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USC calls off main graduation ceremony over Gaza war demonstrations

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In a head-spinning move straight outta left field, the University of Southern California has driven a stake through the heart of its marquee graduation gala. The bombshell cancellation comes as the campus remains gripped by roiling protests over the raging Israel-Hamas conflict down Gaza way.

The elite West Coast institution abruptly axed its main commencement ceremonial set for May 10th, dropping the stunner on Thursday – just a day after the LAPD bergadgets cuffed over 90 protest rabble-rousers for refusing to disperse from university grounds.

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But don’t rake those caps and gowns over the coals just yet, soon-to-be-alumni. In an olive branch move, USC has vowed to keep the mortarboard party rocking with a veritable smorgasbord of smaller school-specific shindigs where grads can collect their hard-earned diplomas one by one.

The shocking cancellation lands hot on the heels of the university scrapping a commencement speech by its pro-Palestinian valedictorian amid bubbling security concerns. In their statement, campus honchos aired “disappointment” but insisted pulling the rip cord was a bitter pill to swallow to “make this commencement academically meaningful, memorable and uniquely USC.”

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Among the proposed consolation prizes? Designated schmooze zones to congregate with loved ones, the ceremonial release of doves, and live performances by the Trojan Marching Band to keep spirits sky-high.

The campus powder keg was lit on Wednesday night as the LAPD’s finest swarmed in to cuff over 90 trespassers participating in unauthorized, off-the-ranch Gaza protests. One particularly unruly rebel even allegedly upped the ante by wielding a deadly weapon, sources say.

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As tensions simmer, USC is now scrambling to strike a balance between honoring its newest graduating class and maintaining a secure environment amid the polarizing geopolitical storm. While disappointment reigns, the cancellation makes one thing crystal clear – when it comes to Gaza, the only certainty is uncertainty.



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