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Huawei’s latest Pura 70 smartphones are a big hit in China, despite US chip worries

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Shenzhen, China – In a defiant salvo aimed squarely at Washington, Chinese tech titan Huawei unleashed its blazing new Pura 70 smartphone series upon ravenous crowds on April 18th. The audacious launch sparked feverish scenes across China, with legions of die-hard fans thronging Huawei stores, utterly undeterred by the specter of escalating U.S. sanctions.

The Pura 70 quartet – comprising the standard 70, the upscaled 70 Plus, the Pro variant, and the range-topping Ultra model – flaunts Huawei’s trademark flair for sleek design and cutting-edge camera wizardry. But it’s the likelihood that these svelte handsets are supercharged by advanced, China-made processors that really set tongues wagging.

Triumphant Defiance Amid the Chip War

When Huawei took the wraps off its Mate 60 Pro flagship last August, it represented a tantalizing one-fingered salute to American tech hegemony. Analysts believe the Kirin 9000S chip powering that device emerged from the furnaces of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) – China’s preeminent chip foundry.

Though still trailing Apple and Google’s finest by a few generations, the 9000S’ potency was nonetheless sufficient to bestow quasi-5G speeds upon the Mate 60 Pro, despite Huawei omitting any 5G branding lest it provoke Washington’s wrath.

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Now, with rumors swirling that the Pura 70 line packs an upgraded Kirin 9010 punch, Huawei seems poised to double down on its provocative chip self-reliance crusade. An explosive challenge that didn’t escape the Biden administration’s notice – they slapped SMIC with a probe over potential violations of U.S. export rules.

Frenzy, Frenzy Everywhere

Mere minutes after the Pura 70 series hit virtual shelves, Huawei’s online store was plundered clean – a frenetic precursor to the utter pandemonium that gripped the company’s physical outlets. From Beijing to Shanghai, delirious fans descended, choking sidewalks in fevered anticipation of clutching the latest prized Huawei artifact.

Among them was Lucas Zhuang, who swiftly put the Pura 70’s network prowess under the microscope, emerging suitably impressed. “We don’t know what chip lies within, but we believe it’ll meet our needs,” he exclaimed, basking in the communal delirium.

No sooner had the first units hit overeager palms than an unholy blitz of livestreamed teardowns flooded Chinese social media. Thousands of souls, uniting in prurient fascination, watched spellbound as the Pura 70’s electrified innards were mercilessly exposed, glimpsing what multiple reviewers hailed as the fabled Kirin 9010 silicon.

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Some even gushed that this tantalizing new chip ran cooler than its predecessor – whipped enthusiasts into a veritable lather at the prospect of increased performance.

A Soaring Phoenix

If this unbridled ardor seems bewildering to outsiders, one need only examine the seismic impact of last year’s Mate 60 Pro to grasp its logic. That device’s debut sparked a 64% year-on-year eruption in Huawei sales during the first half of 2024, even as Apple’s iPhone withered on the vines with a 24% drubbing.

“There may be shortages, but nothing like the Mate 60 launch chaos,” proclaimed Ivan Lam of Counterpoint Research, forecasting around 60 million Huawei units could ship globally this year – nearly double 2023’s haul.

Lam’s bullish outlook underscores the perception that Huawei, having surmounted America’s suffocating blacklist, is roaring back to life as a phoenix arisen from the ashes of sanctions. A comeback catalyzed by its remarkable feat of chip self-sufficiency.

The HarmonyOS Vanguard

But the defiance scarcely ends with semiconductors. In his zeal to sever every last vestige of dependence on Western tech, Huawei’s acting chief Eric Xu vowed the imminent Mate 70 series will run a “pure” build of HarmonyOS – the company’s home-baked Android alternative.

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Originally launched in 2019 as a stopgap after Uncle Sam severed Huawei’s ties to Google’s services, HarmonyOS was initially shackled to the Android ecosystem it was meant to replace. But with the Mate 70, Xu intends to cut that umbilical cord, transforming HarmonyOS into a mobile OS juggernaut capable of challenging Apple’s iOS and Google’s iron-grip on Android.

As this latest Chinese tech tornado preparers to make landfall, one thing is clear – Huawei remains locked in a battle for independence from American technological hegemony. The Pura 70, crafted from audacious Chinese chip wizardry and an ossifying distrust of Western software,represents the newest vanguard in this crusade.

How this lusty struggle ultimately unfolds could profoundly rewrite the mobile landscape. But for now, Huawei basks in its incremental triumphs, each fresh smartphone salvo sparking delirium amongst its faithful while inflaming tensions with the proponents of a unipolar tech world order.



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