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16 Work-from-Home Ideas to Make Money

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16 Work-from-Home Ideas to Make Money
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With the health crisis, many have been able to work from home and experiment to draw conclusions. Can’t spend eight hours a day in an office anymore? Do public transport trips excite you? Tired of ham and butter sandwiches from the bakery? You’re probably ready to make the switch to full-time telecommuting.

But how do you transition from an office job to a home-based job? What jobs can you do at home? And what techniques and behaviors should be adopted to work well from home?

There are more and more ways to earn money on the Internet, some more serious than others. Depending on your job or your expertise, it may be more or less easy, but not impossible.

What work can be done remotely?

Here is a list of 16 paid work-from-home ideas.

We have put together a list of serious work-from-home ideas along with some ways to earn a top-up, which we are detailing below.

1. Work from home thanks to e-commerce.

We will see that there are many different ways to get paid to work on the internet from home. Let’s start with the most obvious way: selling products online or getting started in e-commerce. Have you always dreamed of opening your own business and working from home? Become an e-merchant! Again, it all depends on whether you are launching your own line of products or if you are a reseller.

If you have a particular product in mind for which you want to be in charge of production and sales, know that you will not necessarily be working a lot from home. Why ? Because you’ll need to go to multiple appointments with manufacturers or suppliers, you’ll probably need a team and stock, as well as a place to keep it all and where you’ll need to go every day.

On the other hand, becoming a reseller is a great way to work from home. Dropshipping is the easiest and least risky way to start an online store, but of course you can source your own suppliers, develop your own website, and manage your inventory if you have the guts. There is space to store.

In either case, we recommend that you start your online store slowly, in parallel with your main activity. In fact, if success can be achieved quickly, it is also possible that it will take time. It is better to be careful first and have a steady source of income. Thanks to sites like Shopify, you can create an online store in minutes.

If you’ve always dreamed of launching your own clothing brand or have an overblown imagination, another business model is for you. Print on Demand (POD)

POD involves creating designs and getting them printed by vendors who also take care of delivery to your customers. You can print on demand on t-shirts, mugs, paintings, phone cases—in short, anything and everything. And you don’t necessarily need design skills or even development skills to build your store and sell your creations.It’s a business that’s on the rise right now. It’s already exploding in the United States and taking off in other countries. 

2. Work From Home: Remote Customer Service

Over the past few years, customer service has evolved greatly. From the large phoning platform, customer service, now also known as CRM (customer relationship management), has changed and become cross-channel. A good CRM is now able to respond to messages on social networks, write effective FAQs, set up online chats or chatbots, and respond to several dozen emails or calls received per day.

You can work from anywhere, including working from home, as long as you use good CRM software capable of tracking requests and have an Internet connection and a telephone line. This is serious homework. Provided that our workplace is in accordance with the time zone of the company you work for. This is why many remote work offers on LinkedIn are for CRM positions.

And if you specialize in a particular software (Salesforce, Zendesk, SugarCRM, etc.), you’ll find work from home or clients even faster!

3. Writer/Translator: The Ideal Work From Home Job

More and more companies are placing their content at the heart of their digital marketing strategy. But they often don’t have enough internal resources to write or localize all this content. It is there that you intervene!

Obviously, having serious writing skills is better than being a writer or translator and working from home. Indeed, if it is possible to work from home without a diploma, these are the skills that are really acquired with experience. If you don’t have any at all, it will take you a long time to get up and running. But if you already have some achievements, go for it.

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Start by creating a suitable profile for freelance web writers and translators on different platforms. In the beginning, don’t hesitate to accept small missions, even low-paying ones, to practice your skills and get feedback from satisfied customers. Only then will you be able to generate high demand and build the right clientele to advance your career as a work-at-home editor or translator.

To find internet homework assignments more easily, it is important to gain expertise quickly. The world of remote writing is very competitive, and this is the best way to stand out. And it turns out that writing a post on kitchen trends or writing a home appliance manual are two completely different exercises.

4. Good Job at Home: Community Manager

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok—so many social networks that have hundreds of thousands of potential customers for brands But to be able to understand, manage, and advertise it requires a lot of expertise and a lot of time. If you have experience as a community manager, you can easily convert your activity into an internet home job without any investment.

