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9 Ways To Make Money On Reddit

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9 ways to make money on reddit

Reddit, often known as the “Internet’s homepage,” is a reservoir of information and knowledge for its user base. The site has grown significantly over the last several years and currently has over 330 million monthly active users, or “redditors,” as they are known.

More than 28.6 million users log in each month in the United States alone, and that figure is predicted to rise to 35 million by 2023.

Aside from that, Reddit is an excellent platform to make money since it allows you to earn money in different ways. For those who know how to use the platform, it may be incredibly profitable.

Subreddits for sidehustles

You may earn money on Reddit by focusing on everyday activities, or you can earn money indirectly by marketing products and services on other social networking platforms or your own website. 

Here are 9 subreddits that will help you start making money right away.

1. /r/BeerMoney

The most popular subreddit on the platform is BeerMoney. Due to its potential for amazing earning options and company growth, this subreddit, which now has over 360,000 followers, is continuously gaining popularity. BeerMoney offers several ways to make money, such as:

  • Participate in online surveys
  • Complete short tasks
  • Writing product reviews

Multiple subreddits provide these and other ways to make money, but one of the finest forums with legitimate tips and tricks is r/BeerMoney.

You may take part in discussions on this topic regarding the numerous websites and ways that people are currently earning money. Numerous users on this subreddit make hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month by completing a variety of tasks.

2. /r/forHire

Anyone with talents to sell can benefit from this Reddit community. You may promote yourself on the forum so that other users can see your skills and hire you more quickly.

This site offers an excellent opportunity to get high-paying jobs and make additional money for anybody who is experienced in any subject. Opportunities are available on r/forHire, which has more than 145,000 users, including:

  • Editorial work
  • Website design
  • social media marketers
  • Graphic designers

The majority of job openings on this subreddit are in the computer and internet business industries, and if you’re a qualified person with technical skills or are experienced in any of the abovementioned fields, there are plenty of openings available.

3. /r/WorkOnline

You may discover all different sorts of online gigs at r/Work Online, as the name says. With more than 180,000 users, the subreddit gives you the chance to share and explore various online earning opportunities, such as companies that pay you, online employment, job ads, etc.

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This is a wonderful place to begin if you’re searching for a full-time job that you can do from home. There are several options available, including the following:

  • Freelance portals (e.g., Fiverr, Freelancer, Mturk, etc.)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelance writing work
  • Online Tutoring Jobs

4. /r/SlaveLabour

If the name of the subreddit is any indication, nobody will become wealthy there. However, for anyone trying to make money on Reddit, this community of over 130,000 individuals is the perfect way to do it.

A wide variety of simple, low-paying positions are available on the subreddit. For people without special skills or knowledge, it offers immediate earning potential. Among the jobs performed at r/SlaveLabour are:

  • Data entry
  • Resume Writing
  • Complete short tasks

Although you won’t be able to make as much money on this subreddit as you can on the others on our list, it’s still a fantastic way to boost your primary income.

There are several options available that often don’t need much time. So, it’s worth looking into what types of tasks you can do here to earn additional money if you don’t mind working for less than the market rate and have the time.

5. /r/SignupsforPay

r/SignupforPay is a subreddit with over 19,000 members (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden). It provides ways to earn money sitting at home by getting paid for signing up at various places. This task doesn’t require any skill or expertise—just your time.

For people searching for simple ways to make money, forums are perfect. All you have to do is browse through the dashboard and pick from the various articles of sites where you can earn points and rewards by signing up for free.

Most posts on this subreddit are made by other members who participate in a referral program. They provide you with an invite link, and you go through the registration process to receive your bonus. It’s that simple.

6. /r/Startups

This popular subreddit is for those considering starting an online business. r/startups Forum has over 370,000 members (about half the population of Vermont) and provides tips and advice on starting and growing your own online business.

In this community, you can discuss a variety of startup issues and solutions to help new entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for their business.

Once you’ve launched your business, you can also use Reddit as a powerful tool to promote your business to your ideal audience. Just keep in mind that you have to do your promotion the right way, otherwise you risk getting banned.

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For example, you may not post promotional material only without engaging with other members of Subreddit. This type of behavior is considered spam and will result in your account being throttled or blocked.

To successfully market your business, you need to become a frequent Reddit user and join communities related to your business.

7. /r/Independant

If you are a freelancer or plan to be one, then this is a great platform to find work online. As a freelancer, you can make a lot of money on Reddit by promoting yourself by participating in this and other relevant subreddits.

You need to be interactive and market your skills to other members as a freelancer so that you can find people to hire you.

If you are looking for small jobs or freelance gigs to help stretch your budget, this is a great community to search for high-paying opportunities and is worth bookmarking as it offers a wide range of jobs. This means that if you don’t find something suitable on one day, you can find suitable work for yourself on other days.

8. /r/QMEE

QMEE is one of the most popular communities, with an ever-increasing number of subscribers as well as steady activity among its user base. This is a great subreddit for those who want to earn money by doing simple and easy tasks.

You get paid to click on sponsored links in the results pages of Google and other search engines. QMEE also allows you to share your opinion, shop and search to earn cash rewards. You can earn money by taking paid surveys on your smartphone or laptop.

When you shop, you get coupons as well as deals on a variety of items to help you save. QMEE also offers specially selected offers where users can earn cash rewards by doing things they were going to be doing anyway (like browsing the internet) while using the QMEE browser app.

9. /r/WallStreetBets

WallStreetBets has been a huge point of discussion for the media and the Internet overseas since January 2021, when several users came together to try and boost the stock prices of companies that they liked, including GameStop, AMC, and others.

While it is technically possible to make money on the stock market, be mindful of the potential consequences if you are approaching this as a get-rich-quick scheme. As high as a stock can go, especially when featured on Reddit, it can also come down just as quickly.

Wall Street Bets is a place where (presumably) educated investors advise on stocks and companies that they think will rise or fall in value and explain why they feel that way. It is possible to make money if you follow some of the tips and trends here, but be very careful because if you are not an educated investor, you can quickly find yourself in financial trouble.

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Can you really make money from Reddit?

In short, yes. You can actually make money with Reddit. Reddit doesn’t pay you directly, but it gives you tons of opportunities to earn money through different subreddits.

You can complete tasks and get paid, or you can earn money by driving traffic to your business, where you can provide visitors with a relevant product or service. In other words, while the platform doesn’t pay you, you can use it to attract attention to any lucrative property, as long as you can generate valuable content on the site.

You can provide answers, advice, or information that leads people to your product or service. This is the same strategy that many people use on other social media platforms, and it works effectively as a way to make money on Reddit.

But, as stated earlier, you should familiarize yourself with the subreddits that offer the best opportunities to do so based on your knowledge, skills, or expertise.

Also, you need to follow strict policies, and if you want to market and promote your business, then you need to dedicate enough time to be active on the platform.

Make Money on Reddit FAQ

Can you post ads on Reddit?

You can pay to post ads on Reddit to drive people to your content, but you cannot place Adsense ads on the Reddit platform to try to generate additional revenue.

Can I use affiliate links on Reddit?

No, you can’t do that either. If you try to sell products with affiliate links on Reddit, you will be more likely to get flagged by Reddit users and banned from the platform. Reddit does this because they try to protect their community from the obscene amount of spam that can happen with affiliate links.

Can I create a community and talk about my brand on Reddit?

Absolutely! Generally speaking, it’s best on Reddit to provide a lot of value and not self-promote while you’re at it. Redditors are tech-savvy people who really don’t like people spamming their communities. To avoid this type of problem, focus on value, not promotion. Subtle marketing is OK, but on Reddit, value always comes first.

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