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make money online listening to music
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We all love music; music is a part of our lives; we listen to it every day while walking in the park, exercising, relaxing at home, working at our businesses, cooking, or eating.

From young kids to old timers, we all listen to music to enjoy ourselves. But what if we get paid to do this? Yes, that’s true; the times are changing; you get paid to talk, walk, watch videos, play games, give reviews, etc.

If you don’t know all this, then read my other articles on these subjects, where I have written in detail about how you can make money and what platforms provide these opportunities.

Almost all of the subjects I have written about don’t require any investments, skills, or education. In the same way, to listen to music, you don’t need to have a degree or any skills. Everyone can afford to listen to music today.

Why are these platforms paying to listen to music?

The platforms listed in this article are paid by young and new talents to promote their music albums, to get public reviews and opinions on their tracks, which helps them improve. These platforms, in turn, pay us for the reviews and opinions.

Here are those holy platforms that pay you to listen to music.

1. Earnably

Earnably, the first on our list, is an easy money-making platform. You can earn money by doing multiple tasks on Earnably, such as doing surveys, watching videos, and watching ads. Earnably also offers you the chance to earn money by listening to your favorite radio station or watching music videos.

Different tasks have different rewards. You will earn 0.7 points by watching a live music video. Watch as many as you can to collect the points and get rewarded in multiple ways with the points.

If you think just watching live music videos won’t earn you enough points then you need not worry as Earnably has many offers and tasks that will speed up your points collection.

Furthermore, you will also get incentives for completing tasks and offers.

You will need 225 points, which equals $2, to redeem the cash through Paypal or a gift card. Note that very few platforms offer to cash out at $2.

You can earn a 10% commission for a lifetime if you refer your friends and family. Send them a referral link, and when they join Earnably through this link, you get the commission.


Radio stations play music according to the demands of the audience; for this, they need data on the audience’s requirements. provides that data. gets this data from feedback given by its users, who are paid to give feedback. You have to listen to music and give your reviews by filling out the survey forms they send by email. You are paid for these surveys.

If that convinces you to join, visit their website here and contact them through mail or the contact number provided

You can redeem the earnings as an Amazon gift card when you reach the minimum threshold.

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3. Unique Rewards

Let me start with one very exciting thing about unique rewards: it pays you every time you enter the captcha code.

If that excites you, then let me make it clear that uniquerewards is operating only in the US, Canada, and the UK.

On this GPT website, you can make money by completing surveys, reading emails, shopping, watching videos, and, of course, listening to music on radio stations.

But here are some conditions: you need to be at least 13 years old, and participants up to the age of 18 will need parental permission to participate and make money listening to internet radio.

The exciting thing I mentioned earlier about captchas gets more exciting: you get to enter the captchas every 30 minutes while listening to the radio and get paid according to the captchas entered.

If you live in the US, you get $.03 per captcha, but if you are British or Canadian, you earn $.01 per captcha. Sorry about the discrimination, but I have nothing to do with this; I don’t live in any of these countries.

The earnings per captcha sound low, but you earn that every 30 minutes. So in one day, just listening to the radio, you can make good points, which you are doing for free.

$20 is the threshold, once you reach that, you can cash out via PayPal or check.

4. We Localize

Welocalize is paying you to listen to the music, but not actually for listening to the music. They pay you for transcribing, but you have to listen to the music to transcribe the lyrics of the song. It’s a transcription job.

Transcribing is an easy task to do; no skills are required; you have to write what you hear in the songs. If you are listening carefully to the song, you know what is being said, you just have to type it.

The good thing about this job is that Welocalize pays you way more than other companies that are paying you to just listen to music. This job entails not only listening but also transcription. It’s a time-consuming job, and thus you get paid $4 per song.

To start doing this job, you have to sign up, watch an introduction video, fill out the application form, and select your preferences.

Once done with the above process, the company sends you songs, and you can start transcribing.

Initially, you might not find it that easy, but as you keep doing it, you gain experience and get used to it. If your typing speed is good, you will earn more doing these jobs.

It’s a flexible job; there’s no time limit, and you can do it the way you want. Part-time or full-time

5. Radio Earn

As the name suggests, RadioEarn is a platform where you can earn by just listening to the radio.

There are people who have the habit of tuning in to the radio and listening to it the whole day while doing their activities. You can do just that to make money, and that’s as simple as that.

Create a profile for free on RadioEarn and keep listening to any music of your choice to start making money. If you are a blogger, you can use the live API in your blog for your users to listen and make more money.

