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Utah’s Coconut Craze: How Dr Pepper’s Newest Soda Became the Talk of the Town

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In the beehive state of Utah, an unusual soda culture has taken root – one centered around an ingenious concoction known as the “dirty soda.” This unique beverage, typically made by blending cola with coconut syrup, has become nothing short of a local obsession, spawning an array of specialty soda shops that have mastered the art of mixing flavors in elaborate, Stanley cup-worthy combinations.

Now, one of America’s most iconic soda brands has decided to tap into this coconutty craze. Dr Pepper recently announced the launch of its new “Creamy Coconut” flavor, available in both regular and diet varieties for a limited time. This delightfully tropical twist on the classic Dr Pepper taste has sent ripples of excitement across Utah, where coconut-infused sodas have long reigned supreme as the state’s unofficial signature drink.

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“It’s a huge day for Utah,” exclaimed Tyler Monson, an executive at Method Communications, perfectly capturing the palpable enthusiasm reverberating through the local soda-loving community.

While the pairing of cherry and cola is a time-honored flavor combination that predates Utah’s coconut obsession, it is the unique amalgamation of diet cola and sugar-free coconut syrup that has truly captured the state’s affection. This healthier take on the dirty soda phenomenon resonates strongly with a population that predominantly follows a religion that discourages the consumption of coffee, tea, and alcohol, making creatively flavored sodas a welcome indulgence.

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Dr Pepper’s move to embrace the coconut craze comes hot on the heels of Coca-Cola’s brief foray into the coconut-infused market with its “Creations” line last year, which has since been discontinued according to the company’s website.

But Dr Pepper isn’t stopping at just a coconut soda – the brand has also unveiled a coconut-lime “dirty soda creamer” in partnership with Coffee Mate, further solidifying its commitment to this burgeoning flavor trend.

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As Utah’s signature soda style gains mainstream recognition, it’s clear that the state’s long-standing love affair with coconut-infused sodas is far from a passing fad. With major brands like Dr Pepper now catering to this unique taste, the humble “dirty soda” has ascended from regional curiosity to national phenomenon, leaving coconut-craving soda enthusiasts across the country thirsting for more.



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