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10 Sites To Make Money Watching Videos.

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make money online watching videos
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Irritating, disturbing ads are all over the internet, they really piss me off sometimes, but do you know that you can make money watching them, Yes! We sure can make money watching them. There are multiple sites that pay you to watch videos, but not all are legit.

In this post, I have collected 10 legit sites that actually pay you for watching videos and other stuff. This won’t make you rich, but it can earn you extra money and gift cards that can help you pay your bills or help you buy that watch you were eyeing in the store.

Who does not watch videos, people watch it to pass the time, to entertain themselves or some other purpose. Watching videos is the one thing everyone does today. Research shows 84 minutes per day is the global average for video consumption.

Why don’t we use these 84 minutes to make money?

People are looking for passive income, side hustles, part-time jobs to make an extra cash. You can make watching videos a source of an extra cash generator.

10 Sites to Make Money Online Watching Videos.

1. Swagbucks

A well-known rewards program called Swagbucks was established in 2004. The business has hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot and a BBB rating of A.

Doing online searches, taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping at partner stores, will earn you points from Swagbucks.

Swagbucks distributes 7,000 gift cards every day. It has paid out over $434 million to its customers.

Points earned by you can be redeemed for gift cards or encashed through PayPal. 100 points of Swagbucks are worth one dollar.

As per Swagbucks, some heavy users have made over $10,000 on the platform, while average people normally make an extra $25 to $100 per month. Swagbucks are a genuine way to make free money by doing all those activities you are already doing for free.


You have to complete surveys and other easy tasks, to earn points on this site. You earn LifePoints that can be swapped for gift cards.

Lifepoints are available everywhere and offers surveys in 26 different languages. That means practically everyone has the chance to share their opinion and win points.

You must complete a video playlist to earn Life Points by watching videos. Points can be quickly earned using the computer. By the use of video playlists, you can earn up to 500 points each day. Each point has a different value depending on the exchange you select.

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3. Loopsterpanel

On its video channel, Loopsterpanel offers you a wide selection of videos in many categories.

You can view your future profit before watching (ranging from a few cents to a few dollars), and you can watch as many videos as you like. Larger companies that want you to watch their video pay Loopsterpanel to do so and then Loopsterpanel splits the profits with you.

You can also win virtual scratch cards with hidden cash prizes by watching extra videos.

To withdraw your money you can choose PayPal or request a cheque or you can also choose gift cards, whatever suits you.

4. Maximiles

Maximiles is another legit site/app on our list, which partners with businesses who are eager to hear from customers like you. Maximiles is a reliable website where you can earn prizes in a variety of methods.

Users of Maximiles can earn points for doing tasks on their computer or mobile device, such as watching short videos, completing surveys, downloading and playing games, subscribing to services, and more.

You can also refer friends to Maximiles in order to receive incentives. You get paid a commission when a friend joins Maximiles using your referral link and completes tasks.

Sponsorship might be a terrific method to boost your income if you have friends or family members who wish to make money in their spare time.

5. Nielsen

Nielsen has been tracking what segments of the population are listening to and watching for more than 90 years in order to give companies with data into the efficacy of their content. Nielsen is a Fortune 500 company with operations in over 100 countries.

Nielsens one method of evaluating content is it collects relevant data from Nielsen families, which are homes chosen to portray big populations. You cannot apply to join a Nielsen family, but if you are chosen, you can get gifts in exchange for your involvement.

You can also sign up to join the Nielsen Computer and Mobile panel. You will have to download software to your devices in order to participate. Both iPhones and Android devices can use the mobile app. Simply connect to the internet and watch the content as you normally would.

You don’t have to watch any specific video. By just watching videos you are helping companies improve their products, and what do we get? We get opportunities to earn incentives and giveaways. Nielsen gives $10,000 each month to its users.

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6. Netflix

Netflix has openings for full time jobs, If you are skilled in categorization and love watching movies and TV, you can get a full time job here.

Your job here will be of a “tagger” which in official language is called editorial analyst. You have to tag the content in order for it to appear in the appropriate categories and rows on your home screen. To do that, you just have to watch hours of movies and TV programs and you get paid for it.

The company recently hired someone who speaks Hindi and is interested in Bollywood content. His job was to “Watch, research, rate, tag, record, and prepare detailed reports for film and television content. To do that he had to watch the content which he loved doing. He was paid to entertain himself.

7. Grab Points

Most of the apps in the store are free, but they all not give you money. GrabPoints is one such mobile app which was launched in 2014 that pays you money. You earn points for doing tasks such as taking surveys and watching videos.

I always check the reviews of the products I want to use or I want others to use, this is a necessary thing for me as a blogger because people trust my work. Grab points have all positive reviews on websites and trust pilot.

You earn points by watching videos on Grabpoints Choose the channels you are interested in to watch. Grabpoints lets you know how many points you can earn, and the number of videos to watch to get rewards.

When you have earned 3000 points which equals to $3 you can encash it by PayPal or get free gift cards from famous stores.

GrabPoints is one of the fastest ways to make money online by watching videos because the redemption level is very low and you get your cash within 48 hours of submitting your request. Also, if you refer your friends to the program you can earn extra points.

8. Viggle

Viggle is a rewards app launched in 2012 for Android devices. You can earn rewards for watching TV episodes and listening to music.

More than 7 million people have downloaded the app and earned over $19 million in incentives.

Simply by signing with the Viggle app, you can earn points for watching TV series and movies on your favorite streaming sites, as well as live TV.

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You earn one point per minute spent watching TV or listening to music on the Viggle app, plus extra incentives. You can earn 15X the points by watching featured shows. At over 200 stores, you can convert your points for PayPal cash, a prepaid debit card, or free gift cards.

Viggle app has mixed reviews on Google Play, with many users experiencing difficulties, but overall analysis, shows Viggle is a legitimate software worth trying.

9. iRazoo

IRazoo launched in 2016 is a rewards program that gives users points for trying apps, completing surveys, Offers, playing games, and watching videos. On iRazoo you can pick from over 50 video content channels.

You have to mostly watch ads, app trailers, movie trailers, short films, movie reviews, and cooking lessons.

When you have earned 3,000 points, you can exchange them for a $5 gift card or $5 PayPal cash. You will have 30 days after picking your prize to use it before it expires.

On Trustpilot, IRazoo have received mixed reviews, with some users having a positive experience and others having problems cashing their points. Although it is worth trying, it may not be as profitable as others on this list of 10.

10. FusionCash

Last in the list is FusionCash, yet another rewards site that receives money from advertisers and pays a portion of the profits to its customers. You can get paid to take surveys and search the web, receive rewards on purchases, and get paid for watching videos and listening to the radio.

You can withdraw money from your FusionCash account once you have made $25 in it. You can use your PayPal account, direct deposit, or cheque. There are no fees involved in gaining access to your funds.

In addition to the money you will make watching videos, you will receive a $5 sign-up bonus and a $1-5 referral bonus for each friend that joins.

Fusion Cash has a few mixed ratings on Trustpilot, and users claim it’s not the quickest way to make money, but it’s worth a go.

The above ideas are good for passive income, extra cash, but this won’t make you rich or you can’t make a full time career out it.

I have written 87 articles so far on “how to make money online”. Consider reading them if you want a full time career ideas that can make you rich.

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