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36 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast For Lazy People In 2022
Photo by Lukasz Radziejewski on Unsplash

My wish is to make my readers rich. I don’t help you with plans, investments, or budgets because you don’t need all this. I am against the saying, “work more to earn more.” It’s nothing like that.
Look at the rich people. I don’t see them working hard, but I do see them using their brains, where they get the ideas, and that’s exactly what this article is all about. This article gives you ideas on how to earn money with what you already have.

Here are 36 ideas to make money online.

Rent out your pool:

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to spend your summer, especially during the hot months. If you have a swimming pool, keep in mind that many individuals do not and would be willing to pay to spend an afternoon or evening by your pool. Swimply comes into play here.

Swimply, which was founded in 2019, is a digital platform where you can hire your pool for a few hours. It’s similar to Airbnb, but for pools. Your pool can simply be saved. After then, consumers who wish to use a pool can begin contacting you and scheduling time slots.

On your purchases, get cash back:

It’s not difficult to find cashback websites and applications these days. Consumers see it as a way to get money back on purchases they would have made otherwise, while merchants see it as an opportunity to leverage their advertising budgets to attract new consumers.

Here are some:

Top Cash Back is one of the best cash-back websites. It has over 4,300 partners and millions of subscribers around the world.

Great Canadian Rebates is very simple to use and covers a wide range of stores, from Walmart to Home Depot to smaller businesses. Click, buy, and receive your money back.

KOHO is a fantastic cash-back program that also happens to be affiliated with one of the top prepaid credit cards in Canada. This means you’ll get money back on every transaction you make with this card!

Swagbucks and Rakuten are two more reputable cashback sites.

Work as a part-time virtual assistant.

You may work as a part-time assistant if you’re organized, know how to use a calendar, and know how to post on social media. Nowadays, the role of a virtual assistant entails a wide range of responsibilities. Appointment scheduling, bookkeeping, social media content management, marketing, and other services fall within this category.

Although the tasks differ, the outcome is the same. money in your pocket! And it can be a substantial sum. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork will let you promote your services as a virtual assistant (for a portion of your fee, of course).

Show tickets can be resold online.

Have you ever overpaid for a ticket by buying it from a “scalper” at the last minute? Take note that this supplement may end up in your wallet! Sites like Stubhub allow you to acquire concert tickets and other event tickets legally and resell them on their sites. You can charge a higher price at a later date to make a profit off the original ticket price by selecting the correct events and concerts (those that are in high demand and are likely to be sold out).

This is a legal business, as platforms like Stubhub follow all local and federal ticket resale regulations.

Trade websites

Starting a business on the internet is not a bad concept, but it is easier said than done! Why not buy an existing website to avoid the pitfalls?

By buying an existing business, you may either keep it as is or upgrade the website in a way that increases its profit. Website buying and selling sites such as Flippa enable consumers to list and sell their website or domain name to those wishing to make these types of purchases. These platforms provide all of the relevant information (such as existing cash flow, traffic, and so on) that determines the price of the business you are purchasing. Buying an existing firm eliminates the headache of starting from scratch and comes with a track record of clients and cash flow.

Mobile app testing

People nowadays spend more than 6 hours a day glued to screens. We can logically examine websites and mobile applications because they are present in our daily lives. Some platforms, such as User Testing or Try My UI, charge a fee to test mobile apps or websites. A win-win situation for all parties: businesses save money on user testing, and you, even if you are not a professional, help while being compensated. For each 20-minute test or interview completed on User Testing, you can expect to earn $10 via PayPal.

Create crafts

Are you a designer with a creative or inspirational touch? You may sell your handcrafted items on Etsy to over 45 million active shoppers. There are numerous tales of enthusiastic people who have used the platform to generate significant wealth. Handmade masks, for example, have recently sold for between $5 and $20 on average.

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Try Medication

Nobody wants to take a chance with their health. This is why clinical studies are frequently misunderstood. But let’s look at the bright side: it’s about advancing knowledge while being compensated. Furthermore, your remuneration is tax-free, and you can select the type of clinical trial that is best for you. It is not a question of performing risky and dangerous health examinations. Altasciences is the industry leader in Quebec, with over 20 years of expertise. Novartis is another option. For example, studies range from $20 for former Covid patients to $2,610 for more specific cases.

Laundry for your neighbors

In some countries, networks are emerging that allow washer-dryer owners to wash the laundry of their neighbors who do not have one. So what’s the deal with us? This permits some people to find a way to reduce the cost of the machines and others to avoid using public laundries. You might save $192 per year by renting your machine twice a week for a nominal $2. You could place an ad on Kijiji, Facebook or other social media platforms, or simply leave a piece of paper in your neighbors’ mailboxes.

Friends Referrals

Sponsorship is without a doubt one of the best ways to earn money on the internet. Many websites, whether they be online software, online banks, or survey sites, have a referral system. The benefit is that it does not necessitate any special knowledge or know-how, merely a good network. It’s not only a terrific method to quickly create extra revenue, but it’s also a great opportunity to share a service you use and like with others.

