8 Ways to Make Money on Discord
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Originally designed for gamers to communicate, Discord is now one of the most popular social messaging platforms out there.
With over 150 million monthly active users, you have a lot of opportunities to earn on the platform. In this article, you will learn how to make money on Discord.

How to Make Money on Discord?

Here’s how to make money on Discord:

1. Accept Donations on Discord

The easiest way to make money on Discord is by receiving donations from other users. All you have to do is add a link through which members can pay you.

If you are an important individual, company, or developer who has created a server that brings value to the community you serve, you can earn money on Discord through donations.

You can connect a donation bot to a Discord server or add a PayPal link and encourage your community members to donate.

2. Create a Paid Membership Discord Server

Just like creating a Facebook group, setting up a Discord server is easy and fast. Making money from it is the problem.

You can start by creating and expanding a free server. Once you have an established community (this will take some time), you can create another Discord server from it. However, it will require a paid subscription.

Remember, your existing members are the ones you want to convert to paying members, and no sane person is going to pay for something they already have free access to.

This means that you will have to give the paying members some extra features and benefits that will not be available on the free servers. You can make it a monthly, periodic, or one-time subscription.

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3. Add a Members-Only Area to Your Discord Server

If you already have a Discord server where you provide advice, knowledge, tips, and useful information to community members, a members-only area would be a great way to make money on Discord.

If you don’t currently have a Discord server, you might consider creating one and providing valuable content to all of your members for free. With enough effort and time, your Discord server will become a large community.

Once this is done, you need to add a private space to your Discord server. This members-only area will be reserved for members who are willing to pay.

You will provide additional features to paying members, for example, direct access to you, quick answers to questions, additional tips, one-on-one chats with members, etc.

4. Advertising and Sponsorship

Brands, Companies, Developers, etc. are always looking for cost-effective ways to advertise their products and services. If you have a Discord server with a large number of members, you can use this method to earn money on Discord.

Most advertisers and sponsors will pay you upfront and won’t hold you responsible if they don’t get new sales or users from your server. It’s a cool way to make money on Discord, isn’t it?

5. Affiliate Marketing

Here is another great way to make money on Discord. Think of it like the ads and sponsorships mentioned above. However, the amount of money you can earn is not certain, as it varies depending on your efforts.

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The brand, developer, or company you are advertising will give you a link. This link identifies you, and any sales resulting from it will be deemed to have been made on your behalf.

In other words, you will earn an agreed-upon amount on each sale generated through this link.

You may be tempted to show your links to community members multiple times and spam them in the process. They might start leaving before you know it, so you shouldn’t post affiliate links too often.

6. Link Your Website to Generate More Sales

Many people sometimes forget that Discord is a social media platform, not an e-commerce or online shopping site. Not all content, products, and services are suitable for display on the platform.

If you have a website where you sell digital products like eBooks, game mods, in-depth tutorials, etc., you can make money on Discord by directing viewers to a landing page on your website.

7. Build a Discord bot.

Being a product of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Discord bots add more functionality to servers, thereby better serving communities. Building bots is another way you can make money on Discord.

You can create a bot that improves your community and gets paid before members use it. Alternatively, you offer a bot that has two subscription plans.

One will offer basic amenities at no cost. The second will offer additional and more functional features but will have a smaller subscription.

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If you are a programmer, you can create bots yourself. If you don’t have enough expertise or time, you can hire developers from freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

8. Organize Contests on Discord Server

If you have a Discord server focused on games, music, videos, etc., you can run contests and make money in the process.

Almost everyone loves contests, especially when the entry fee is just a token. Here’s an example:

Scott owns a Discord server. He organizes a gaming competition for his community members; the entry fee is $1. The winner wins $30, the second $20, and the third $10.

If 100 community members participate in the contest, that means $100. Scott pays out $60 to the winners and keeps the rest ($40).

This is just one example. In the real world, you have the potential to earn over 10 times that amount per week.


Discord is a place to talk, gossip, hang out, and stay close to your friends and communities. This can also be a great place to make money online if you know what to do.

You will face some challenges in the beginning, especially when it comes to growing your Discord server. However, you will have a large community with the right strategies and enough time.

You can make money on Discord through ads, affiliate marketing, contests, paid memberships, and donations, among other things.

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