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make money online teaching english
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Speaking good English is essential in today’s world. If you are an entrepreneur or a job seeker, English plays a vital role.

If you are good at English and can read, write, and speak fluently in it, you can make money as an English teacher.

Multiple platforms can hire you for an English teaching job. You can teach English to students online and earn up to $300 a day.

Here are five platforms where you can make money teaching English from home.

Verbal Planet

Making money online as a teacher is very easy on the verbal planet. Verbal Planet has generated an online directory for teachers and students. This online directory makes it easy for both parties to search for the appropriate student or teacher.

Creating your profile on Verbal Planet will list you in the directory. Fill in the details, such as the fees and other information required. If you can teach other languages besides English, you need to mention this in your profile.

You will soon start getting jobs. Try to get positive feedback from your students. This positive feedback is your asset in this field, which will help you by attracting more students.

The more students you have, the more money you will earn. Poor feedback ratings will affect your income.

You will need a computer with an Internet connection and Skype software installed, a webcam, and a microphone.

Verbal Planet makes payments only via PayPal. If you don’t have an account with PayPal, you need to create one, and if PayPal is not supported in your country, you will not be able to make money on this platform.


Italki is a massive community comprised of 3000 teachers and a large number of students. Job opportunities are in abundance as they are always hunting for new teachers.

Having said that, it’s not easy to get a job here as they have certain conditions that must be fulfilled before you are selected. Here are the conditions:

  1. Teachers are divided in two categories , community teacher and professional teacher. You have to verify as one of these.
  2. You must create a short introductory video of your teaching and upload it to the portal.

Once selected, working here will be fun, as the job has flexible working hours and the lesson plans are designed by the community.

You will need a computer or laptop with an internet connection, a microphone, a headset, and a webcam.

The simple mantra to earn more money here is to create good credit and positive ratings; this will help you get high-paying jobs.

The rewards earned are in the from of credits, you can redeem it to cash via paypal, payoneer, skrill or bank transfer. One credit equals $1.


Cambly is another app where you can make money as a teacher. This app is available on Android and iOS. You can start teaching after installing the app on your phone. While the students have two options to choose from one is the free version and the other is the paid version starting from $9 monthly .

You have to create the lessons and take the calls as you will. You can earn $10.20 per hour.

You can redeem the cash every monday via paypal . but if paypal is not supported in your country you cannot make money on this platform.


Do you have basic MS skills? If yes, just install Skype on your computer, and you can start making money on Lingoda. You can make teaching your full time career on this platform.

One good thing about lingoda is students can select private classes or join a virtual classroom,

To make more money on this platform, you need to have experience in Zoom and WebRTC . The pay varies according to your qualification and experience ranging from $7 to $11 per hour. The money can be withdrawn via paypal.


Vipkid is a prominent chinese website where students learn english from teachers like you. This website operates globally and teachers from all over the world can apply for a job here.

However to get a job here requires you to fulfill the criteria . You need to take an assessment test , after you create an account . You will have to submit your reviews, make a short introductory video. Do an IT test to verify your computer and internet connection speed .

Once qualified, you will be required to go through a trial period in which community members will evaluate your teaching abilities.

You can earn around $15 to $22 per hour . You can receive your money through the bank deposit between 10th to 15th of every month

These are the 5 platform that are reliable and very good for teachers who want to make some serious money. There are many other platforms on the web, but most of them are not legit, those which are legit have too many restrictions and are not as easy as these 5 to earn money.

I appreciate feedback because it helps me grow, so please provide it to me. Thank you for reading.

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