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UKRAINE UNDER ATTACK: Putin Launches Overnight Drone Strikes Targeting Power Grid

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In anight of terror from the skies, Ukraine says Russian drones rained down on energy facilities across central areas, crippling a major substation. The brazen aerial strikes carving fresh wounds in the country’s battered power grid.

Valiant Ukrainian air defenses laser-focused on the lethal intruders – swatting 9 of the 10 Kremlin’s unmanned kamikaze bombers from the night skies. But one Striking with unyielding precision on its critical target – a high-voltage substation bursting into flames in the Kirovohrad region.

The attacks slicing another gash in Ukraine’s tenuous electrical arteries as Moscow’s remorseless missile and drone bombardment batters infrastructure nationwide. All amid the chilling depths of a Soft Snow buries the war zone, cloaking the charred ruins in White tranquility. A deceptive veil shrouding the relentless mayhem below.

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While in the battle-scorched Donbas, the Institute for the Study of War relayed accounts of Ukraine’s defiant defenders reportedly smashing one of Russia’s largest armored assaults of the invasion near Avdiivka. A 36-tank, 12-vehicle mechanized onslaught met with devastating steel – at least 20 Russian killing machines purportedly reduced to smoldering wrecks in the deadly ambush.

Geolocated scenes of utter destruction confirming the Ukrainian serviceman’s harrowing recollections. Blackened husks of Moscow’s menacing convoy strewn across the blasted landscape – the charred, dismembered remains of Putin’s ill-fated push silently testifying to the nightmare endured.

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While in Kyiv, the specter of death looms large from above. The capital’s military administration divulging a chilling revelation – Russia has launched 180 weaponized projectiles at the city since January’s dawn. Among the terrifying arsenal, 5 of Moscow’s hyper-velocity Zircon hypersonic missiles streaking ahead at blistering Mach 9 speeds to evade detection.

The breakneck projectiles just one menacing part of the Kremlin’s unrelenting air campaign to force Ukrainian submission through annihilation from the skies. A scorched-earth policy of 21st-century barbarism raining apocalyptic fire down on a defiant nation.

Yet amid the relentless destruction, Russia continues resorting to medieval maritime tactics of yore to safeguard its Crimean naval redoubt. Satellite imagery revealing an improvised barrier of barges stretched across Sevastopol’s harbor mouth – a ramshackle shield seeking to repel potential underwater drones following last year’s brazen Ukrainian naval strike.

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As the war’s first anniversary looms ominously, there remains no glimpse of reprieve on the horizon. Moscow’s rhetorical bluster only intensifying – issuing bombastic vows to achieve crushing victory regardless of the incalculable human cost.

While Kyiv’s battered but unbroken allies in the West double down on support for the embattled democracy. Leaving the world bracing for the untold devastation and turmoil yet to come as the cataclysmic conflict rages implacably on into its second year of bloodshed.

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