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Google search console, is a very essential site for bloggers, and website publishers. Here is the machine which helps you understand, what’s happening with the blog or website. It shows here issues and errors that come up from time to time. Everyone faces issues of different kinds. Let me know in the comments if you have other problems. In this article we will be resolving the above issue,’ If discovered that currently not indexed you are facing this issue, then you’d better read the whole article carefully, I have explained the whole thing and the fix in detail here.
There are 4 to 5 steps to resolve the above issue.

First step

Internal linking:

Say you have 5 posts and one or more posts is giving the above error, “discovered not indexed”. But you might also be having some post out of the five which is indexed. Create a link to nonindexed posts in the indexed post.
Copy the URL of the post which is not showing indexed into one of the posts which are indexed as a link. Like you create backlinks. Google bot will crawl through that post and the internal link you created too and index it. If you have understood thus far, rejoice, you are close to Einstein. If you still haven’t understood, then you are normal. You can comment on your queries, and I will reply to them.

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Step Two


Whenever you create a new post and add it, submit your Sitemap again. You don’t need to delete the old one and generate a new one. Go to Google console, go to sitemap and click on “sitemap.xml”, when you click on sitemap you see a page with the URL “sitemap.xml”, copy that and go to sitemap again and paste it and submit it as you did the first time. You will see that the date has changed to today’s, In the submitted sitemaps.

If you did not understand this, you can ask me in the comment box.

Step Three

Unique article:

Write a unique article, Google does not allow copy-paste, in this case, it won’t index. But sometimes even a unique article looks similar to other posts. The topic of the article you are writing is written by many others, go to the top ten of such articles and check their format, bullet points, buttons, numbering how they have done, don’t do it the same way, you change your format, write in a completely different style than theirs. Write in a simple language, as simple that even a class 4 child could understand.

This will increase the chances of resolving the Indexing issue a lot more.

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Step Four


Ping your URLs. There are many ping websites like,
Ping O Matic, visit this site here you will find a list of all ping sites and other information as well. Go to a ping website and enter your blog name like mine “techobuy” and enter the URL of your site, and check if all options below are selected, if not select all the options shown below. Click on ping or submit ping. This will ping your URL site and will index your URL in all ping websites and when Google crawls these sites it will crawl your URL too. This will be very helpful in Indexing your posts on Google very quickly.

Step 5

Social Media:

You have social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If you don’t have, make accounts and share your post on social media.
If your site has technical errors it is not able to generate sitemaps, and Google bots are not able to crawl the pages and will not index your post. But the Google bots go to social media and if they find your posts there, they index them from there and this increases your post’s chances of getting ranked in Google.
Keep these points in mind to resolve your issue of discovered not indexed problem and your pages will rank in Google. In the future, if there’s any update related to this I will update it here.

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