. “Ms. Thioub’s actions, if proven, represent a egregious dereliction of her sworn duties as a tax professional. It’s a true betrayal.”

The 14-page indictment, handed up last week by a federal grand jury in Boston, depicts a calculated and protracted effort by Thioub to fraudulently slash her tax obligations by fabricating an entirely fictitious import/export business. Over the three-year period, court documents allege Thioub claimed a staggering $90,192 in phony business losses to drastically understate her adjusted gross income.

In 2017 alone, the IRS veteran purportedly deducted $42,805 in losses tied to the alleged shell company. Dubious deductions followed in 2018 totaling $20,324 and in 2019 for $27,063 – all attributed to the made-up business that prosecutors insist had no actual operations or revenue stream whatsoever.

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If convicted on all six counts of tax evasion and filing false statements, the maximum statutory penalties Thioub could face are staggering: up to 18 years behind bars and $210,000 in potential fines. And that’s to say nothing of the career-ending shame for someone who previously commanded such high standing and trust within the IRS.

For the better part of nearly two decades, Thioub cut an esteemed profile as a consummate tax professional. In addition to her demanding role as an IRS field agent tasked with auditing labyrinthine returns of major corporations and high net worth individuals, she also moonlighted as an adjunct professor at nearby Salem State University, instructing students on accounting principles, verification practices, and ethics codes.

“It’s just so rich with irony, it’s almost comical if it wasn’t so sadly unethical,” remarked one former student of Thioub’s advanced auditing seminar. “We’re talking about someone lecturing classrooms full of impressionable young adults on the sacrosanct importance of financial transparency and full tax compliance. All while she was allegedly scamming the system for personal gain year after year.”

While the specifics of how the IRS initially identified the alleged discrepancies in Thioub’s returns remain unclear, investigators outline a paper trail depicting an increasingly brazen attempts to game the tax code through entirely made-up losses and deductions.

Whether Thioub, who could not be reached for comment, intended to use the illicit tax windfall to help finance an lavish lifestyle or was simply motivated by contemptuous greed remains an open question federal prosecutors are surely exploring.

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What is clear, however, is that the explosive case arrives amid a pronounced new crackdown by tax authorities on underpayment and evasion – particularly among ultra-wealthy Americans and big corporations who employ sophisticated accounting maneuvers to illegally shelter their income.

Just last month, the IRS revealed it was issuing over 125,000 “compliance” letters putting affluent taxpayers on notice about potential discrepancies, errors or underreported income detected in their past filings. It’s part of a concerted push by the agency to pursue those trying to circumvent their full tax obligations through evolving schemes and loopholes.

But while prosecutions of willful tax cheats are commonplace, allegations of this magnitude involving a longtime IRS employee represent an extraordinary breach.

“For an agent with Thioub’s credentials and inside knowledge of the tax enforcement process to go rogue like this, it really shows the extent of arrogance involved,” assessed Samantha Jacoby, a senior tax policy analyst with the Center for American Progress think tank. “She knew exactly what she was doing – exactly which rules and reporting requirements she was flagrantly violating.”

Jacoby notes that while the actions of a single renegade agent don’t indict the entire IRS workforce, the incident does raise troubling systemic questions about internal controls and oversight within the agency itself.

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“There needs to be a thorough review of how something like this could possibly have flown under the radar for three consecutive years,” Jacoby stated. “Enhanced safeguards, cross-checks on employee returns, rotating case assignments – any reasonable measures to prevent any future repeats of this level of misconduct.”

The harsh truth, however, is that while examples like Thioub’s case are indeed the regrettable exception rather than the norm, they pack an outsized reputational punch that bad actors and anti-tax crusaders seize on to try discrediting the entire agency.

“Of course this is an embarrassing black eye that will be mocked and weaponized by those pushing the false ‘IRS is corrupt’ narrative,” said Syracuse University tax law professor Vaughn Hedley. “But I would implore the public to keep this in perspective as seemingly an isolated violation by one incredibly unscrupulous individual.”

As Thioub awaits her trial date still to be scheduled, the proceedings are sure to be closely watched – both from those demanding full accountability, but also by those bad faith actors seeking to capitalize on anything that could help erode confidence in America’s tax administration system.

After all, as one disgusted former IRS bigwig summed it up: “Ms. Thioub’s actions appear to be a profound lapse in ethics and professional obligation. If true, it’s a complete insult to the vast majority of IRS employees who uphold the highest standards of integrity every single day.”




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