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IEL Investors: “Hold My Beer” as Stock Drops 4.5%

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Institutional Investors’ Influence on IDP Education Limited (ASX: IEL)

Investors in IDP Education Limited (ASX: IEL) should pay attention to the significant shareholder groups that hold sway over the company. Among these groups, institutions emerge as the dominant force, owning a substantial 65% of the company’s shares. This implies that institutions stand to either gain or lose the most from their investment in IDP Education.

The past week witnessed a decline in market capitalization, resulting in institutional investors experiencing the most substantial losses, totaling AU$ 278 million. This recent setback adds to the existing one-year loss of 17% for shareholders. Referred to as “market makers,” institutions possess considerable power in shaping the price movements of a stock. Consequently, if the downward trend in IDP Education’s share price persists, institutional investors may feel compelled to sell their holdings, which could potentially create unfavorable conditions for individual investors. So, what does the dominance of institutional ownership tell us about IDP Education’s future prospects?

Institutional investors often evaluate their own returns in relation to a widely followed benchmark index. Consequently, they tend to consider investing in larger companies that are part of the relevant index. In the case of IDP Education, institutional investors hold a significant portion of the company’s stock, indicating a level of trust from professional investors. However, it is important to note that institutions, like any investor, can also make poor investment choices. If multiple institutions simultaneously change their views on a stock, it can result in a rapid decline in share price. Therefore, it is crucial to examine IDP Education’s earnings history and, more importantly, focus on its future prospects.

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It’s worth highlighting that institutions collectively own over half of the company, granting them significant influence. Interestingly, hedge funds have not made a significant investment in IDP Education. The largest shareholder presently is Bennelong Australian Equity Partners Pty Ltd, holding 9.1% of the outstanding shares. In comparison, the second and third largest shareholders hold approximately 8.4% and 6.3% of the stock, respectively.

Analyzing the shareholder registry reveals that the top 22 shareholders control 50% of the ownership. Consequently, no single shareholder has a majority stake in the company.

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While assessing institutional ownership provides valuable insights, it is also advisable to consider analyst recommendations for a deeper understanding of the stock’s expected performance. IDP Education enjoys coverage from several analysts, allowing investors to easily access growth forecasts.

Insider Ownership of IDP Education

Insiders, typically including members of the board of directors, play a crucial role in a company’s decision-making process. As they are accountable to the board, which represents the shareholders’ interests, their ownership can signal alignment with the true owners of the company. However, high insider ownership may also concentrate power within a select group, which can be disadvantageous in certain circumstances.

Based on our data, insiders individually own less than 1% of IDP Education Limited. Considering the company’s substantial size, it is possible for board members to have a meaningful interest in the company without possessing a proportionate stake. Currently, insiders own shares worth approximately AU$ 11 m (at current market prices). While it is encouraging to observe insider ownership, it is important to investigate whether insiders have been selling their shares.

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General Public Ownership

Individual investors, often referred to as the general public, hold a 35% stake in IDP Education. Although this ownership percentage is considerable, it may not be sufficient to influence company policies if it contradicts the views of other major shareholders.

In conclusion, institutional investors possess significant power and influence over IDP Education Limited. The recent losses in market capitalization have particularly impacted these investors. While institutional ownership signifies credibility, it does not guarantee positive outcomes, as institutions can make flawed investment decisions. The dominance of institutional ownership emphasizes the need to closely monitor the company’s earnings history and future performance. Moreover, insider ownership remains relatively low, with insiders collectively owning less than 1% of the company. Lastly, the general public holds a sizable stake, but its influence may be limited. As an investor, considering the dynamics between institutional investors, insiders, and the general public can provide valuable insights for decision-making.

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