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Iran Denies Israeli Airstrikes, Claims Only Drones Shot Down Over Isfahan

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Tensions escalated between Iran and Israel on Thursday as conflicting reports emerged about alleged Israeli strikes on Iranian territory. Iranian officials adamantly denied that any airstrikes took place, contradicting earlier claims of missiles hitting areas near Isfahan, home to a significant nuclear facility.

“No Israeli strike has taken place in Isfahan or any other Iranian cities,” stated Iranian Defense Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Hosseini. “Our air defenses did engage and neutralize three quadcopter drones belonging to the Zionist regime over the central city’s airspace.”

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Israeli officials have not confirmed or denied conducting a strike, maintaining their standard policy of ambiguity on such operations against Iranian nuclear sites. However, anonymous US intelligence sources indicated to media outlets that Israel had carried out a drone attack aimed at disrupting Iran’s nuclear program.

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The discrepancy highlights the escalating shadow war between the two adversaries over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Israel views Iran’s uranium enrichment as an existential threat and has conducted numerous strikes on Iranian-linked targets in Syria and at sea.

Tehran has long accused Israel and world powers of denying its right to civilian nuclear energy. Thursday’s incident ratchets up tensions as negotiations over reviving the 2015 nuclear deal remain stalled.

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This conflicting narrative surrounding the Isfahan incident underscores the potential for dangerous miscalculation and escalation in the volatile region. Diplomats urge de-escalation and a return to dialogue to resolve the decadeslong crisis peacefully.



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