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People are making six-figure incomes by playing games on Twitch; some of them have even quit their jobs. If it’s possible for them, we can do it too. 
We all love to play games, and it gets better when we are paid to do what we love.

Here are some gamers and the money they make from gaming:

1. Johan Sundstein = $6,964,322.80

2. JerAx Vainikka Jesse = $6,470,548.78

3. ana Anathan Pham = $6,000,411.96

4. Ceb Sébastien Debs = $5,554,297.41

If you are excited to read the above figures, then you’d better read this complete article that guides you to make money by streaming games on Twitch.

Describe Twitch.

On the gaming platform “Twitch,” players may livestream recordings of themselves playing games while viewers watch the streams. This enables the broadcaster (the player) to make money

On Twitch, you may play whatever game you like and earn money. There are many different games available.

Over 90 million people (about twice the population of California) view the platform each month, making it a viable income source.

You must sign up for a Twitch account before you can start earning money on the platform.

Create a Twitch account.

It is free and easy to sign up for a Twitch account. For the greatest flow of power, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars.

You can create Twitch channels to stream live gaming videos from consoles or desktops. This enables people to see live video of you while also hearing your commentary using headphones or a microphone.

Follow the steps below to start your channel:

1: Visit and log in

2: Create a username and password

3: Enter a valid email address

4: Check out the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

5: Click on the login button

6: Set up your profile

After successfully signing up, your asset will become active and practically ready to broadcast.

How to Make Money on “Twitch”

Now that you’ve created your account and are ready to play and stream subscription games, here are some recommendations to help you increase your chances of winning on the site.

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First, you must select a niche. Do you know what a niche is? This means you must select an image, such as Tron. what you want your audience to recognize you for. Do you want viewers to watch your channels for fun and solace?

Or are you a gamer who wants people to watch your channel for fresh gaming tips and tricks? Are you wondering what you must give and why you want to be known? The answers to these questions will put you on the correct track to Twitch success.

Aside from videos, you may also connect with your audience via other platforms, such as Twitch’s chat feature. Expect some viewers to enter the chat rooms with questions as you gain followers on the network. Responding to your fans in a pleasant way will help you gain more followers.

The sort of game you wish to play and stream is also an important factor on Twitch. In fact, it is important on Twitch. Twitch has been around for a while, and as a result, the site now has many broadcasters, meaning that there would be competition.

So, if you want to make money on Twitch, choose a game with a few streams, especially if you are a beginner, and progress with time and regularity.

Here are the 6 Ways for making money on Twitch.

1. Twitch Affiliate

Twitch’s affiliate program is an excellent way for newcomers to earn money on the network.

Players must have at least 50 subscribers and have streamed their game for at least 7 days to be eligible for the affiliate program.

Before 2018, affiliate program participants got a commission when viewers purchased in-game goods or actual games through the channel; however, this option has since been discontinued. The Twitch affiliate program is usually profitable for streamers.

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2. Donations

The best option if you need to monetize Twitch but don’t have a lot of followers is to ask your viewers for donations. If you really need donations from your audience, you must do this.

To your surprise, a few admirers will normally turn up and give generously. You can ask for monetary donations as well, but you should expect that most donations will be in relatively small amounts.

3. Bits Emojis

Bits are animated emojis that users of the Twitch platform may purchase with real money. Afterward, your stream viewers may use them in the chat area connected to your stream to support you or show appreciation while you’re playing.

Twitch pays you a cent each time a viewer uses a bit. Depending on how many bits they purchase at once, a viewer will pay between 1.2 and 1.4 cents for each bit. By viewing ads, viewers may also earn Bits.

4. Bit Collection

The easiest way to make money on Twitch may not be through Bits, but with consistency and more followers, your profits through Bits would undoubtedly rise.

Popular players may request a donation of bits from viewers to enter the chat room.

The website also shows leaderboards and tracks whose viewers have given each streamer the most Bits. This encourages viewers to give even more Bits in order to move up the scoreboard.

5. Referral

Another way to make a lot of money on Twitch is through sponsorship. However, extensive tracking is needed. You may get a sizable income from direct referrals if you’ve been broadcasting games of life on Twitch for a while and have developed a lot of followers.

Brands will contact you with offers of sponsorship when they notice that you have a large following. You would receive requests from brands to highlight their goods on your life streams, and you would earn a large sum of money.

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You may earn money through sponsorships in several ways, like by wearing a t-shirt with the brand’s logo and getting paid for advertising.

6. Sell Products

It’s another way to make money on a platform that’s not directly related to Twitch itself. Hence, it is available to every streamer, although it requires a massive following like the avenues detailed above.

Unless you’re well-known, can you really expect people to buy your products? As a result, you are well on your way to earning incredible sums of money from this medium since you have a large following.

The easiest approach to selling unique items on Twitch is to open an online store, then link to it from your Twitch profile. You may then lead your followers to your online store by promoting it in your feed.

Manufacturers would also approach you with offers to sell their goods on your platform. Your negotiation skills will decide if you receive great benefits through this method.

How is a Twitch streamer paid?

Twitch’s typical withdrawal period is 15 days net. One becomes qualified for a payment as an affiliate when his total pre-tax income balance hits $100.

At the end of each calendar month, for example, if your amount since your last payment was $100 or more, the payment for the current balance will be scheduled 15 days later.

3–5 working days are typical for payment processing. On weekends and legal holidays, it can take longer to receive your payment.

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