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Israel warned US about impending drone attack on Iran just before strike, Italian minister says at G7

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In a revelation steeped in intrigue, Italy’s Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani uncloaked a cloak-and-dagger crisis at Friday’s powder-keg G7 summit – Israel had slipped the U.S. a wire about a looming, ominous drone strike against Iran just moments before all hell broke loose.

Speaking to a hushed crowd of the world’s diplomatic elite, Tajani divulged how the Americans had abruptly shifted gears that morning to confront the specter of fresh bloodshed in the tinderbox Middle East. As the G7 brain trust huddled, the U.S. camp dropped a bombshell: their inbox had pinged with an urgent heads-up from Israeli spymasters about an aerial attack looming over Iran’s horizons.

“Israel informed the U.S. at the last minute about the drones,” Tajani grimly recounted, his words slicing through the electrically charged air like a dagger. However, he stressed the American side had played their cards close to the vest, relaying only the raw intelligence from their brotherly ally without dishing any scandalous attack deets.

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The cloak-and-dagger curveball arrived just as Iran’s air defenses were blazing over a major airbase and nuclear site near the city of Isfahan. Shooting first and asking questions never, their gunners strafed the skies after catching wisps of suspected drones violating their airspace in a potential rerun of last weekend’s shock-and-awe spectacle.

While Tehran has stayed mum on naming names, all signs point northward towards their forever-sworn nemeses in the Jewish State as the culprits behind the aerial battery in this crisis du jour convulsing the powder keg region.

Amid the madcap melee, the G7 ministers scrambled to contain the rapidly metastasizing crisis. Their final communique pulled no punches, condemning Iran’s recent missile-and-drone slugfest against Israel in a blistering rebuke, vowing “unwavering support” for the embattled nation’s security.

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But the grey eminences also aired a stark warning – escalate further at your peril. New sanctions wait in the wings, they cautioned, urging both kampfgruppen to douse the white-hot clash before the whole region gets turned into a smoldering, irradiated parking lot.

“The G7 worked and will work for a de-escalation,” Tajani gravely intoned, sketching out a potential roadmap to detente. A ceasefire. Hostage releases. Humanitarian aid for the long-suffering Palestinians trapped in the crossfire – that age-old third rail issue that’s crackled for generations.

As he spoke, the spectral shadow of the unseen Israeli strike loomed large over the gathering like the silhouette of the Grim Reaper himself. Was this night-raidpunch the opening salvo in a shocking new conflagration between the eternal blood enemies? Or merely another convulsion in their forever war, fated to recur until the end of days?

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Only one thing remains certain amid the ever-shifting sands. While diplomats desperately waved their olive branches, both sides’ military juggernauts lay locked, loaded and aimed squarely at each other’s throats – an epic clash of titans perpetually poised on the brink that could consume the entire gunpowder-saturated region in an apocalyptic maelstrom at the slightest misstep.

As the diplomatic circus decamped from Italy, the world could only watch and hold its breath. In this lethal game of geopolitical chicken, even a whisper in the night could spark Armageddon.



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