Make $10 Quick in 15 Ways

make money $10 quick in 15 ways
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Its been quite some time since I have been writing articles on making money online. I spend a lot of time doing the research and verifying sites and platforms before I legitimize them. 

Here are 15 platforms which I found to be very good for making $10 quickly.

1. Make Money from Market Research

There are plenty of market research and survey sites out there that will pay you big for sharing your opinion. Many of these programs make it easy and convenient to get paid for your work with instant payments via PayPal or gift cards.

Participating in market research is a great way to help you reach your $10 goal quickly. Here are some of my favorite sites:


One of my favorite survey websites is I-Say. This community has been around for a while. You may make money by testing products in addition to making money by doing surveys. This is a fantastic passive source of income. You should definitely sign up for the community and start making money right away!

Only 1,530 points are required to redeem your points. Once you’ve earned the required points, you may quickly exchange your rewards for PayPal cash or popular e-gift cards.

Life Points

Another one of my preferred survey websites is LifePoints. It has more than 5 million active users who get paid by expressing their ideas.

As soon as your first survey is finished, the app will add points to your online account. Your points can then be promptly redeemed for cash via PayPal or gift cards.


If you’re wondering “how to make $10 quickly,” Swagbucks is another prominent option. By performing quick tasks, you may earn SBs, which are points. The quick tasks such as browsing the web, participating in surveys, watching movies, or playing games in addition to shopping at your preferred store.

Depending on how tough the tasks are, they get paid accordingly. The points may then be redeemed through PayPal for cash or gift cards to businesses.

Paid Surveys

A new kind of consumer panel called PaidSurveys enables consumers to do surveys, test stuff, work as mystery shoppers, and win prizes.


Another well-known website for online surveys is Toluna. You get paid for completing surveys, testing products, and watching advertisements. Simple and cost-free registration. Your prizes can be redeemed using PayPal, iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, and other gift cards.

Mingled Respondi

Who doesn’t love having some extra money in their pocket? For all of your online money-making works, Mingle Respondi sends money straight into your PayPal account!

The best way to earn money on Mingle Respondi is by taking online surveys.

2. Make Money from Playing Games

Are you aware that certain games offer real money prizes? The top gaming websites and apps are listed here, so you may have fun while quickly earning $10.


Gamerhash provides gamers with real money payments. Through their mobile app or website, you can receive rewards for simply playing mobile and desktop games. You can gain extra points and perks if you sign up for their VIP program.

Moreover, registering for promotions like app downloads or completing surveys can earn you bonus points. Redeeming prizes for Steam Wallet Credits begins at $1.99.

Among the various rewards are:

Gift cards to stores and restaurants

Game Codes

Credits for the Steam Wallet

Gift Cards Prepaid Mastercard



It should be noted that some of the above options may require a redemption amount of more than $1.99.


A fantastic Android app called Mistplay allows you to play games and make money. Simply download the app to your Android device, play games to earn Mistplay units, and then use those units to buy gift cards.

On Google Play, Mistplay has received over 78,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. Mistplay is undoubtedly a fun and original method to get $10 quickly.

3. Make Money from Cash back

A big part of our lives involves shopping. Why not benefit from cashback on your routine buys, whether they are done online or in-person? You can use a lot of cashback websites and apps.

You may make an extra $10 every day if you carefully plan your shopping and take advantage of any available offers.

Here are a few of my preferred cashback selections:


As soon as you sign up, you may start earning! You are automatically enrolled in Nielsen’s monthly $10,000 program!

With Nielsen on your phone, you may earn prizes worth up to $50 each year that can be redeemed for PayPal or gift cards to stores like Amazon and others.


The best partner for your online shopping is an Igraal membership. At all the stores you know and trust, you may get discounts, security, and convenience. Get free shipping offers on all of your purchases and extra cash back!


One of my favorite cashback sites is Fabuleos. You receive a discount on every purchase you make on Fabuleos!

4. Make Money Investing

Investing is the best strategy to increase the amount of money you already have. The average return on the stock market is roughly 10%. You will require a portfolio worth about $375,000 to earn $100 in a single day. This amount may seem large, but with dedication, you can definitely reach it.

It goes without saying that a seed is necessary for a tree to grow. Each of us must begin somewhere. A financial investment software like Bux Zero is a good option if you want to make your first dollar through investing.

5. Make Money from Dividends

Dividends are a type of investment that allows you to earn money. Dividends are profits distributed by a business to its shareholders. This is the most appropriate option on the list that needs you to already have a good financial foundation.

To earn $10 every day from dividends alone, considering a 4% net income and no growth, you would need a portfolio worth at least $90,000. Though it is a high target, it is undoubtedly possible with dedication.

6. Make Money from Health

The desire to be healthy is human. But what’s even better is that dozens of platforms and apps give you money for staying healthy!

