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UK shoots down Houthi missile targeting merchant vessel in Gulf of Aden

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In a dramatic showdown on the high seas, the British Royal Navy sprung into action this week, blasting a missile fired by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen out of the sky as it hurtled toward an unsuspecting merchant vessel. The daring defensive maneuver unfolded in the strategic Gulf of Aden on Wednesday, a critical chokepoint through which an estimated 12% of global maritime trade flows annually.

According to UK defense officials, the missile was detected and subsequently obliterated mid-flight by the HMS Diamond, a formidable British warship equipped with advanced Sea Viper surface-to-air missile capabilities. The clinical interception likely prevented certain tragedy, as the projectile from the hostile Houthi forces was locked onto a civilian merchant ship carrying goods and crew through the busy shipping lane.

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“We will not tolerate these reprehensible acts of aggression that recklessly jeopardize the lives of innocent mariners simply going about their business,” a defiant Defense Secretary Grant Shapps declared. He lauded the “world-class skillset” of the Diamond’s sailors for their “decisive actions” in neutralizing the deadly threat.

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Indeed, the incident marks the latest flare-up in a deeply concerning string of assaults perpetrated by the Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels against commercial shipping traffic in strategic Middle Eastern waterways like the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. Despite dubious claims of defending Palestinians in Gaza, the Houthis’ indiscriminate strikes pose grave perils to civilian vessels and global trade arteries.

The US and UK have already unleashed retaliatory strikes of their own starting in January aimed at degrading the rebels’ ability to wreak further havoc on maritime commerce. However, the Houthis remain steadfastly defiant, vowing to press on with their provocative campaign of harassment in the vital sea corridors.

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With tensions smoldering, Wednesday’s harrowing incident lays bare the perpetual volatility gripping strategic choke points through which the world’s goods and energy supplies traverse daily. For ships continuing to brave the contested waters, the escalating “missile mania” compounds already heightened risks from piracy, geopolitics and environmental factors.



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