This activity is done entirely online, and apart from a few customer meetings that you can do through Zoom or Hangouts, you don’t really need to have physical interaction with your customers. This work-from-home option is really interesting, as it is a booming sector. You will be there to explain the key concepts of digital marketing to your client companies. If this is indeed a paid home job, then you need to add missions to make this activity profitable.

The Best Candidate for the Community Manager Job Your social media profiles or profiles of companies you have previously worked for No matter what else, of course, these accounts display a significant number of followers or at least solid progress. But you also know the influencers. And if you’re an influencer yourself, chaining missions is even better!

For beginners, you can easily take online training, even though the work is not so simple and requires a lot of practice and testing before achieving solid results. In any case, this is a great option to work from home without a diploma.

5. Develop and build websites; great work from home

Confirmed developers or beginners, you really have a serious and dreamy home job. Not only are your talents highly sought after, but additionally, you absolutely do not need to travel to complete projects. You can earn your living completely by making websites or applications from home.

That said, of course, it all depends on your experience. Building a website can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000. The older you are, the higher the price of your services and the more comfortable your income from working from home will be. It is up to you to calculate the hourly rate that best meets your needs. This is probably the best-paying job on the internet from home.

It is possible to work from home and develop a website for a company, even if you are a novice. Many sites, like Udemy or MOOC directories, offer online training that will help you get better. Build simple sites to practice on and offer your first sites for free to build your portfolio. Then you can join the freelance web developer platform.

6. Work from home through creative activities.

Manual homework is available. If you want to earn a living by selling products online, you definitely need to put in the time for each of your ideas.

There are thousands of shops on the Etsy site, but can you make a living from your creations while selling on Etsy? Very few are successful simply because many vendors do not optimize the time-to-money ratio. If you spend 8 hours making an item that you can’t reasonably expect to sell for more than $100, you’re wasting your time. In any case, you will not be able to stay at home with this job.

On the other hand, if you are an illustrator and you sell an infinite number of illustrations that you only realize once, you actually make money. This is why selling all digital products is interesting. You will also have a full interest in increasing income opportunities.

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If you really want to sell physical products and do manual work from home, focus on those that come true quickly and that you can sell for a fair amount.

After applying all these rules for some time, you will undoubtedly be able to develop a serious and profitable creative activity and home business.

7. Work From Home: Freelance Graphic Designer or Art Director

If you’re a graphic designer or illustrator, you have a unique artistic flair that blends perfectly with digital. You have several options to make this your full-time job at home:

Start by selling your services as a freelancer on platforms like Malt or

If you haven’t already done so, create your own website to present your portfolio and integrate an online store to sell regularly updated images.

Create logos for logo design sites, for which you will earn commission every time someone orders your logo.

Start Print on Demand: You import the designs you create on the print on demand platform, which will print them on hundreds of different media chosen by the customer. You earn a commission on each sale, and the more unique the design, the higher the commission.

Print-on-demand is a great way to work from home for a company while using your graphic skills. All you have to do is find a POD supplier, create t-shirt mockups, and list them for sale on your Shopify store.

You can even get started in POD without necessarily having graphic skills because the products that sell best are often simple, basic text on t-shirts or mugs. Suddenly, a good imagination and a touch of well-founded humor are enough!

8. Freelance Web Designer or UX Designer

User interface and experience (UX/UI) have become essential for a successful e-commerce site. Many pure players use the services of a web designer or UX designer to improve their customer journey and generate the most additions to the basket.

There are many work-at-home and freelance work-at-home job offers available for these specializations. And if you’re passionate about the subject but haven’t been trained yet, you can find online training, such as the Open Classroom UX Design course.

9. Work From Home: Photographer or Video Editor

Photos and videos are everywhere on the Internet and on social networks. Video marketing is very important to companies, but they may not have in-house staff to handle the filming or editing of these videos. If you love spending hours on video editing software, then this work-from-home job is for you! Again, you need a good portfolio to showcase your experience in the field and win contracts. Build a good relationship of trust with your client so that he entrusts all the videos to you!

Photography is also a great job to do from home. For professionals or individuals, you will often have to travel to cover events or photo shoots, but a good half of your editing and retouching work will be done at home. And why not resell some of your photos on a Shopify e-commerce site? or on image banks? To fuel your success, you’ll need to have a great presence on social networks, especially Instagram.