My favorite unique ways to make money and improve my health are listed below:


Losing a few pounds requires effort and commitment. But if you already want to lose weight, why not make the process more entertaining with HealthyWage?

The idea behind HealthyWage is simple: you bet on how many pounds you can shed. You make actual money once you accomplish your objective!

Remember that you must reduce weight in a healthy manner. Never go out of your way to get rich. It isn’t worthwhile.


According to ratings on the App Store and Google Play, Sweatcoin is the top fitness app in several countries. When users walk or run both indoors and outside, they can earn sweatcoins.

Every 1,000 steps you take earns you 0.95 sweatcoins, which you can exchange for cash (through PayPal) or incentives (gift cards, fitness products, Apple watches, FitBit, music downloads , etc.) For each person you refer to the app, you will also receive 5 sweatcoins.

7. Make Money from Online store

E-commerce is definitely flourishing. Why not start your own online store and earn money from it when over 2 billion people are currently buying products online?

There’s never been a better time to start an online store. You can manufacture your own goods and sell them online. You keep all the profits in this way. 

You can buy items from a manufacturer and deliver them yourself to customers. In your online store, you list items and accept orders. You then forward the orders to a dropshipper, a third-party seller, who manufactures the item and delivers it to the consumer.

One of the most prominent platforms for you to launch and expand your business is Shopify. You can make $10 a day using the platform with some time and dedication.

8. Make Money from Blogging

If you are a writer, you can be a blogger , you just have to write blog posts on a niche or topic, you will start getting traffic sooner or later, when you get good traffic you can make about on an average $300 a month.

The good thing about blogging is that you don’t require any investment; you can start for free on and create a blog. I have written articles on how to make money blogging, you can check my articles.

9. Make Money from Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another quick way of earning $10 everyday , If you have a blog or a youtube channel or a website, you can promote the affiliate links. Or you can directly post on your social media platforms with the product description and affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is where you receive a commission as an affiliate for marketing the products through your blog or channel of other companies like amazon or other merchants who allow this, if anyone from your audience clicks on the product affiliate link and buys it on the store, you get the commission.

But remember to review the product your self as you cant afford to lose your audience trust in you; if the product is not good or has poor rating you might be discredited.

You don’t need any investment or skills to do affiliate marketing. It is very good for beginners and for people who want to make money from home . You can check out my other articles on this.

10. Make Money as Virtual Assistant

Especially with the rise of e-commerce, virtual assistants have recently grown in popularity as a type of online job.

Many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small company owners all around the world are looking to hire virtual assistants because they could use a little help running their companies.

They can use you as a virtual assistant if you’re skilled at data entry, social media management, programming, or are simply well-organized. As a virtual assistant, you can surely make $100 every day.

11. Make Money as Tutor

Are you incredibly skilled in anything, such as singing or playing an instrument, or do you have a graduate degree? If so, consider about teaching private lessons!

Parents are always looking for ways to give their kids an advantage in the classroom as student competition is growing. Thus, there is a high demand for private teachers.

A private teacher makes on average $20 per hour. You can therefore reach your objective of making $100 in a single day with 5 hours of work. This is just an average . You can charge far more than $100 per hour if you have a high school diploma or extensive expertise.

12. Make Money Freelancing

Are you skilled in bookkeeping, graphic design, or writing. You can work as a freelancer online to benefit fully from your skills.

There are 100s of platforms for freelancing; Fiverr and Upwork are one of the best; There are multiple freelancing jobs and tasks available here . According to fiverr every 4 seconds a deal takes place here. That shows the opportunities available. You just have to dive in without hesitating and a little dedication will gain you $100.

13. Make Money From Etsy shop

If you are an artist and can make handmade items then etsy is a place for you, its very easy to start an etsy shop, as it is very affordable, you just need to pay 0.02 as the upfront charges. If your items are good, you can make more than $100 a day with some effort.

14. Make Money Selling your Stuff

One of the very best and quick ways to make money is by selling the stuff you don’t need.
There are websites like ebay, vinted and leboncoin where you can sell your goods. These are the platforms flooded by people seeking to buy stuff .

Here’s an example of things you can sell.

Office items
Clothes .etc

15. Make Money from Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is one of my favorite platforms , because making money here is really fun and entertaining. 

You get paid for listening to music , well, not actually for that, but to review the music played on the platform, so for that you have to listen to the music, I find it interesting. 

This is a great place to make money for music lovers. Not only music, but you can also give reviews of other products such as fashion items, mobile phones, and household items. 

You get paid for every review. Slice the pie urges you to give thorough reviews; the better your reviews, the bigger your awards. 

You can cash out via PayPal once you reach the threshold of $10.

Thank you for reading this article.

I have written other articles about how you can make money sleeping, watching videos, reading emails, and listening to the radio; consider reading them as well. 

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