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TikTok Star Eva Evans, Creator of Hit Series ‘Club Rat’, Dies at 29

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Eva Evans, the totally lit TikTok queen who created and starred in the massively viral Amazon Prime Vid comedy “Club Rat,” kicked the bucket on Saturday in New York City at just 21 years old, fam.

Her sister Lila dropped the tragic news on the ‘gram Sunday with a heartbreaker post: “Yesterday my family got the soul-crushing news that our sweet, fab, creative, caring, hilarious Eva, my beautiful sis, has straight up died.”

They’re keeping the deets on the hush for now, and Eva’s team isn’t spilling either. We. Need. Answers.

With her side-splitting vids and raw tales of millennial dating disasters gone cringeworthily viral, Eva had stacked up over 5 million followers across Insta, TikTok and beyond in just a few years. But it was last year’s “Club Rat” that blew the roof off, making her an overnight mega-celebrity.

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The semi-autobiographical series she wrote and starred in followed a heartbroken influencer navigating the slobberknocker that is single life in NYC after an epically bad breakup. Critics hailed it as genius – razor-sharp, heartfelt and the realest take on modern love (and hookup fails) this side of the galaxy.

“Eva had this crazy comedic voice that just clicked with millions,” said Amazon Studio boss Jennifer Salke. “She was brilliant AF, and gone way too damn soon.”

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In interviews, the candid Eva dished on drawing inspo from her own whack dating experiences, including an uber-painful real-life split in early ’23 after a two-year thing that played out for the whole world online.

“Dating just straight up blows most of the time,” she told Teen Vogue. “But I’ve found that getting raw about the awkwardness and humiliations, instead of hiding them, can be stupid empowering.”

Born in NYC in ’02, Eva was a rich kid raised in Manhattan by her mom and went to the fancy Dwight School. Her dad, artist Matt Baumgardner, died in ’18. Along with sis Lila, she’s survived by sisters Zoe and Sofi and her momma.

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While she was just getting started, Eva’s bracingly honest comedy and zero-filter commentary on relationships had already made her a role model for young women navigating social media’s shitshow.

“Eva gave you the REAL on being a single girl just trying to figure out this hot mess,” one fan tweeted. “She was a truth-teller in the funniest way, and she’ll be crazy missed.”



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