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Are you wondering if it sounds too good to be true? OK, here is something to clear your doubts. This platform is funded by ads, and the revenue generated from the ads is shared with listeners. That’s why you have to put up with the ads; you can’t skip them.

6. Hit Predictor

Hitpredictor pays you for giving feedback by rating the songs you listen to. You will be asked to listen to new, unreleased songs and give your opinions and rate the artist and the song; this helps the artists understand if they can release the song or need some improvement.

You have to signup and select genres of music from different genres. The platform will assign you songs of the genres selected, and you earn points for the honest reviews given by you listening to the music.

You get 3 points, which equals $1, for rating every song, and after you have reached the threshold, you can redeem them for an Amazon gift card and other prizes.

7. Musicxray

Musicxrays is one of the most popular sites in the music industry for singers and songwriters. It promotes new, upcoming talent and collaborates the artists with the talent hunters.

The artist pays Musicxray to promote their music on the portal and create followers and subscribers. We get paid by Musicxray for listening to the songs of new artists of our choice.

We just have to sign up and upload five songs of our choice in mp3 format. Songs of our choice will be sent directly to our inbox. We can listen to the song for at least 30 seconds and write a brief review within 24 hours of receipt.

You get 10 cents per song, and after you reach the threshold of $20, you will be paid by Paypal only.

8. Opinion City

OpinionCity is one of those websites that pays for online surveys. There are many other websites that pay for online surveys, and you should try them too. I have written detailed articles on them, which you can find on my blog.

If you have not done any surveys before, try OpinionCity, where you get paid for doing music surveys. You just have to answer the questions in the surveys. Opinioncity is a legit platform that has the greatest offers available in the shortest amount of time.

9. Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is like earnably, which uses the radio loyalty internet radio. It pays you to listen to music like others on our list.

Inboxdollars asks you to enter the captcha code and gets a credit whenever you listen to the music. Not only music, but you can also earn money in various other ways on inboxdollars. I would recommend you go through the platform.

10. Fusion Cash

Like others on the list, you can try FusionCash, which is another platform that pays you to do different tasks. The one good thing about this platform is that it pays you a good bonus of $5, and as is obvious, it will pay you to listen to the radio associated with radio loyalty.

To sign up, you must be 13 or older if you are a US citizen, and 18 or older if you are a citizen of another country. The threshold is $25, and you can redeem your earnings via Paypal or a check.

11. Genius

Genius is similar to WeLocalize. It pays you for transcribing, not actually for listening to the music. You can do it as a part-time transcription job. As mentioned earlier, we have to listen to music and write the lyrics of the songs. If you are good at this, you can try Genius as well as we localize. There are multiple tasks here that will pay you well.

12. is a company established to provide a platform for music creators and influencers throughout the world. You can take part as an influencer to join the community.

Your job is to give feedback on the songs while working closely with the brands. You also have to meet their expectations by giving expert advice and reviews.

If you have good experience, then this company is for you because they do not entertain candidates with poor industry experience.

13. Slice the pie

Slicethepie is another legit company like Musicxray that promotes young talent and fashion brands by helping them conduct surveys about their work or item before launching their product.

You get paid for listening to the music and writing reviews.

Slicethepie chooses random songs for you to listen to and review.

Unlike musicxray, here you have to listen to 60 seconds of music and write a 45-word review.

Your pay increases as your account gets older. Minimum threshold is $10; you can redeem your cash via paypal.

14. Cash4minutes

Cash4minutes pays you $0.08 per minute for listening to live radio stations. There are several other tasks to make money from.

To start making money here, you have to create a profile by filling out contact details, including your landline phone number.

You need a landline phone and unused minutes to monetize.

After you are done with the signup process, you will receive an email with the tasks to do. In the mail, they will ask you to listen to a specific radio station.

After you reach the threshold, you can redeem through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or with Bitcoin or Litecoin.

15. Current Rewards

Do you have a lock screen on your smartphone. We all have one. But I never thought I would earn money through a lock screen. Currentrewards is a lock screen app for your smartphone that has 100,000 live radio stations.

You have to listen to the radio through this app and get paid based on minutes.

You will earn points by listening to the music on curated radio stations, while playing music; you will get multiple opportunities to earn points; you will get new challenges to earn more points such as surveys and reviews; you just have to be logged in constantly.

Currentrewards app is available in Apple store and Google play store. Other than radio there are many other ways to earn points like referring it to others, running, and many more.

Currentrewards claim that their users are earning $600 per year.

The points earned by you can be converted to gift cards, donations, products etc.

My say

Overall, I’d say we can’t be rich doing this, but if you can earn extra money for doing things you already do for free, then why not do it.

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