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Reports: Russian troops went on deadly drunken killing spree in occupied areas of Ukraine

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Reports have emerged detailing a horrific string of murders committed by two Russian soldiers in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine’s Kherson region. Alexander Kaygorodtsev, 36, and Alexander Osipov, 34, allegedly went on a drunken rampage, killing at least five civilians and potentially more.

The two men, members of Russia’s 144th Guards Motor Rifle Division, confessed to the killings after being arrested on April 24th. They admitted to investigators that they murdered residents in the village of Abrikosovka if they were refused alcohol. Shockingly, the victims included the village head as well as other Russian servicemen, making their motives even harder to comprehend.

A Grisly Trail of Violence The details of the killings are truly disturbing. One 65-year-old victim was shot dead. Lyubov Tymchak, a local woman, was gunned down after telling the soldiers they couldn’t take over an empty house. Another female victim was shot in the stomach before the soldiers burned her home.

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But the horror didn’t stop there. Some of the victims had their skulls smashed open by the drunk soldiers, who then tried to destroy the evidence by using grenades and fire on the bodies and crime scenes. The Russian Telegram channel VChK-OGPU reported they “disfigured” certain victims in appalling ways.

Criminals With Pasts Kaygorodtsev has a particularly sordid history – he was previously convicted of murder and drug trafficking charges, serving 5 years in prison along with a 6-month suspended sentence. If found guilty of these new murders in occupied Ukraine, he could face life behind bars.

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While Russian authorities have yet to officially bring charges against the two men, reports indicate the 126th Military Investigation Department will be handling the case. The Russian Telegram channel Astra provided these details.

Turmoil in Occupied Territories These killings appear to be part of wider violence and upheaval plaguing Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine. Numerous crimes against Ukrainian civilians in these areas have been reported, including alleged attacks on the LGBTQ+ community in Kherson city.

The human rights group Projector partnered with OutRight International to document assaults on LGBTQ+ Kherson residents between March and September 2023. Their report claims some Russian forces deliberately targeted queer individuals during the occupation.

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Tragically, the corpse of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest was also recently found in Kalanchak, near Kherson. Father Stepan’s battered body showed what appeared to be a gunshot wound to the head.

These sickening crimes underscore the lawless environment and human rights abuses occurring in Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine. As fighting continues to rage, the loss of innocent lives shows no sign of ending. The world can only hope for a just resolution and an end to the immense suffering of the Ukrainian people.



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