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iPhone eSIM Upgrade Made Simple With Movistar, O2 Spain Quick Transfer Feature

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Barcelona, Spain – In a move to enhance customer experience, leading Spanish telecommunications provider Telefonica has announced the launch of eSIM Quick Transfer for iPhone users on its Movistar and O2 Spain networks. This makes Telefonica the first mobile operator in Spain to provide this innovative feature that allows seamless transfer of eSIM profiles between iPhones.

The eSIM Quick Transfer functionality utilizes the latest eSIM technology to let users effortlessly move their phone number and plan from an older iPhone model to a newer one without the need for a QR code or contacting customer service. The transfer process takes only a few taps and can be initiated directly on the new iPhone during setup.

“At Telefonica, we strive to deliver the best connectivity experience through constant innovation. With eSIM Quick Transfer, we are eliminating yet another pain point for our customers and improving the way people connect on the go,” said Emilio Gayo, Chairman and CEO of Telefonica Spain.

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This launch builds on Telefonica’s long-standing partnership with Apple to bring cutting-edge capabilities enabled by eSIM to iPhone users. eSIM or Embedded SIM allows cellular plans to be stored digitally on compatible devices like the latest iPhones, removing the need for a physical nano-SIM card.

Telefonica first introduced eSIM support on iPhone XR and iPhone XS in Spain back in 2018. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of eSIM adoption, allowing customers to easily activate mobile plans through a QR code scan.

With eSIM Quick Transfer, the QR code scanning step is no longer required. Users can seamlessly switch to the Telefonica network by selecting the Movistar or O2 Spain plan already stored on their new iPhone during initial setup. The cellular plan gets transferred from the previous iPhone and activated instantly.

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For existing Telefonica subscribers who upgrade to the latest iPhone models like the iPhone 14 Pro, the transition is practically invisible. Once the Quick Transfer is complete, they can continue enjoying Telefonica’s fast 5G speeds and reliable connectivity on their new device.

The eSIM Quick Transfer feature also makes it simpler for customers of other networks to switch to Movistar or O2 Spain when purchasing a new iPhone. Their existing cellular plan gets automatically transferred during setup and converted to a Telefonica eSIM profile.

Besides greatly simplifying device upgrades, eSIM technology opens up several other advantages for consumers. Telefonica customers can now store multiple eSIM profiles on a single iPhone and easily switch between them as needed. For example, they may use separate plan profiles for personal usage and work.

iPhone users can also leverage dual SIM capabilities with an eSIM and a nano-SIM to access two different phone numbers on the same device. This allows seamless separation of personal and business lines.

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Travel also becomes much easier with eSIM. Customers no longer need to obtain a local nano-SIM card when visiting a foreign country. They can simply download an eSIM profile from a local carrier and use it temporarily alongside their regular cellular plan.

To make adoption easier, Telefonica also allows existing nano-SIM users to convert to eSIM directly from their iPhone’s settings. The “Convert to eSIM” option available under Mobile Data instantly transforms the physical SIM into a virtual profile without any hassle.

The eSIM Quick Transfer feature is currently available to all Movistar and O2 Spain customers using an iPhone model with iOS 16.2 or newer. It demonstrates Telefonica’s commitment to bringing the latest technology advancements to its users and improving their overall mobile experience.

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