Advertise on your vehicle

Why not get paid to drive your own car? The idea is straightforward. You rent advertising space on your bodywork in exchange for remuneration that varies depending on the length of the campaign. Deltapub, Carvertise, Wrapify, and Market Your Car websites offer you the opportunity to make up to $800 per month by displaying advertising on your vehicle. The initial step is to register with the aforementioned companies. If the expectations of a firm looking for advertising match your profile, you may be chosen.

Sell your used clothing

Do you have a lot of clothes in your closet but no idea where to place them? Do you ever wish you hadn’t bought anything because you didn’t like the color? Not a problem! With Etashee, you can give your old garments a new lease of life. Unlike generalist networks such as Facebook or Kijiji, Etashee specializes in apparel, shoes, and accessories. Create an ad by photographing the article of clothes you want to sell. The buyer then pays directly through the portal. It’s easy, quick, dependable, and ethical!

Phone and tablet repair

Why not start repairing phones or tablets from home if you are more comfortable with modern technology and a handyman at heart? Even if you’ve never done such repairs before, you may simply train yourself with time and motivation. The SOSav website, for example, provides free repair guidelines and how-to videos on YouTube. Begin by offering your services to folks in your immediate vicinity, then broaden your consumer base by using Kijiji and Facebook. Who doesn’t need electrical equipment serviced these days?

Sell ​​your old phones

Many folks have a drawer full of old cell phones. We frequently maintain items for sentimental reasons, just to abandon them. However, in most cases, these old models, which we paid a high price for, continue to function. So, instead of getting bogged down, why not sell them? To get the most out of it, post an ad on Kijiji or Facebook. However, if you want to get rid of it swiftly and easily, bestbuy has you covered. $65 for a good-condition iPhone 6S, $85 for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge It’s a terrific way to earn money while also helping the environment.?

Fruit Harvest

Fruit picking is a terrific way to make money in the summer, and pickers are in higher demand than ever. If a little hard labor does not frighten you, it’s a terrific way to keep in shape while making money, being outside, and enjoying the sun. You’ll also make new acquaintances by getting to know your fellow fruit pickers. Nothing could be easier to get started; there are several opportunities on Picking jobs, Indeed, Career Builder, and SimplyHired. Pickers are frequently paid by the hour or by performance. For example, some farms pay $2.20 per bucket of cherries.

Offer your hair for sale

Anything may be sold if the intention is to make money, even hair! And it turns out that this “enterprise” is highly lucrative! Even if it’s become normal to give one’s hair to a good cause, the hair trade still exists. Your hair will often be used to create wigs or hair extensions after being sold. On Facebook and Kijiji, you can directly sell them, but you should exercise caution because of scammers. Additionally, there are other more safe websites like buyandsellhair that demand transaction fees. Expect to pay $500 on average for natural hair that is 60 cm long and up to $2000 for extremely long natural blond hair that is at least 150 cm long.

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Missions in stores.

Be My Eye is an app that allows you to earn money by completing assignments in local stores. Don’t confuse it with the Be My Eyes app, which tries to assist blind individuals, because the latter will not pay you. Be My Eye, for example, may ask you to go to a nearby shop and see if they carry a specific brand of water. In general, missions are paid between $5 and $10. However, don’t forget to factor in travel expenses. If you choose only the most practical assignments and live in the city center, you can earn between $50 and $100 every month.

Experiences can be sold.

Eventbrite allows anyone to create and publish an event, class, workshop, or anything else on their website. You decide on the price and other parameters! Excursions, tours, adventures, classes, and group shopping sessions are all available for purchase on the Airbnb platform. Since the COVID-19 crisis, activities can also be organized online!


It’s one of the quickest methods to earn money from your car. Carpooling is a wonderful way to make your automobile more profitable. Many homes own a car but do not use it to its full potential. In large cities on an average, there would be over 25 million empty seats in cars on the road every day. Why not accommodate one or two passengers? Or will you allow yourself to be driven to your destination? You can only benefit unless you are asocial. This service is provided by six sites: Netflit,, Poparide, and AmigoExpress.

Be an interpreter

It is true that a translator does not improvise. Being able to speak several languages well, however, is a huge financial advantage. You can directly advertise your services on freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr, or you can search Unbabel or Upwork for quick translation jobs that suit your skills. For an email translation, budget $5 or more, and much more for bigger tasks.

Be a Designer

Graphic design is a distinct career in its own right. However, if you are a little creative, you may simply develop gorgeous logos and images using internet tools. Indeed, there is no need for the Adobe suite or the latest MacBook Pro; simply go to sites like Canva or Picmonkey, create an account, and begin designing in a matter of minutes. Resell various illustrations to your friends or on Fiverr. Budget between $10 and $20 for simple artwork.

Be an inventor

It’s time to give that bright idea in your mind a chance! Submit your concept to Quirky, and a global community of inventors, makers, and designers will help you perfect it. If your idea gets commercialized, you might earn a share of the sales.

Start your online store.

