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How to AirDrop Photos on iPhone/Mac/Android?
Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

A cool method of file transfer across phones is AirDrop. It broadcasts and establishes connections between two devices using Bluetooth on your phone. The data is then transferred between the two devices using point-to-point Wi-Fi. This enables extremely quick data transport without any data loss.

Learning how to AirDrop photos can be incredibly useful, especially if you plan to share them. The fact that you can only transfer files between Apple products, such as iPhones, iPods, Macs, and so on, maybe the single drawback of AirDrop. But fear not—using AirDroid Personal, you’ll learn how to securely share your photographs with non-Apple devices as well. Start now.

How To AirDrop Photos?

Imagine you attend a gathering and spend a lot of time taking pictures with your pals. Your friends would want the photos from you after the event so they could post them on social media as well, right? Using AirDrop is the greatest way to send all of your images quickly and without losing any quality. So how does AirDrop work for photos? We’ll see.

AirDrop Photos iPhone

Knowing how to AirDrop between two iPhones is simple, whether you want to share photos from an event or just memes with your pals.

1. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth:

Swipe downward from your home screen to access the Control Center. To enable Bluetooth, WiFi, and AirDrop, tap on their respective icons. Additionally, check sure your personal hotspot is deactivated. Navigate to Settings to verify this.

How to AirDrop Photos on iPhone/Mac/Android?

2. Open the Photos App: 

Go to the Photos app and choose the images you want to AirDrop. You can pick one or more at once. Simply press on the first image, hold it, then tap on each additional image you wish to send if you want to select more than one.

How to AirDrop Photos on iPhone/Mac/Android?

3. Share the image: 

After choosing all of the pictures, you hit the share icon, which ought to be located in the lower-left corner of your screen.

How to AirDrop Photos on iPhone/Mac/Android?

4. AirDrop: 

After pressing Share, the AirDrop symbol ought to appear on the screen. Choose the gadget you wish to send the picture to. The file should be sent without difficulty if Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and AirDrop are enabled on both devices and they are close to one another.

How to AirDrop Photos on iPhone/Mac/Android?

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It is the same procedure for AirDrop photos from an iPhone to a Mac. If the AirDrop settings on your Mac are correct, they should appear on the list of devices.

AirDrop Photos Mac

On your Mac, AirDrop is also possible. It’s rather simple to transfer data to your iPhone or across Mac devices.

1. Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: 

The first step is to confirm that your Mac is linked to Wi-Fi and that Bluetooth is turned on, just like with your iPhone. The top-right menu bar is where you can look for both of these icons.

2. Turn on AirDrop: 

In the left sidebar of Finder, select the AirDrop option. You can choose at the bottom of the screen whether you want to be visible to everyone or just your contacts. You can also look for devices that support AirDrop.

How to AirDrop Photos on iPhone/Mac/Android?

3. Click on Finder and Share: 

Go to Finder and then select the folder containing the pictures you want to move. By clicking on them while holding down the command key, choose the pictures you want to transmit. You can then choose to AirDrop the image by clicking the Share button at the top of the screen. After that, choose the device to which you wish to send the file, and you’re done!

How Can Photos Be AirDropped To Android Devices?

iPhone to Windows computer your images can be transferred to your Windows PC in several ways. Connecting your iPhone to your PC with a USB cord will allow you to copy all of your images to your desktop. You can also use Bluetooth to transfer tiny files, such as a single photo, between your Windows PC and iPhone. However, using a file-sharing tool like AirDroid is preferable for larger files or a huge number of photos. Large files can be sent, and it is wireless and safe.

Apple to Android: 

Although AirDrop is quite handy for moving files within the Apple ecosystem, things change a little bit when you wish to move files to Android smartphones. Use a file-sharing app to transfer your images instead of AirDrop or Nearby Share, which are both available on select Android devices but incompatible with each other on iPhones. Emailing the photographs to the other device is another option, as is using a messaging app. But since the photos are compressed before transmitting, this might take a lot of time and potentially degrade the quality of the images. In this case, a file-sharing program is recommended.
When using Apple devices, AirDrop is limited to sending and receiving images. Use a file transfer program to move images from your iOS smartphone to an Android device or even a Windows PC. Although there are many choices, only AirDroid Personal is compatible with all of your devices.

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Best AirDrop Alternative App

Choosing the best file-sharing app might be challenging given the abundance of options available. Try out AirDroid Personal since it supports a wide range of devices, including iPhones, Androids, Windows, and web-based computers. Your life will be much simpler thanks to this all-inclusive app.

How to AirDrop Photos on iPhone/Mac/Android?

The AirDroid Personal App comes with the following functionalities.

Nearby Share Feature

The “Android Nearby Share” feature of AirDroid, which enables an Android phone to find and connect to nearby Android/iPhone/Windows/Mac devices, is its best feature. Users can send files quickly and easily once linked, just like AirDrop.

Fastest Speeds

You can transmit and receive photographs with AirDroid at a 20 MB/s rate. You may thus transmit hundreds of photographs in a matter of minutes. You can use it to send images to a friend or backup copies of all your photos to your PC. Photos can also be sent offline.
However, depending on the quantity, sending photos via standard Bluetooth could take a while. If you submit a lot of images at once, the connection is typically unstable, so you might have to restart frequently. Sending them manually, one at a time is preferable using Bluetooth.

Super Quality

The biggest issue with photo transfers is that the quality frequently degrades dramatically. Files are compressed during transmission, which accounts for this. Instead of compression, AirDroid preserves the original quality of your images.
You will receive sharp, clear pictures and they will always be of their highest quality no matter how many times you email them.

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Other Features

In addition to being excellent for sharing images, AirDroid includes a tonne of additional features you may experiment with. You can add friends and talk with them using the “friends” option. You can discuss what to share and obtain their feedback on your pictures. For Android devices, there is also a remote access capability and screen mirroring. The fact that these functionalities function on all platforms is the finest part!

The Verdict

You can share the joy with your pals by sending them memes, gifs, images, and even movies now that you know how to AirDrop photos! Additionally, you may use AirDrop for additional file types like documents or presentations. If any of your pals don’t own an iPhone, you can simply share your files with them using AirDroid Personal.

Your Questions

Where do photos from AirDrop go? 

Any file you send using AirDrop ought to show up in the appropriate app. Therefore, the Photos app is where you should discover the AirDropped photos. If for some reason you can’t, you can always look in the Files app.

How many images may be AirDropped simultaneously? 

You can transmit as many photographs as you want using AirDrop because there is no file size restriction. But keep in mind that the transfer will often take longer if there are more pictures.

Why are my pictures being AirDropped as HEIC? 

High-Efficiency Image Format, or HEIC, is a new photo file format from Apple. Even greater quality than JPG or JPEG photographs are promised to be transferred as a result, speeding up file transfers. However, not all devices are compatible with this file format. Go to Settings, Camera, and then touch on Formats if you wish to save your files as JPGs. Next, choose “Most Compatible.” Your photographs should be saved in JPG as a result.

What happens to AirDrop images on a Mac? 

Your airdropped photographs ought to be in the Photos app whether you are using an iPhone or a Mac. If you know the name that the image is saved under, you can also use the Finder program to look it up.

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