10. Be a coach or mentor at home.

Many sports coaches have very successful at-home careers. but not only in sports. Now there are coaches for everything. If you have the necessary experience, you can do any type of business coaching, whether in speaking, negotiation, management, or organization. Many professionals also offer full income and training to work from home: digital marketing, dropshipping, SEO, e-commerce, etc. Freelancers offer freelancing training too!

You can also be an IT consultant, product manager, or project manager while sitting at home. Even if you have a team to manage, we recommend that you have regular calls with them to ensure the performance and continuity of your project.

11. Remote Tutors and Private Tutoring, Popular Home Jobs

Another serious homework assignment is teaching. Authoritative or professional teachers with knowledge to share are free to teach from home or deliver lessons remotely. Mathematics and philosophy lessons, help with homework, and also music, language, drawing, cooking, and sewing lessons are all possible.

Of course, you have to prove your abilities to attract students. A verbal approach is usually most effective for this, so start with those closest to you. Don’t neglect your online presence by creating a professional website and an attractive business proposition. You can teach at home with self-employed status. Calculate your social charges carefully before offering the best rates. 

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12. Become a virtual assistant and do great work from home.

Work-from-home internet is growing more and more, the digital nomad movement is gaining momentum, and workstations are becoming more and more dematerialized. If you have experience as a home secretary, human resources manager, or accountant, this is a boon for you; these jobs are worth gold in the administrative homework market.

Obviously, you need to be at least fluent in English, and mastering another language is a huge advantage. If you don’t speak foreign languages, look into startups that may need work-from-home or remote work and offer word processing work from home.

13. Make a great job at home with your blog.

While blogging is still on the rise, don’t imagine that writing a few articles at a time is enough to land a profitable job from home. It takes a long time to establish a profitable blog. But nothing can stop you from starting today. This can be a good work-from-home job without a digital degree.

So what’s the secret to a money-making blog? First of all, it’s subject The ideal way to get medium-term results is to find a topic that you are passionate about being a potential business niche.

Let’s say you are a fan of old cars and spend your free time with friends restoring old models. You are passionate enough about the topic to create content (editorial or visual, it doesn’t matter), and it is the content that will serve as leverage. You can quickly build a community of enthusiasts. Once at this stage, monetization is possible.

Partnerships with automotive events, advertising, or affiliation with auto parts sites are some possible options. For each topic idea, assess the size of the existing community and monetization potential before jumping in.

A good mastery of SEO has also become necessary to have a profitable blog with a large number of unique visitors. Anyway, here is a good lead for enthusiasts looking for paid work from home.

14. Work From Home With Affiliate

Just like blogging, which goes very well with affiliation, it will take time before you can make a living with affiliate business. In case you don’t know the theory, it is an economic model that involves promoting products sold by others in order to receive a commission on the sale price. Sales initiated by you are tracked through affiliate links provided by the merchant.

The main benefit of affiliate marketing is the following: once you have created content to include an affiliate link, you should be able to make money without doing anything else. Since you earn commission, the income is small. This is the reason why living by affiliation is possible only when you have multiple sources of income.

This means that you will have to create multiple affiliate channels. This could be niche blogs, e-books, a discount coupon site, a conversion funnel site, etc. The important thing is to vary the sources and focus the marketing on getting more sales, e.g., with advertising on social networks. You will have to develop your sales until your income allows you to turn your activity into a home-based job.

15. Work from home childcare

Childcare is one of the great classics of working from home. However, it is also highly regulated, as the safety and well-being of children are at stake.

To keep children at home and away from them, you need to pass a diploma course: CAP, or Certificate of Childminder. Obviously, it is better to enjoy the company of children and be good to parents. If so, it’s a beautiful job, certainly full of challenges, but a far cry from the stress of the office.

16. Work From Home Packing

Here’s a work-from-home job without a diploma, and it’s easy to set up. You do packaging work for a company. It can also be a product combination.

On job sites, you’ll find work-from-home assignments like assembling samples for a cosmetics brand or assembling kit parts for a DIY store.

There are also work-from-home inserting assignments. The work involved, for example, putting leaflets in envelopes.

You’ll also find work-at-home ads placed in envelopes on traditional job sites.

That’s all I had here. Thank you for reading. If you like my work, do share it with others.

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