Can you imagine selling a wide range of products on an internet store without having to maintain inventory directly? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? This is made possible by a common practice known as drop shipping. However, be aware that, contrary to common assumptions, dropshipping is not a quick way to generate money, and some understanding is required if you want to be successful. Platforms such as the Canadian behemoth Shopify or Woocommerce enable you to sell products available on sites such as Aliexpress or Alibaba directly from your store.

Work as a secret shopper.

We constantly hear about secret shoppers, but did you realize that you may easily become one? You may be eligible for cash prizes or discounts in the businesses you review by completing this form on the Lanla website or registering here on Enipso. It’s a good way to make money while assisting the businesses with which you do business to provide you with a service that meets your expectations!

Start dinners or cooking classes at your home.

You may invite guests to dine at your home or teach them how to cook with the EatWith smartphone app. Indeed, you might provide them with amazing gastronomic experiences by introducing them to the country’s specialties. This type of experience is also available through Airbnb, both in person and online! Give it a shot if you’re a decent cook… Cooking lessons can be found by posting advertising on Kijiji, Craigslist, and Facebook groups.

Find jobs for your friends

Did you know you might make money by finding jobs for your family members and friends? Some job postings include the amount of a prize given to the person who finds the best candidate. These remunerations for referrals easily exceed $1000, and can sometimes reach astounding quantities for more sought-after employment. Even if it is not written in black and white, you can contact the companies and request compensation if the candidate you suggested is recruited. What exactly are you waiting for? Job postings can be found on Jooble,, Indeed, SimplyHired, Jobillico, or Workland. It’s a wonderful approach to helping a loved one while also improving yourself. Here is a list of career opportunities that provide a referral incentive.

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Arbitrage appears to be a complex economic concept, but it is simply taking advantage of price differences in different markets… or websites. In other words, if a product is cheaper on Kijiji than on eBay, you may buy it on Kijiji and resale it on eBay later. This could be done with watches, musical instruments, computer components, and so forth. It is nonetheless advised that you have a basic understanding of the products you buy and resale.


Renting is becoming more popular as the global sharing economy grows. Consider the potential value of everything you hold. Turo, for example, makes it simple for individuals to hire their automobiles for a few hours or a few days. You may post an ad on Kijiji or Craigslist to rent your drill, DIY tools, or camera… It’s up to you to decide which goods you wish to benefit from!


Babysitting is one of the most well-known ways to make money, and it is not limited to youngsters. Many parents will even opt to leave their children in the care of an adult. Several websites now specialize in matching babysitters and parents. Topnanny and Urban Sitter are among the most well-known. Simply register on one of these sites if you want to babysit to augment your income.

Micro Work

Micro-work is a notion that seeks to remunerate humans for performing little, more, or less sophisticated jobs. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform allows you to complete micro work while being compensated. For the record, the platform’s name is derived from a historical hoax, the Mechanical Turk, a chess-playing robot whose base concealed a person. A substantial range of Mechanical Turk jobs, such as detecting items in photographs, transcribing papers, and cleaning databases, are designed to train algorithms in order to automate these operations eventually.


Sport is good for your health. Several platforms will pay you for the number of steps you take. If these apps do not make you a fortune, they are an invitation to walk and, quite often, find shops. SweatCoins, Runtopia, and Lifecoin award their users with points for each physical exertion tracked by the platform. These points are then redeemed for exclusive discounts provided by businesses. to mention a few, provide comparable services.

Rent your apartment

When you leave your apartment for a few days, you can rent it out for a few dollars or even rent out your guest room without leaving the premises. All you have to do is sign up as a host on Airbnb or Booking and post an ad with the price and images of your unit. Kijiji also allows you to accomplish this. Take care of who you rent your unit.

Sell your old items.

We all have used items laying around the house that are no longer helpful to us. In fact, there are various websites, such as Kijiji, VarageSale, Craigslist, and Letgo, where you may sell your unwanted stuff. All you have to do is submit an ad with an image and a price and allow interested buyers to contact you.


Sunday photographer, professional photographer, or just a photographer? Be aware that online photo banks such as Gettyimages and Shutterstock allow photographers to sell their work. Unsplash, a Montreal-based website, allows you to publish your images and make them freely available to the public. This will not pay you, but it will boost your visibility and possibly allow you to acquire contracts. You may sell your images directly from your smartphone using the Foap app. To increase your chances of making money on these sites, keep in mind that quantity is as least as crucial as quality.

Delivery man

Why not combine physical activity and income? It’s simple to become a food delivery driver for Uber Eats or DoorDash on a bike, and it’s a good way to supplement your income. Furthermore, if you don’t like sports, you can always do it by automobile, but you must be at least 19 years old and have had your license for more than a year. According to Glassdoor, delivery drivers typically make $15 per hour. However, take in mind that some people make less than others. To get started, simply sign up with Uber Eats and DoorDash here.

Sell your documents

Were you aware that you might sell your school documents or your work online? Dissertations, presentations, case studies, market research, and other materials can be sold on the Internet. You will be paid commissions for each sale, consultation, and document download. Here are some of the most well-known sites that provide this type of service: Stuvia, Academon, Pimido, and Gradebuddy(English) are a few examples.

Consistency is the key to success.

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