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Russia says NATO drills in Finland near its border are ‘provocative’

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ROVAJARVI, Finland – In a bold assertion of its new strategic heft, Finland recently flexed its military might by hosting war games in the icy expanses above the Arctic Circle – its inaugural such exercises as a full-fledged NATO member.

The “Northern Forest” drills, held in the remote Arctic town of Rovajarvi, marked a tectonic shift in the regional balance of power. Chilling images showed battle-hardened troops from the U.S. Army’s elite 10th Mountain Division conducting joint land operations with their Finnish counterparts across the brutally harsh, frozen landscape.

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The muscular displays of Arctic force projection drew a fierce rebuke from an indignant Russia. Moscow’s Foreign Ministry denounced the high-stakes drills as “provocative in nature” – aimed at “exerting military pressure” on theallen bear through “demonstration of force” near its borders. Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova ominously warned the sabre-rattling risked triggering “possible military incidents.”

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But seemingly unfazed, Finland’s newly-minted NATO status emboldened it to forge defiantly ahead with the drills. As accelerating climate change renders the High North’s prized shipping lanes, untapped resources, and strategic chokepoints increasingly accessible, the Arctic has emerged as the 21st century’s newest great power competition zone.

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With the specter of war looming on the horizon, NATO is rapidly militarizing the long-ignored icy frontiers to tighten its vice grip over the melting region. After solidifying its alliance, Finland now stands lock-stepped with Western powers seeking to check Russian revanchism on the Arctic’s newest bloodstained battlefields.



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